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Crowd sourcing: Hacksaw Duggan interview questions


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Duggan's shoot was hard to listen to because he's pretty one dimensional and dense and hates little guys and what not. He's genial and really seems to like the fans and what not but there wasn't a ton there.


God I don't know and I'm not making the blender joke.


-Did he prefer working in front of the more niche Mid-South crowd or in front of the larger but perhaps less focused WWF crowds?


-Ask him about working Andre at a point of his career when Andre was so immobile, but still able to get such a reaction with his every movement because of his presence and how good he was at what he did?


-He had a really good run with Yokozuna in 93, with some super enjoyable foreign matches and the very memorable knockdown challenge on TV. I don't think he's talked much about that.


-Most guys prefer being a heel but he really didn't have a heel run in the most publicized run of his career. Would he have wanted one and maybe a run at hogan or what not in the late 80s/early 90s?


-Maybe if he thought Slaughter was underrated as a bumper/wrestler in 91?


-The various fake russians he worked with/against in his career?


-Stories of working Vader?


-He worked a lot in his career teaming with tag teams. I remember notable matches with Demolition and the Rockers in six mans, but also in WCW on shows with Stars and Stripes... eh, I've got nothing there.


-Something about the cancer speech in wcw but he's talked about that a lot.


-WWF planned SO far ahead in the mid 80s. What WOULD have been the actual plans if he didn't get caught in the car?


-Compare Watts and Vince?

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...yeah, so there's a Duggan/Bagwell vs Arn/Flair match I just found on dailymotion that I need to watch later. Also, to a lesser extent the Arn/Flair/Sullivan vs American Males/Duggan/Pittman match which Loch Ness was supposed to be a part of. Such weird combos.

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Ask him how he felt about WCW using his battle with cancer in the angle with Goldberg to try and get Golberg over as a heel? If you don't remember, when Goldberg went heel the two had a match on Nitro where Goldberg focused his attack on Duggan's kidney and Duggan was stretchered out after losing.

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