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Titans of Wrestling coming to an end

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Thanks guys


Last ep will be a "b sides and rarities" type show. We've put together a playlist of matches from 79-82 that we never reviewed previously. All the classic characters will be represented: Dom, the Baron, Albano, Rodz, Garea, etc. I'm hoping it will be a fitting send off.


The decision was made to leave 83 untouched in case we ever make a comeback when we're old and have nothing better to do

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Final ep will be recorded Saturday but won't drop for a couple weeks or so. I still need to record the last Stampede show and release it first, so technically there will be two more Titans episodes. Travis and I originally recorded our last Stampede show over a month ago but the audio vanished into the ether. It's taken me this long to get over the loss lol

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Like most messages from Parv, it was sudden when he sent it over that he recorded a show with James that was being uploaded right then and there. I was in the hospital with my wife when she learned she was going to have to get her gallbladder removed. She was hysterical and I was freaking out at her freaking out. Parv and Crazy James soothed my soul that night. Two days later, I get another frantic message from Parv stating that Ricky Jackson, Shoe and Johnny Sorrow had messaged him wanting to come on. I never thought that motley crew would last. Thanks gents for proving me wrong.

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