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Titans of Wrestling #43: Black History Month on the WWE Network

Ricky Jackson

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Parv is busy juggling the birds, so join the Three Wise Men of Wrestling Podcasting as they examine Black History Month footage from the WWE Network. Three Hall of Fame features are examined: Bobo Brazil, Ernie Ladd and Tony Atlas.

*Bonus BRAINBUSTER! trivia, sponsored by the man of the hour, Johnny Sorrow*

-Who had an incredibly boring match with Bruiser Brody at MSG in 1976?

-Who cuts an absolutely amazing promo on WWWF TV?

-Who wrestled in a Superman outfit at a Texas rodeo?

All will be answered on Titans of Wrestling #43!!!

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Dug this show a ton, surprised on one hand to see Atlas portrayed as the biggest star of the three coming out of all of them as on the surface level, he is #3 to me. I am really fascinated by Ernie Ladd as a figure in wrestling overall. Did Bobo get an NWA title match before someone like Sailor Art Thomas? Hopefully, we get more drops like these on the network.

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Good job guys. Loved the drops on this Kelly.


Also, Pete's Easter egg, lol. Kelly if you have kept any of the old recordings, we could put out a "best of off-air chat". You always keep it rolling, whereas I hit "off" on the record as soon as humanly possible. Ha ha. But it might be time the world heard jdw-Vader.

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A couple of months back, after some mild Hardcore History withdrawal, I started listening to Titans from the start. Up to episode 32 now. The journey has been bunches of fun. Love the banter, impressions, esoteric biographies, musical interludes, in jokes etc. Parv and Sorrow are the two best wres podcast personalities going. I must have looked like a loon laughing on the underground at Parv's out of left field ramble about Tony Atlas' "twelve year old girls bum", and the in depth analysis of Kal Rudmans weirdness.


Thanks for the work and keep it up.

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