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If you could write a eulogy for "TNA"...


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So, for this week's podcast, we will be doing our Death of "TNA" show, talking about the fifteen years provided under the banner of Total Nonstop Action.


For this monumental occasion, we would like you to write your personal eulogy for the TNA brand name - thoughts on their proudest moments, perhaps? Maybe a personal experience, or just your general opinion on the trials and tribulations of the company and where it stands in the history of wrestling. Either way, we're looking for a sense of closure as the Jarrett-led GFW begins anew, so what are your final, definitive thoughts on the 15 years of TNA?


As always, the best contributions will be read on the show and you'll be credited accordingly!


EDIT - The show discussing the Death of "TNA", featuring many of your contributions, is now available at the following link: https://squaredcirclegazette.podbean.com/mf/download/ritta6/SCG_Radio_122_-_The_Death_of_TNA.mp3

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That TNA under Scott D'Amore from the spring of 2005 up to the Summer of 2006 (it got rougher after Slammiversary that year, although still good) was a super easy promotion to watch, with a fun TV, angles that made sense most of the time, very few really bad stuff and a lot of excellent to great matches thanks to AJ / Daniels / Joe being featured heavily in position to have strong matches. I put that against any territory from the 80's and it wins easily. So, for that year and a few months alone, TNA was worth it.


Then of course, never such potential has been ruined so quickly. But again, the name is Russo, and he's the idiot of all idiots.

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TNA was proof that we crossed into an alternate timeline sometime in the early 21st century. Its existence was consistently meta in how unabashedly foolish the business decisions made were, how unfocused the booking was from day one, and the terrible treatment of its own key talents in favor of WWE cast-off's who were barely worth Vince's money anyway.


It was a slapstick wrestling-based sitcom that shot itself into a worked shoot.


Instead of learning from WCW's mistakes, TNA tripled down on the bet, using a deck of Spongebob Uno at the Texas Hold 'Em table. All because one failed writer who had one lucky break decided to have a laugh.


There was no reason a company with such powerful financial backing should have had its champions requiring secondary employment. There was no reason to rely on outdated story beats when fans were openly clamoring - CHANTING - for something else.


TNA killed itself. It needed to die.


Good fucking riddance.

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Just wanted to thank everybody for the contributions - the show looking at the Death of "TNA" is now available at the following link:

Join us as we discuss all things Total Nonstop Action for it's fifteen years of existence. Talking about great talent, horrible angles, worst WWE-retread hirings, terrible gimmick matches, glory eras, missed opportunities, moments where TNA had momentum then tripped up and more. In addition, we take your "eulogies", ranging from delightful poems to thoughtful analysis, to one-liners to appear on the tombstone, a barrage of tremendous takes from the loyal listeners. A really fun show this week, check it out and let us know what you think!
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