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AWA results for January 1986


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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for January 3rd


The Youngbloods vs. Blake Towsley & Brandon Bellinger


The AWA is looking to have a big year for 1986, and they are kicking it off by introducing the brand new tag team of the Youngbloods, Steve Blackman and Biff Wellington. Blackwell and Wellington are both relative newcomers to the sport of wrestling but were able to get the crowd going, Wellington with a series of suplexes and Blackwell with his martial arts moves. Wellington ultimately polished off Towsley with a jumping piledriver and the Youngbloods start off 1986 and their AWA career with a victory.


Killer Khan vs. Jim Lynch


Killer Khan lost his guiding light in Tojo Yamamoto at Super Clash and it looks like he has gone completely out of control. He savagely dismantled poor Jim Lynch before knocking him out with the Oriental Thumb choke, but even that was not enough for the crazed Mongolian. He kept on kicking and stomping Lynch before going up to the top turnbuckle and coming off with the flying kneedrop to the sternum. Lynch was taken out of the ring on a stretcher, but even then Khan knocked him off and kept attacking him, only being restrained by a swarm of AWA officials. Can anyone stop his rampage?


Interview : Ken Resnick stands in the ring


Resnick : Folks, my next guest is the leader of the Varsity Club … “The Games Master” Kevin Sullivan!


The crowd boos as Kevin Sullivan comes out, with Fallen Angel, Mike Rotundo and Dan Spivey in tow. Fallen Angel wore her traditional seductive look and not much else, while Spivey and Rotundo were broadly smirking, but Sullivan had one of his peculiarly thoughtful looks, as though he had an ace up his sleeve that nobody would see coming.


Resnick : Kevin Sullivan, you seem to be in a strangely good mood today. Hard to believe, given that the Varsity Club recently lost a member in Rick Steiner.


Sullivan : (chortling sinisterly) It’s the New Year, Mister Resnick, the time of new beginnings! One door opens, several more open. It is an age of new opportunities, and the Club is giving new opportunities for a lucky few. You see, what I am announcing here is the Varsity Club Rush! I have combed the ranks of collegiate athletics for the top prospects and have found the prime candidates for the Club. The boys and I will put them through training camp and put them through their paces to see who has what it takes and the right mind set to be Varsity Club members. So let me introduce the Varsity Club freshman recruits!


(Loud , college football marching band music blares over the arena PA)


Sullivan : From the Iowa State Cyclones … Darryl Peterson!


The huge Peterson strides impassively out to the ring, his eyes locked forward as he pays no attention to the fans at ringside.


Sullivan : From the Missouri Tigers … Jeff Gaylord!


Sporting an impressive physique, Gaylord hustles to the ring, seeming annoyed by the fans reaching out to greet him.


Sullivan : From the Tennessee Volunteers … Doug Furnas!


Furnas is an incredibly powerful looking man who took time to slap palms and high five some of the fans on the way out.


Sullivan : From the Miami of Ohio Redskins … Brian Pillman!


A decided contrast to the other recruits, the noticeably smaller Pillman enthiastically high fives as many fans as he can before going to the ring.


Sullivan : From the Florida State Seminoles … Ron Simmons!


Simmons does reach out his hands to the fans but is otherwise all business as he joins the other recruits


Sullivan : And last, but far from least, from the Colorado Buffalo … Leon White.


White is another huge man and would look intimidating if not for the shy smile he has as he reaches out to the fans.


Sullivan : This is the Varsity Club Rush, class of 1986! And we will see what these guys are capable of!



British Steel vs. Jesse Barr & Buzz Sawyer


British Steel have had some trouble with interference in their matches, but were wanting to put that aside as they took on the tough team of Barr and Sawyer. They were starting to make some head way, with Regal starting to get Barr in a series of armlocks, when the mysterious masked man struck again. But this time, it was with even greater viciousness than before. He yanked Norman Smiley off the ring apron and drove him hard, head first, into the ringside steps, knocking him unconscious. He then nailed Regal with the thrust kick to the jaw as the ref called for the DQ and Barr and Sawyer bailed from the ring. But this was not enough for him, as he grabbed a chair from ringside and used it to batter Regal before laying it on top of him and taking a high running jump on both the chair and Regal underneath it. He finally pulled off the mask, revealing himself to be … “Gentleman” Chris Adams!!!!!! Adams then ran out of the ring, cackling as the medics came out and had to remove young Regal on a stretcher.


The Rougeau Brothers vs. Sekhou Bunch, Billy Garcia & JP Calderon


After the chaos of the last match, it took a while to get things calmed down, but the crowd was able to get into the special appearance by Jacques, Raymond and Armand Rougeau. They dazzled the fans with their high flying, acrobatics and double and triple team moves before Jacques finally put Garcia away with a missile dropkick.


AWA Six-Man Tag Team Title Match : Badd Company & Al Perez © vs. The Guerrero Brothers


The champions were coming in at a disadvantage, not only missing their manager Sunshine (still shaken up after being attacked by the masked Chris Adams at Super Clash), but with Diamond’s shoulder heavily bandaged from injuries at Starrcade. They seemed relieved to at least be in the ring with the popular Guerreros. All went well until Tanaka had to tag in Diamond. The Guerreros went at him like sharks with blood in the water, ruthlessly mangling his arm to exacerbate the injury to his shoulder and double teaming him whenever the ref’s back was turned. Diamond tried to escape to the outside, but then Mando rammed him hard, shoulder first, into the turnbuckle post. He then tossed Diamond back in the ring to his brother Chavo, who locked Diamond in the Gory Special. Paul Diamond had nothing left in him to escape it, and was forced to give up both the match and the Six Man titles. His partners, Tanaka and Pereze, demanded to know what gives with the Guerreros, but the three brothers simply shrugged and laughed as they picked up the belts, all while the crowd watched in stunned amazement, shocked at their change of attitude.

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That Varsity Club Rush has some very big names on the list. Chris Adams!! I shoulda known what with all the superkicks. Khan on a massive rampage as well, great start for the AWA in 86.


I tried to make sure to always refer to them as "thrust kicks to the jaw" to keep from completely giving it away. Same reason I resisted the temptation to have him wearing a Union Jack mask.


I have been planning the Varsity Club Rush angle for months. That is the reason I went kind of crazy in the draft :) Special thanks to kevinmcfl, who helped with both a trade and a talent loan to put all of the pieces I wanted in place.

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I sincerely hope you aren't turning The Guerreros to appease that nitwit who complained about you having too many "ethnic faces," That being said, I guess they will be every bit as effective in the bad guy role as they were as good guys.


Nope, another thing in the works since I picked them up. Liked their various heel runs in places like Mid-South and Memphis and wanted to bring that here. Also wanted a heel unit to act as a foil for the Sunshine Boys and the Rougeaus.

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I sincerely hope you aren't turning The Guerreros to appease that nitwit who complained about you having too many "ethnic faces," That being said, I guess they will be every bit as effective in the bad guy role as they were as good guys.


Nope, another thing in the works since I picked them up. Liked their various heel runs in places like Mid-South and Memphis and wanted to bring that here. Also wanted a heel unit to act as a foil for the Sunshine Boys and the Rougeaus.

Glad to hear it, and that does seem like a role they will excell in.

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One other background thing for the Guerreros heel turn is that it plays into my "behind the scenes" dirt sheet story about them being promoted to trainers for the AWA. This move means that they will be having matches and providing education with youngster tag teams such as British Steel, Badd Company and the Youngbloods. There will be another tag team coming in that will also be working in this role. Have I mentioned that I like talking about my training program? :)

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AWA show from the Met Center, Bloomington, January 3rd (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


The Youngbloods vs. Jesse Barr & Buzz Sawyer


Sawyer pinned Blackman with a diving splash


Cactus Jack vs. Brickhouse Brown


Cactus won by countout after hitting a diving elbow drop from the ring apron to the outside


The Great Kabuki vs. Leo Burke


Kabuki won with the thrust kick


Al Perez & Pat Tanaka vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero


Perez was a substitute for the injured Paul Diamond. Chavo hit the top rope somersault senton on Tanaka for the win


Jake Roberts vs. Kevin Sullivan


Jake executed the DDT for the victory


Koko Ware vs. Dusty Rhodes


Dusty scored the pinfall with the Bionic Elbow


AWA World Title match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Sgt. Slaughter


Sarge won by DQ when he was attacked by the Varsity Club. Orndorff retained the title.

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AWA show from Cobo Hall, Detroit, January 4th


Brian Pillman & Doug Furnas vs. The Onyx Express


Koko pinned Pillman after a Ghostbuster


Pat Tanaka vs. Jeff Gaylord


Gaylord caught Tanaka with a flying shoulder tackle to get the victory


Mando Guerrero vs. Too Cold Scorpio


Mando won with a German suplex


Darryl Peterson vs. B. Brian Blair


Blair won by DQ when Peterson hit the ref


Leo Burke vs. Cactus Jack


Cactus hit a nasty elbow smash to the back of Burke’s head and got the pinfall


AWA World Tag Title match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. Armand & Raymond Rougeau


Both teams went to a 30 minute time limit draw


AWA American Title match : Nick Bockwinkel © vs. Mike Rotundo


Rotundo went for the Varsity Rush (Samoan drop) but Bock blocked it and countered with a sunset flip to defend his belt


Sgt. Slaughter & Dusty Rhodes vs. Paul Orndorff & Kevin Sullivan


Sarge hit the Slaughter Cannon on Sullivan and got the win

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Good card! Mando vs. 2 Cold would of been a fun match. Big win for Gaylord. Bock and Rotundo is a great wrestling match. The tag title match would of been the money match for me. Hoping for a rematch.


Matches like Mando vs. 2 Cold are one of the big reasons I have my training program laid out like it is.


Ironically, Gaylord is pretty much the most experienced member of the Varsity Club Rush in this project's reality, having been wrestling for about a year in the previous version of Puerto Rico. I was a little unsure about his victory coming over a current champion, but I figured there were enough mitigating factors to explain Tanaka doing the job (tag specialist in a singles match, much bigger wrestler, just coming off a beating from the Guerreros) while still giving Gaylord credibility.


One of the benefits of the alliance between Paul Orndorff and the Varsity Club is that, while one of my top contenders get a title shot, I can have other ones take on Rotundo as a gatekeeper . Rotundo is becoming one of my go to guys for strong technical matches (training program again, blah blah blah).


We definitely have not seen the last of the Rougeaus and their title challenge.

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Am actually working ahead of pace on my writing, hope it isn't an issue if I get my shows in a day early.


AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for January 10th


Ron Simmons, Leon White & Doug Furnas vs. Chet Welch, Joel Anderson & Mikey Bortone


The Varsity Club Rush kicks off in earnest, with Simmons, White and Furnas (accompanied by their “Coaches”, Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo and Dan Spivey) making their All-Star Wrestling in-ring debuts. Their young oppoents were dwarfed by these three huge college football stand outs. While White (who has already turned some heads in a big match in Japan) got some looks of disapproval from Sullivan for his friendly attitude to the fans, he certainly impressed the coaches and fans alike with the raw power he showed in his slams and clotheslines. Furnas drew a gasp from the fans as he lifted the muscular Anderson up in a Gorilla press slam as if it took no effort at all, but also showed quickness and threw a graceful dropkick that knocked Welch across the ring. But it was Simmons, who devastated his opponents with explosive tackles, who got the final shot when he power slammed Bortone so hard that it knocked the breath right out of him, pinning him with ease. The Varsity Club certainly hav some impressive prospects vying for their membership.


Too Cold Scorpio vs. Joe Dowdle


The Varsity Club doesn’t have a monopoly on AWA newcomers, with Scorpio, a high flying youngster from Denver , looking to make his way in the promotion. He got the fans going with his fast exchanges and aerial ability before finishing off Dowdle with a top rope splash. It looks like the sky is the limit for this engaging rookie.


AWA Southern Tag Team Title match : Badd Company © vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero


The Sunshine Boys have found themselves in disarray since their manager went into seclusion, following a dastardly attack by Chris Adams. After the loss last week of the Six Man Titles, Badd Company once again found themselves in a title match against the Guerreros, this time defending their Southern Tag Titles. They found themselves still behind the 8 ball , with Diamond still badly hurting from the Guerreros exacerbation of his Starrcade shoulder injury. Tanaka did all he could to carry the team on his own , but gradually found himself overwhelmed by superior numbers. Diamond could eventually take no more and tagged himself into the match, doing well for a while but finally brought low by a double team on his hurt shoulder. A Guerrero Clutch by Hector and the brothers had brought even more gold around their waists.


Interview : Ken Resnick stands in the ring


Resnick : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest has made a shocking impact on the AWA of late. The so-called “Gentleman” … Chris Adams!


The crowd boos as he comes out , and boos even louder when they see that his is accompanied by Sheikh Adnan Al Kaissie.


Resnick : Chris Adams, you have been on a reign of terror in the AWA. Bad enough with the wrestlers you have attacked, but Sunshine hasn’t been seen since you Superkicked her at Super Clash. How are these the actions of a gentleman?


Adams : The Sheikh brought me in to take care of business, Resnick, and that is just what I did. He didn’t care about losing Kendo and Tojo, they were yesterday’s news, but Sunshine was too much of a thorn in his side. So I pulled her out of it! If she’s a woman who is going to insist on getting involved in man’s business, she’s going to learn that there is a price to pay!


Resnick : (clearly disgusted) What, then , is your reasoning for your other attacks. You are responsible for the British Bulldogs being run out of the AWA and hurt British Steel so badly that Steven Regal was taken out on a stretcher. Why attack your fellow countrymen with such violence?


Adams : Countrymen? They don’t deserve to call themselves British! The Bulldogs wasted their time , kissing up to the Americans, and I showed them where it would get them. And British Steel shouldn’t break as easily as I broke those two young ponces! The British Empire use to rule the world! And I’ve brought in some men … real men! … who are going to show you just why! “Squire” Dave Taylor! “The Lancashire Lion” Marty Jones! Together, we are … the British Bullies!


The booing of the crowd reaches a crescendo as Taylor and Jones come out and shake hands with Sheikh and Adams, but the newest members of the Sinister Syndicate pay it no mind as they cackle and laugh in the ring.


Jeff Gaylord, Darryl Peterson & Brian Pillman vs. Steven Morris, Dave Cruser & Aaron Reisberger


Round 2 of the Varsity Club Rush. Brian Pillman certainly was a marked contrast to his partners, not just his smaller size but his boundless enthusiasm standing out against the sullenness of Peterson and the arrogance of Gaylord. Pillman’s eagerness to shake hands with the fans drew the ire of Sullivan, who smacked him in the back of the head and ordered him to go to the ring. Peterson showed off his strong amateur background, tossing Cruser with a series of takedowns and suplexes. Gaylord seemed to have something to prove, looking to show that he was the most powerful and had the best physique of all of the Varsity Club rookies. He rocked Reisberger with powerslams and tackles. Ultimately, it was Pillman who was the most impressive, for the fans if not Sullivan. He showed lightning quickness against Morris with dazzling fast moves before coming off the top rope with a flying clothesline for the win. Clearly , all of the Varsity Club recruits have consideral physical skills. But which of them have the attitude that Sullivan is looking for? Stay tuned!


Killer Khan vs. Anthony Robinson


Khan came in completely unchecked, destroying Robinson in quick order and not even being stopped by the AWA officials. Just when it seemed that nobody would be able to stop him, the crowd erupted when someone charged out to the rescue. It was “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes! He managed to stagger Khan with a series of big elbow smashes before finally knocking him out of the ring. Khan was still standing, though , and the two brawled all the way back to the locker room.


AWA Southern Title match : Al Perez © vs. Mando Guerrero


Perez came to the ring clearly shaken by the recent losses by his allies but determined to defend his title. He certainly had his work cut out from him, with Mando having both of his brothers at ringside providing plenty of distraction. Perez took the fight to Guerrero, digging into his considerable bag of technical skills to try to put down his challenge. At several points, it looked like he would trap him in either the Oriental Armlock or the Indian Leglock, but either Guerrero would wriggle to the ropes or his brothers would interfere to break up the hold. Perez was finally getting Mando set up for the German Suplex, but while Hector distracted the ref, Chavo came in off the top rope with a double axehandle. While Chavo scrambled out of the ring, Mando excecuted his own German Suplex and got the one two three. And just like that, Perez’s Southern Title reign of over 6 months came to an end.


AWA American Title match : Nick Bockwinkel © vs. Mike Rotundo


This could have worked out to be a strong technical matchup, but once again, outside interference kept making its way into the match. Kevin Sullivan and Dan Spivey kept trying to tip the scales in Rotundo’s favor, until the ref had enough and called for the DQ. The Varsity Club then tried to beat down Bockwinkel, but Nick bailed to the outside and grabbed a chair to fend them off. Bock then got on the ringside mic and challenged the three members of the Varsity Club to take on him and two partners in a match in San Francisco. But what partners could he possibly have in mind?

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