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PWO Fantasy Draft 1988-1994 Edition

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I would say right now 88-92 is winning... this gives us a chance to maybe build to another draft down the line... please reply if you feel differently.


I think the honor system is the easiest approach as we've got a great group to work within here... just be ready if you try to be sly that you will have a challenge.


I haven't seen anything against adding in all regions into the draft... so at this point it is worldwide.


I think a fun idea would be for each of us involved to think of a fun name for your promotion or to base your show out of a major city around the world. Kind of a way to give your show some flavor.

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Doesn't seem to be a lot of dissention here so I say we go


1988-1992 time frame.


Pick an individual or team and put the year in which your are selecting them to give us an idea.


No one can be picked twice obviously.


We will not have a pool and go on the honor system.


35 rounds random snake order each set of two rounds. Added five more for announcers and managers. You don't need to use all 35 but it's there.


Build you talent to have one major show in your chosen city.


Talent from all over the world can be selected.


Managers can be part of your pick


Announcers and such can be part of your picks


Tag teams must be tag teams or they'll be challenged and picks may have to be split.


I'll get order put together here tonight and post it and we'll start tomorrow unless someone sees issue.

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