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[2017-02-12-WWE-Elimination Chamber] John Cena vs A.J. Styles vs Baron Corbin vs Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose vs The Miz (Elimination Chamber)


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I gotta say that this one never fully clicked for me. There were stuff that I enjoyed; AJ Styles being the bumping & selling machine that he is, Baron Corbin coming in & destroying people, The Miz doing his Daniel Bryan shtick, Styles & Cena interactions when they + Wyatt were the final 3 - BUT in between those moments that I enjoyed, there were lots, and I mean LOTS of dull action that did nothing for me, which is why I can't rate this highly overall. Solid match, but far from the best Chamber match that I've seen. Great performance by Styles. **1/2

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I thought this match actually ranks pretty high in terms of EC matches - which usually are great.


AJ Styles had one of the greatest Elimination Chamber performances ever, even if he seemed to slow down at the last five minutes of the match, after that insane crossbody from Cena. Seemed to be hurt.


Corbin flat out murdering Ambrose also not only served for a great violent spot showcasing how Corbin can be this monster but also sets up a program between the two for the IC belt.


Overall, I'd give this **** 1/2

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Gotta second KawadaSmile - I can't recall an EC match I enjoyed as thoroughly as this.


To me, it really had all the right ingredients for me (even if the winner was somewhat predictable).


- Crowd was absolutely hot from the start and John Cena, from the moment he came on screen, was "on."


- I know the whole "Bacon Makes Everything Better" meme is seriously outdated and played out but is there a better metaphor for AJ Styles? His performance was further evidence that his mere presence makes a match better.


- Thought the Ambrose/AJ/Cena segment was better in its short duration than the entirety of their 3-way match a few months back, which I thought was good-not-great.


- Not to harken back on AJ too much, but while the closing stretch wasn't that great, it still was good enough for me (along with their initial interactions in the match) to say, "Yeah, AJ has chemistry with Bray too and I wouldn't mind them having a program down the line either."


- Corbin and Braun Strowman are on these parallel paths from being not very good at all to being guys I like. Loved the way Corbin, after hitting the End of Days on Cena, just seemed so super psyched and proud of himself - which is exactly how he SHOULD feel because, hey, he just hit his End of Days on John F'N Cena! Sure, a 10-year vet would have the presence of mind to go for the cover, but Corbin is not a 10-year vet in kayfabe or reality, so, it really worked for me.


- The only guy who seemed to get the short-shrift to me was Miz. He got beaten pretty handily by Cena in there so I don't see how they're going towards a Cena/Miz feud even with Nikki and Nattie in mind. If they were interested in that story, they should've had Miz look a little more dominant.


Overall, no less than 4 stars from me.

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New Chamber which pretty much negates the dangerosity of it : the outside is padded / the roof is so high it can't be used anymore / the pods are square so you can't take a lot of bumps on it / still no blood. Wow. That sucks. Sorry to sound like a vampire fan, but what's the point of making everything super safe and clean when the gimmick is supposed to be DEMONIC STRUCTURE ? Yeah, takes a lot of the fun away, really. So they are now simply "falling from high places". *sigh*


Aj vs Cena was quite a great follow-up to their great Rumble match. But man, those Cena punches look horrid.


Dean Ambrose comes in and makes it a lesser affair, basically a TNA circa 2003 three-way X-division match, and I'm not saying that because of a Code Red. But really, cutesy three way spots like I never cared for them. The gimmick, like I said, has been entirely negated by the new structure, so they take a whole lot of vertical bumps on the chain links, which probably hurts a lot more than it looks like it hurts...


Then Bray Wyatt and Baron Corbin fight over who's playing the lamest Kane. I gotta be honest, Corbin looked pretty decent for once, but his finisher is awkward as hell. And well, he gets eliminated like a total idiot too. Then we get the now cliché "sore loser beats up someone before the last sequence" deal. Meanwhile, all the un-involved players are just laying down because they are supposed to. This match suffers from overproduction...


Miz gets in and pins Ambrose KOed by Corbin, which was a good sneaky heel move. His troll Yes kicks are fun as a troll move, but not as an offensive move per say, as he really isn't any good at it. Even *I* would't be hurt by those. Actually Miz's stuff doesn't look too good here. He was better making faces in the pod. Plus he gets pinned like nothing by Cena.

So, another three-way, this time with useless Wyatt, who's stuff doesn't look solid at all, sorry man, I love you Uncle but you aren't it. Plus you were dreads and you're fucking white. Go hit on a djembe or something. Lots of kicking out of finishers to get points from Meltz. AJ does what he does the best, which is bump for tools (Mania incoming).

Well, really not very good at all and often boring. Best part was Cena vs AJ. Actually this was the most fun part at the end too. AJ was both the JerichArn and the MVP, as Cena's stuff looked rough at points. Corbin was quite Ok in the Kane spot.


I don't like the new Chamber. Too smooth. It looks like a dungeon in a swingers club, with pods with shady blue lighting for naked dancers and padding to fuck on the side.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-02-12-WWE-Elimination Chamber] John Cena vs A.J. Styles vs Baron Corbin vs Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose vs The Miz (Elimination Chamber)

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