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Most of those posters say "3 pricing options" but I cannot find any pricing information on the website at all. Does anyone know what the pricing options are?

Usually they have pricing 4 just the live broadcast, live and VOD, and VOD. I don't know the pricing though. Usually in the 9.99-14.99.

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I got to thinking how much televised/streaming (live stream) wrestling someone could watch this weekend and came up with this.


Thursday 8:00 PM ET – Smackdown

Thursday 11:00 PM ET – EVOLVE

Friday 6:00 PM ET – EVOLVE

Friday 9:00 PM ET – Impact

Friday 11:00 PM ET – King of Indies

Saturday 3:00 AM ET – Kaiju Big Battel

Saturday 3:00 PM ET – Shimmer

Saturday 7:00 PM ET – WWN Supershow

Saturday 11:00 PM ET – King of the Indies Night #2

Sunday 2:00 AM ET – New Japan Road to Invasion Attack

Sunday 5:00 PM ET – WrestleMania Pre-Game

Sunday 7:00 PM ET – WrestleMania


That’s 12 shows in 75 hours or approximately 31 hours of televised or streaming wrestling over 3+ days. The big challenge would be Saturday evening into Sunday morning. You would essentially have 14 straight hours of televised/live streaming wrestling with two hour-ish intermissions in there as well. I am half-surprised we haven’t heard that someone is going to keep that schedule this weekend and document it in some manner.

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It is not confirmed. I think it is possible that will happen, but not official.


I will probably order then WWNLive super show and King of the Indies night two, but I'm really sour on the WWNLive pricing system so who knows.


Came here to say the same. If I could get both Evolves and both KOI shows with VOD for, like, $40 I would be all over it. However, I am not staying up til 1 AM on a weeknight for a Drew Galloway/PJ Black match.
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Maybe there is more post-production done than I realize, but I don't recall there being a lot of insert promos and other stuff on ROH VOD releases that would necessitate a week turnaround. For an event like this weekend's show, I would think they'd shoot it live to tape and accounting for upload times, could have it available within 24 hours of the show finishing. I know personally, I am a lot more hyped to watch a show when it comes out right away rather than when it comes out a week later and I've already "moved on".


Watched the first two matches of the EVOLVE show this morning. Thatcher/Gulak was good. I am in no way down on those two, I just haven't seen the best in the world hype that they (well, Thatcher really) sometimes get. I thought this was one of their better singles matches versus each other. The mat work was solid. Their matches get praised for showing a sense of struggle which I don't necessarily always see from them, but I do think it came across well here. This was more of each guy trying to go for holds but only rarely being able to get them on fully, which created a struggle/back-and-forth type of flow to the mat work. I still think both wrestlers are lacking when they have to stand up but they were on their feet such a short time that it didn't really matter much. Gulak's diving clothesline from the top looked good.


Tommy End/Biff Busick wasn't as good. I like Tommy End quite a bit and thought he had a strong debut. There were a couple of times when he looked lost for a second and I could always do without seeing back-and-forth strike exchanges, but the good outweighed the bad. It was nice seeing him do at least a modicum of mat work to open. He is good on the mat and is a good submission wrestler, but he's been more focused on high impact stuff/quick starts over the past year+. Busick is very hit or miss for me. I didn't think he had a particularly strong performance versus Busick. Thought the finish was good. Interested in seeing how Thatcher and End work one another tonight. If they stay on the mat and keep the stand up to End doing his kickboxing stuff, I think it could be really good. If they try to work more of a high-impact Tommy End style match, I think the quality will suffer.


I am also psyched for King of Indies. I know people are down on it because it is not a BOLA-type super indie tournament. I am interested in seeing guys I haven't seen a ton of plus there are enough wrestlers I like (Thatcher, Cobb, Rey Horus). The 2000 KOI had a very similar and perhaps even less noteworthy lineup for the time than this lineup. We look back at the 2001 KOI now and see a stacked line up but it wasn't quite as impressive looking through 2001 eyes. I don't think this tournament has a shot of replicating the 2001 version in any facet, but I'd be surprised if it is not superior to the 2000 version (we watched that again recently and it was not very good at all).

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Stomper I made the same argument about KOI on the newest Wrestling Culture. I think the fixation on dream match tournaments is stupid. I am not averse to them and they serve a purpose, but the idea that all indie shows should be the same "this is awesome!, please don't stop!, 2.99999!!!" style shows annoys me to death and that's even with me probably being more forgiving of that style at this point in my life than any other point in my fandom. I like that KOI an eclectic blend of largely local talent. It makes the shows stand out and makes the show have the feel of something where someone might be "discovered" which is incredibly rare these days. I am hoping we get a Thatcher v. Cobb final, but I do wonder if there may be some deal where Cage can't be booked out of this tourney early given the connection to LU. In any case I'm ordering Night Two despite the idiotic pricing system WWNLive uses, which really disincentives taking a risk on a tournament formatted "second" show.


I haven't seen Evolve from last night but it's getting really mixed reviews with some really liking it and others basically hating it. Gargano v. Fox and Gulak v. Thatcher seem to be the most divisive matches which isn't really surprising. I ordered the WWNLive Super show so I'll probably comment on that here when it airs, but I'm really hoping End finally impresses me. I've watched many of his acclaimed matches going back several years and he always comes across as a guy who is being carried, or a guy who combined sloppiness with overly choreographed spots, which is pretty much the worst 1-2 combo an acclaimed worker can throw at me. I thought his hyped match with Greshem from WXW last year was actually a pretty embarrassingly poor performance from him all things considered. I'm really hoping he doesn't drag down guys I have a high opinion on over the weekend.

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I haven't seen Evolve from last night but it's getting really mixed reviews with some really liking it and others basically hating it. Gargano v. Fox and Gulak v. Thatcher seem to be the most divisive matches which isn't really surprising.


Not being a dick when I say this, but generally when the VoW guys or Rob Viper (all of whom I like and respect very much) say they thought a match was boring and sleep inducing I know I'm going to like it. Thus, I'm pretty sure I will really like Thatcher/Gulak and hate Fox/Gargano.

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