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Best way to retire Vince McMahon

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Vince will probably retire when he's dead, but let's say he announces that this will be his final year playing an active role in WWE.


How would you send him off?


Here's what I'd do: Immediately begin an angle where Vince goes on a retirement "tour," similar to what Jeter did w/ the Yankees a few years back. For about a month, he'll come out during every Raw and accept some type of retirement gift from a prominent person or ex-worker in whatever town they're in. Fans will be happy to see the old man one last time, he'll be humble and gracious, and there will be warm and fuzzy feelings.


Then Daniel Bryan (or some other new guy) wins the WWE title and Vince starts changing. He makes snide remarks about the new champ during his retirement speech in each town. Gradually he becomes outright hostile and a total dick. Vince screws Bryan out of the title at Survivor Series in a Montreal screwjob sort of way. Once again drunk on power, Vince cancels his retirement plans and announces that he's going to remain in charge forever. He says Bryan can earn a chance to regain the title at Wrestlemania if he wins the Royal Rumble. Bryan says no, he wants Vince in a retirement match instead at the Rumble.


Vince says yes and loses the retirement match (which features two special guest referees: Austin and HHH).


At the hall of fame ceremony the night before Wrestlemania, there is only one inductee: Vince. The entire night is dedicated to him and includes guest speakers and video packages that both roast him and honor him. Vince then comes out to kick off Wrestlemania and soak in one last crowd reaction before he's gone.


How's that for fantasy booking (emphasis on the word fantasy)?

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Didn't they do an angle, I think it might have been for a live crowd only, post-Raw type deal, where the people he'd wronged came out and hit their finisher on him? That seems apt. Only with a cut to the paramedics putting him in a private jet and the jet flying off into the sun.

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Hmmm... perhaps:





Do you mean something like this?



The difference is that he wasn't retiring then. I'd kill him off.


Of course they did something similar with Stone Cold's injury. It's the WWF/WWE, so they didn't do either of them well.


Do like the Rosebud concept. And "crushed leaves" is a fucking riot. :)

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Vince will never retire as an on screen character, he's tried that stuff before and failed because he can't resist the stage. But, he's certainly phased out his prominence over the years. Just, he'll never truly be done, not while he is still alive.


I fully expect that Vince will never go in the HOF whilst he's alive either.

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