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PWSS - TWS#13 on Larry Zbyszko w/ Tim & Kris


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Host: Steven Graham
Guests: Tim Livingston & Kris Zellner (The Lucha Report)


The 13th Wrestler Snapshot is focused in on “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko. Kris gives a great history lesson and all three of us break down these matches. Of course we thrown in our recommendations at the end.


To follow along at home, here is the videos that we discussed:


1. Larry Zbyszko vs Johnny Rodz (WWWF 10/24/77)

2: Larry Zbsyzko vs Bruno Sammartino (WWF 3/24/80)

BONUS: Larry Zbyszko’s “In This Corner” w/ Stan Hansen (AWA 9/27/85)

3: Larry Zbyszko vs Nikita Koloff (2/3 Falls, AWA 1990)

4: Larry Zbyszko & Bobby Eaton & Arn Anderson vs Dustin Rhodes & Ricky Steamboat & Nikita Koloff (2/3 Falls, WCW Saturday Night 5/23/92)

5: Larry Zbyszko vs Steven Regal (WCW Saturday Night 5/28/94)

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Whoops...The 1979 WWF tag champion Valiants were Johnny and Jerry, Kris. Not Johnny and Jimmy. Better brush up your knowledge before March 28 and BRAINBUSTER! :)


Great stuff on the Bruno-Larry feud, man

Yeah I was thinking about the 1st run with Jimmy

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Really strong show and I can always sit under the learning tree as Kris goes on about someone historically. One thing I would suggest for these snapshots going forward for the GWE project is comparing him to other individuals. For example, I would have liked to have seen how Zbysko would measure up with the panel vs. Bruno, Tracy Smothers, Tommy Rich and Christian. I thought about this on the ride home and felt comfortable saying Larry will probably be somewhere between 85-100 on my overall list.

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Regarding Nikita Kollof training at the gym...


There is actually some workout footage for Nikita Kollof leading up to the Great American Bash 1998 Title Match against Ric Flair that was attached to the Pro Wrestling Illustrated VHS tape but I can't find it on the You that Tubes. It was kind of proto-Brock Lesnar throwing logs around as Nikita Russian Sickled a heavy bag and Ivan was like stretching Nikita's neck with the chain across his forehead yelling about doing it for Moscow.

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This has been a real fun listen so far. Zellner really is great at fleshing out the history. Tim has cool takes. Grimmas with the groan inducing jokes. My thoughts from the best of the 80's on the Bruno match.


The crowd is even hotter than the Philly crowd. I mean the crowd is chanting Bruno before his match. This is like the Rock. Another solid match between the 2. This match doesn't have the nasty Bruno arm work that Philly had. Though they make it up with some fun brawling on the outside, and some real nice cat and mouse spots that played into the finish. I thought the Philly match was a tad better on work, but the atmosphere has me liking the NY match better. I've been watching the build for this feud for Titans of Wrestling and have been blown away.

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