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Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood


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I've heard people claim on KM that this team was better and more over than RNR. I'm not sure if there's enough footage available to warrant that. From what footage is out there I really enjoyed this team. They had a decent run as far as length goes.


I'll revisit some of their matches soon. I can't remember much in the promo department, so I'll have to seek some of those out as well. Not expecting much in that area.

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Check out their match against Tor Kamamata and Bulldog Brower from MSG, 4/21/80 (reviewed Titans #13).


Bear in mind that Steamer/Youngblood never worked New York and that was a one shot. Listen to how quickly they get over with the crowd as well as what they do against such limited opposition.


Obviously, there's Final Conflict as a highlight, but I'll be watching some of their matches against Jack and Jerry Brisco in the coming weeks (since once I'm done with Dory, Jack Brisco is next).

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The quintessential JCP face team that knew how to work the overbearing heels, with Final Conflict being an absolutely insane match for the time and one of the greatest tag team matches of the 80's. Longevity will hurt them, as well, but Steamboat was too good to keep in a tag team after a while. I think I'll find a spot for them.

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Longevity doesn't really bother me too much but the lack of footage is a killer. I feel bad putting some of the teams I going to put above them above them but there's just not enough here for me to go on except for reputation and probability which strikes me as problematic. What there is is enough for an entry but they are low on my list.

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