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The WWF... (what do you want to do)


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The previous booker of the WWF in this game is not going to be involved in it anymore. Which means the WWF has nobody in control.


This complicates matters. If anybody wants to abandon their US promotion to move up to the WWF, they can. Otherwise I can keep WWF afloat until somebody comes along to control them.


The Booker T and Vampiro picks are voided and will be redone by myself or until somebody takes over.



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That seems like a big enough consensus.


Jesse..... RevPro is dead.


You can redo your saves (however, you lost anyone that others drafted). You can redo any picks as well (as long as others didn't pick them). Sorry you are handicapped.. but post here your new plan and we will continue the draft after that.

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Eh, I'll stick with the saves - not like there's anybody better on the list left at the moment.


Also, the 1st two picks (Austin & Steiners) are fine, but I'd like to drop Douglas and for the replacement three picks be -


1.) Randy Savage

2.) Ahmed Johnson

3.) Kevin Nash


So, my new roster should be


Sid, 'Taker, HBK, Nash, Ahmed, Savage, Steiners


Booker, Douglas, and Vamp are in the FA pool.

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