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Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Jan. 86


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MACW @ WTBS Studio aired 1-4-86

The show opens with Magnum TA with the US title on his shoulder and a bandage on his forehead.


Magnum: Well as everybody can see, I'm still feeling the affects from Starrcade, but one thing is real clear and that is I'm still the United States Champion. Magnum TA is coming back with a vengeance and I'm ready to take on any and all comers who the NWA puts in front of me. Starrcade finished off a great year for me and there's a lot more to come in 1986.


Live in the Studio

Schiavone: Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. With me as always is David Crockett. David, we have a great show lined up today.


Crockett: Yes we do Tony. Mid Atlantic champ, Harley Race will be in action as well as Television champ Terry Taylor, who will defend his title against Iron Mike Sharpe. And making his Mid Atlantic debut will be David Sammartino.


Schiavone: Also, we will see a true wrestling great, as Bob Backlund will be in the squared circle. Also in action will be a team already seceded in the US Tag Team tournament, Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar, the Soul Patrol. Another team in action will be the brother duo of Kelly and Nick Kiniski.


Crockett: Speaking of the US tag team tournament, we want to show the fans some footage from this past week at the Scope Arena in Norfolk and what transpired there. Let's take a look.


Footage from Scope Arena

Corporal Kirchner finishes Terry Gibbs off with a Fallaway Slam. He grabs the American Flag and marches around the ring, waving it high to the cheering crowd. As he's focused on the crowd, he's attacked from behind by Alexis Smirnoff and Baron Von Raschke (Bolshevik Revolution). They punch and stomp him down to the ground. Baron kicks away on Kirchner's leg then holds it as Smirnoff climbs up on the top turnbuckle and crashes down with a knee drop to the leg. He repeats this again. The fans are booing and throwing trash in the ring.


Back in the Studio

Crockett: Ok fans you just saw that despicable act by the Bolshevik Revolution. They were set to face off against Corporal Kirchner and Mark Youngblood in the first round of the US tag team tournament. With me now is Mark Youngblood. Mark, I know you have something to say.


Mark: That's right David. Those cowards injured my partner and put him out of action for awhile. Now they might think this bought them a bye in the first round but think again. I talked it over with Kirchner and also the NWA board of directors. They told me I can find a suitable partner for the tournament. Well, I found one and here he is, my brother Chris Youngblood.


Chris walks out and shakes his brother's hand.


Mark: We are the Renegade Warriors and not only do we have Corporal Kirchner's back but we're going to beat those two cowards and we're going all the way to the titles!


Crockett: Ok, there you have it fans, the Renegade Warriors have made their intentions known. Let's go to the ring.


Mid Atlantic Champ Harley Race vs. Tim Straw

Harley just picks apart Straw the entire match. Hanging suplex followed by a piledriver for the pin. Harley holds up his title and gives the 'Number One' sign to the camera. Harley heads over to the podium.


Schiavone: Impressive win tonight Harley.


Race: I know it was Mr. Schiavone, but let me get down to business. Ricky Martel, I told you I'm gunning for you and the world title. It's time you answered my challenge and stop ducking me. Now, as far as this here Mid Atlantic title goes, any wrestler who dares can put their name on the dotted line. But I can tell you this, there's not a man here in Mid Atlantic who can take this from me.


The fans cheer as Rocky Johnson comes out.


Johnson: I told everybody last week that I was going to make a splash here in Mid Atlantic. So I'll tell you what Harley, I'll take you up on your challenge. You just tell me where to sign buddy!


Race: Johnson, you're not in my league but if you want a shot then fine by me. I would love to give a muscle head like you a wrestling lesson.


Schiavone: Ok it looks like Harley Race has found a challenger.


Race: Trust me Mr. Schiavone, he wont be much of a challenge.


Johnson: Just keep talk'n Harley, just keep talk'n.


Commercial Break

Soul Patrol (Norvell Austin/Sweet Brown Sugar) vs. Lou Simms and Roger Murphy


The Soul Patrol have the fans standing as they work over their opponents with a series of double hip tosses and double back body drops. Sweet Brown Sugar swings Murphy to the ropes, leapfrogs over him then nails him with a drop kick. Murphy tags in Simms. Sugar executes a beautiful flying head scissors. Austin comes in and works over Simms with body slams and knee lifts. Austin tags in Sugar, they swing off the ropes, jump up and land a double diving head butt on for the victory!


Crockett: Wow! The Soul Patrol sure look ready for the US Tag Team Tournament. Fans, as you heard last week our main event for tonight was suppose to be the Missing Link taking on Tom Brandi. We got word from an anonymous source that Tom Brandi will not be here tonight.


Paul Jones and the Missing Link come out. Link is pacing like a madman while holding the back of his head.


Jones: Well it seems that common sense got the best of one Tom Brandi. Well the Missing Link wants to unleash some pain and hurt somebody. He's scheduled for a match and he's going to get one. The powers that be have until our match time to find an opponent. I hope I made myself clear!


Crockett: I guess we'll see what happens. Well fans....


A man with feathered back blond hair and sunglasses walks out.


Crockett: Well, this is a surprise. Ladies and gentleman, Rock Riddle.


Riddle: I want everybody to shut their mouths and pay attention because Rock Riddle has something important to say. Now everybody knows that I am the number one agent in Hollywood baby. That's a bona fide fact Jack! But Rock Riddle needs more and that's why Rock Riddle is here. You see, my Agency is all about making stars and that's exactly what I intend on doing here in Mid Atlantic. I'm going to bring some much needed glitz and glamor to this dreadful area. So without further adieu, let me introduce to you, the first client of the Agency, the Doctor of Desire Tom Prichard!


Prichard comes out waving his hair.


Prichard: The Doctor is in the house baby! Take a good look people because right now in Mid Atlantic Wrestling, a star is born!


Riddle: (laughing) He tells it like it is. The Doctor will have singles gold in no time. Now, the Agency doesn't stop there, no sir. The Agency wants some tag team gold as well. So let me introduce to you, already signed in for the US tag team tournament, thanks to my high dollar lawyer, the future United States tag team champions, Ken Timbs and Art Crews, the Fabulous Blondes!


Timbs and Crews walk out in glitter robes and all smiles. They shake hands with Prichard and Riddle.


Riddle: Get ready Mid Atlantic because the Agency is here!


Commercial Break

TV Title Match

Terry Taylor © vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Taylor works over Sharpe in the beginning with some arm drags and arm bars. Sharpe makes a comeback and gets in some good offense. He clubs Taylor and body slams him a couple times. He misses with an elbow drop and Taylor comes alive. Taylor hits a jaw breaker then picks up Sharpe, swings him to the ropes and connects with a flying five arm smash for the 1..2..3!


Taylor holds up the TV title and smiles as the crowd cheers him on.


Schiavone: Successful title defense for the television champ, Terry Taylor. Fans please welcome my guest at this time, Bob Roop. Bob welcome back to Mid Atlantic championship wrestling.


Roop: Thank you very much Tony. Everybody here knows my credentials. One person in particular had better know my credentials and I'm talking about the so called television champ, Terry Taylor. You know, he came out here last week and gave a real emotional interview and I'm sure it brought tears to a lot of people's eyes. Not mine! He talked about how he's going to win on talent and ability. Well let me tell you something boy, I've forgotten more about wrestling then you'll ever know. It sickens me that a boy like him is walking around with a title. Well, I'm going to change things. That belt needs to be around the waist of a real wrestler. So Taylor, I'm calling you out boy. I want a match for that title, anywhere, anytime.


Roop walks off.


Schiavone: Well it didn't take Bob Roop long to make his intentions known. I'm sure Terry Taylor will have an answer for him. Fans, when we come back, Bob Backlund will be in action.


Commercial Break

Bob Backlund vs. Larry O'Meara

Backlund puts on a wrestling clinic. He takes down O'Meara with a series of amateur moves. He also shows off his strength with some hard body slams and suplexes. Bob finishes him off with the Atomic Drop.


The Ref raises Bob's arm in victory as Bob smiles and jumps up and down. Bob then heads over to talk with David Crockett.


Crockett: Bob, it's great to have you here in Mid Atlantic. You look in phenomenal shape.


Bob: Thank you David, I appreciate that. You know, I told myself I needed a change in scenery, I needed to regroup and refocus. Well my batteries are charged and I'm ready for action.


The fans boo loud as the Iron Sheik storms out waving the Iranian Flag.


Sheik: Mr. Bob Backlund, so called All American wrestling champion. You are nothing but a weak American! You are not better than da Sheik! I will prove to everybody dat Iran are the better wrestlers! I will beat you down and put you in da camel clutch and you will beg for mercy! You are weak just like dat Corporal Kirchner.


Bob: It's one thing to insult me but do not insult this country. You want a match with me? Fine, we'll just see who the weak one is.


The Sheik moves forward.


Crockett: Hold on gentlemen, settle this in the ring.


Sheik: After I get done with this weak American, Bob Backlund, he will never be in wrestling ring again.


Backlund moves forward but officials come out to get in between them.


Commercial Break

Nick and Kelly Kiniski vs. Steven Rooney and Bill Richards

The Kiniski brothers look sharp tonight as they work over their opponents. Kelly uses his power as Nick balances things out with some speedy offense. The finish comes when Kelly hits Richards with an inverted atomic drop, then Nick follows with a belly to back suplex for the pin!


Schiavone: Good win for the Kiniski brothers. Fans, I've been told that next week the Kiniski brothers will take on the Devil's Duo with the winning team getting the 8th and final spot in the US tag tournament. After that match we will show you the brackets of the tournament and where the first round matches will be taking place. Fans when we come back, David Sammartino makes his Mid Atlantic debut.


Commercial Break

David Sammartino vs. Clyde Putnam

David looks good in his debut and shows off some offensive power. He hits Clyde with a delayed knee drop then follows with a twisting elbow drop. Sammartino backs up. Clyde staggers to his feet, then Sammartino finishes him off with a three point stance clothesline!


David raises his arms and smiles at the fans. He then heads over to the podium.


David is still smiling.


Crockett: It's an honor to have a second generation star here in Mid Atlantic, and I'm talking about the son of the legendary Bruno Sammartino, David.


David's smile goes away and a look of disguised comes across his face.


Sammartino: I knew it! I've had enough! You know, I came here to Mid Atlantic for a fresh start and make a name for me, David. And what's the first thing you do? You mention my father's name. My name is David Sammartino! And I'm telling you right now, do not ever mention my father's name again! Got it! I mine as well have come in here wearing a mask. No wait, on second thought, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to do more with the Sammartino name then my father ever did. I'm going to show you David Crockett and everybody here that I'll become the true living legend.


Sammartino storms off leaving a puzzled David Crockett behind.


Commercial Break

Schiavone: Well fans before we get to our main event I want to tell you that the NWA world tag team champions, The Andersons will be in action next week. I've also been informed to tell you that Ric Flair is currently main eventing in Japan right now. Ok well the Missing Link is pacing around the ring and Paul Jones is on his way over.


Jones: Well, the Missing Link is waiting! Trust me, an opponent better come out or there will be some big trouble. Link could take his aggression out on you Schiavone!


Schiavone: Well, I certainly hope not.


Jones: Then get somebody out here! Now!


The fans roar as Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka comes out!


Paul Jones is having a fit.


Jones: No way! Not him! I didn't mean him!


Schiavone: Hey you issued the challenge and it looks like Jimmy Snuka has accepted. Unbelievable!


Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka vs. Missing Link


The bell rings and Link ambushes Snuka. Jones disappears to the back. Link starts hitting Snuka. Snuka starts to make a comeback. They start brawling. Snuka starts to get the upper hand. He grabs Link by his head, jumps up and head butts Link. Link staggers. Snuka repeats this and Link wobbles back and through the ropes. The crowd is on fire as Jimmy flashes the 'I love you sign' to them. The crowd screams as Paul Jones leads Kamala to the ring and attacks Snuka from behind! Kamala chops Snuka down. Link gets back in the ring and starts stomping Snuka. Link body slams Snuka. Kamala backs up then comes forward and crashes down with a big splash! Kamala backs up again and crashes down with another splash! Kamala is going to do this again but Spike Huber runs in and starts pounding away on Missing Link. Huber swings him to the ropes and drop kicks him out of the ring. Jones waves his arms to Kamala. Huber is standing there with clench fists. Jones laughs it off and escorts Kamala out. Huber attends to Snuka as the show ends.


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I really like that you didn't go with the race card with Harley and Rocky Johnson. David Sammartino is gonna be a face right? :) Backlund vs. Sheik could pretty much draw anywhere in the States in 1986. Taylor and Bob Roop should be a good feud for Taylor. Gets him over as a technician with Roop's cred.

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Yea I'm hoping for a good Backlund/Sheik feud. I like that it can be a heated feud but with old school wrestling blended in. I'm also looking forward to writing for Rock Riddle and his agency. I think Riddle will bring something a little different to MACW and I thought him and Prichard would be a fun pair. He also has Timbs and Crews, which could set up some fun 6 man tags as well.

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The Agency is a nice addition to the game. I had Rock Riddle once in the game and he is a lot of fun to write for. Your tag team division is shaping up nicely with a lot of teams who could go on a nice run here. I especially like the Soul Patrol and the Youngbloods. Taylor and Snuka give you two big babyfaces that could do anything you want. Keep up the good work. MACW is a fun read with a lot of interesting pieces with so many options.

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MACW @ WTBS Studios TV Aired 1-11-86


Footage is shown from last week as Jimmy Snuka was double teamed by Missing Link and Kamala. Kamala splashes Snuka twice. Spike Huber runs out and dropkicks Link out of the ring. Paul Jones laughs at Huber and calmly escorts Kamala out of the ring.


Schiavone: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Along with me as always is David Crockett.


Crockett: Thanks Tony, well we just saw what happened to Jimmy Snuka during his Mid Atlantic return. I understand Snuka suffered some bruised ribs but will be back in action soon. The man who came to his rescue, Spike 'Steel Tiger' Huber will be in action and we will hear from him as well.


Schiavone: That's right David. A lot of action in store tonight. The NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Andersons will be in the ring. Rocky Johnson, Bob Roop, The Doctor of Desire Tom Prichard along with Rock Riddle. A number of teams competing in the upcoming US tag team tournament will be wrestling tonight including, The Nightmares and Hot Property.


Crockett: And don't forget our big main event as Bob Backlund goes one on one with Baron Von Raschke.


Schiavone: Well fans let's get to the ring as the Devil's Duo will take on the Kiniski Brothers. The winning team will get the 8th and final spot in the US tag team tournament.


Devil's Duo (Jeff Sword and Doug Vines) vs. Nick and Kelly Kiniski

The Devil's Duo come out in their black vests and black chaps. Jeff Sword is holding a cane and sets it down on the ground outside their corner. The Kiniski Brothers come out in their sports sweat jackets, raising their fists to the crowd. Right when the bell rings, the Devil's Duo ambush the Kiniski's. It's a pier six brawl right off the bat. The Ref gets tangled up and gets knocked down. Nick Kiniski takes a low blow and goes down. The Devil's Duo throw Kelly Kiniski outside the ring. The Duo go to the outside and grab the cane. Kelly staggers up and the Duo double clothesline him down with the cane. Kelly is laid out on the outside. The Duo get back in the ring and double body slam Nick. The Ref gets up and shakes the cobwebs. He sends Jeff Sword to his corner. The Devil's Duo work over Nick. Nick starts to make a comeback and puts up a valiant fight but the odds are to much to handle. Jeff tags Doug. Doug climbs up the ropes. Jeff executes a backbreaker on Nick and holds his body across his knee as Doug crashes down with a stomp on Nick's chest, flipping his body over. Doug covers for the 1..2..3!


The Devils' Duo gets the 8th spot in the tournament.


Commercial Break

Crockett: Well the Devil's Duo advance to the tournament under very controversial circumstances. Trainers are attending to Kelly Kiniski in the back.


The Devil's Duo storm to the podium.


Jeff: Controversial? Hey! We proved that we are the smarter team.


Doug: And that's why we're in the tournament and those wimpy Kiniski Brothers aint!


The Devil's Duo walk away holding their arms up and laughing.


Crockett: Ok well fans, we'll have the first round brackets laid out for you a bit later. Let's go to the ring as Rocky Johnson is set for action.


Rocky Johnson vs. Dave Penson

The fans are going crazy as Rocky Johnson shuffles his feet and takes Penson over with a series of hip tosses. Harley Race walks out with the Mid Atlantic title on his shoulder. He's just standing there watching. Johnson body slams Penson twice then rolls him over and finishes him off with the Boston Crab. The fans cheer as the Ref raises Johnson's arm. Harley Race gets up on the apron and points at Johnson then taps on his title. Johnson motions his hands around his waist and points at the title.


Schiavone: Fans, I believe Rocky Johnson has gotten the attention of Mid Atlantic champ, Harley Race. Only a matter of time before those two lock horns. Fans joining me right now are the Stud Stable, Rob and Ron Fuller. Well gentleman, I've been informed that your opponents in the opening round of the US tag team tournament will be the young exciting team of Billy Travis and Joe Savoldi, I'm talking about Hot Property.


Rob: You say Hot what? Everybody knows that the hottest team in the tournament is the Stud Stable. Come on now Tony Schiavone, those two youngsters don't stand a chance against my brother and I.


Ron: Tell em Rob. Now Mr. Schiavone, my brother and I are itch'n to get into that there ring. Now after our first round match this week, my brother Rob has some bookings up in Canada in the next couple weeks. So while he's up there doing his thing, I'm going to be here doing mine. Next week, here on Mid Atlantic television, I'm going to have a match against one Brett Wayne Sawyer. Now Brett is a very talented and accomplished wrestler but he's just a tune up for a man of my stature and credentials. Get your wrestling boots on Brett cuz you're in for a wrestling lesson boy.


US Tag Team Tournament 1st Round

Norfolk VA, The Scope

Soul Patrol vs. Devil's Duo

Bolshevik Revolution vs. Renegade Warriors

Richmond VA, The Coliseum

Stud Stable vs. Hot Property

Nightmares vs. Fabulous Blondes

Commercial Break

Bob Roop vs. Ken Jenkins

Roop wrestles with aggression as he pummels Jenkins down. He finally puts Jenkins out of his misery with the Shoulder Breaker and pin. Roop heads over to the podium.


Crockett: Impressive win Mr. Roop. Now I know you made your intentions clear and that you want a shot at Terry Taylor's Television title.


Roop: (holds out his arms) Yea, where is the so called Television champion? He should be out here on TV defending the title but guess what? He's not even here. That title needs to be on a real wrestler and you're looking at a real wrestler. So listen up Terry. I'm calling you out if you got the guts. Lets you and I have a match in Greensboro on the 25th and if I beat you, which I will, then you put that title up against me on live TV. That's about as clear as I can be. You tell him that Crockett.


Roop walks off


Crockett: I want to clarify that Terry Taylor is wrestling at another venue and that's why he isn't here. He'll be back next week and I'm sure he'll have an answer for Bob Roop. Fans lets go to the ring as the Nightmares are set for action.


Nightmares vs. Jim Davidson and Gary Williams

The Nightmares have the fans cheering with their quick teamwork and frequent tags. They work their opponents over with a series of arm drags and twists. They turn it up with some drop kicks and back body drops. The finish comes when Danny Davis holds Williams arms behind his back as Ken Wayne jumps off the top rope and hits Williams with a double axe handle for the pin.


Commercial Break

Schiavone: Joining me now is David Sammartino.


The fans boo


Sammartino: Yea go ahead and boo me. These idiots just don't know a great wrestler when they see one. For now just shut your mouths and let the great one talk. Now I tried to come here for a fresh start. I tried to do things right but I get disrespected for it. I should of known better. Well that's fine because I don't need these idiot fans cheering me and I certainly don't need their approval.


The fans cheer as Pedro Morales comes out. David stands there with his hands on his hips.


Pedro: Look David, nobody disrespected you. You're an incredibly talented wrestler. Now, your father and I go way back and I know one thing is for sure, he's proud of you and knows you can make it on your own.


Sammartino: (shaking his head) Pedro, when I see guys like you, it just reminds me of my father's era. You guys are washed up and clinging on your reputation. This isn't the 70s anymore. Pedro, you're just pathetic. Do me a favor and get out of my face.


Sammartino pushes Pedro. Pedro gets red faced and clenches his fist but stops himself and just walks away.


Sammartino: See what I mean, not only is he pathetic but he's a coward.


Sammartino walks off as the fans boo.


Schiavone: Well I think Pedro showed a lot of class in holding back. Fans lets go to the ring for the debut of Hot Property.


Hot Property (Billy Travis and Joe Savoldi) vs. Todd Rooney and Brad Kimber

Hot Property makes a grand debut as they show off their speed with leap frogs, drop kicks and double hip tosses. At one point they swing Rooney to the ropes and hit him with a double elbow smash then hit him with a double elbow drop. The finish comes when Savoldi tags in Travis, they swing Kimber to the ropes and execute a double Hot Shot! Kimber's body hits the top rope and flies back. Travis covers for the pin. Travis and Savoldi high five and raise their arms to the cheering crowd.


Crockett: Fantastic debut for the two of you. Welcome to Mid Atlantic Championship wrestling. Well, we know that you will be facing the tough Stud Stable in the first round of the US tag tournament.


Travis: First off, my partner and I are very happy to be a part of the NWA here in Mid Atlantic. And you can bet that we're up for the task. The Fullers sound like they're taking us lightly...big mistake!


Savoldi: You said it Billy. Hot Property is here to win the US tag team titles and that's exactly what we're going to do. Fullers, we start with you!


Crockett: (Smiling) Hot Property ladies and Gentleman. We'll be right back.


Commercial Break

"The Doctor of Desire" Tom Prichard w/Rock Riddle vs. Steve Ramsey

Riddle is all smiles as his client dismantles Ramsey. Prichard hits Ramsey with a body slam then follows with a diving splash. Prichard hits a hanging suplex. He picks up Ramsey, swings him to the ropes and clamps on the Sleeper! The Ref drops Ramsey's arm three times and calls for the bell. Riddle runs in and raises Prichard's hand in victory.


Riddle and Prichard are joined by the Fabulous Blondes (Ken Timbs and Art Crews) at the podium.


Schiavone: Well Mr. Riddle, your Agency is off and running.


Riddle: Tony, baby, you can say that again. The Doctor is also a surgeon in that ring. I mean you saw it. This man will bring gold to the Agency in no time. Speaking of gold, the Agency's tag team here, the Fabulous Blondes are going to bring those US titles to the Agency, I can guarantee you that. Now I've been in the movie business a long time and I can tell you this, the Nightmares are nothing but a cheap production. They're not even B level baby. Now the Fabulous Blondes, now this is an A list tag team if there ever was one. The Fabulous Blondes and the Doctor of Desire are a blockbuster cast and the Agency is going to take Mid Atlantic by storm.


The Blondes are arrogantly smiling as Prichard is waving his hair around. Riddle smiles as well and they all strut off.


Schiavone: Ok, words from Rock Riddle. Fans, Crockett Promotions, Mid Atlantic and the NWA are very happy to announce that Tony St. Clair will be arriving soon. Lets take a glimpse at the man who was the longest reigning British Heavyweight Champion in history.


A montage is shown of Tony St. Clair working over a variety of opponents.


Commercial Break

Spike 'Steel Tiger' Huber vs. Lou Campos

Huber comes out wearing a construction helmet and an unbuttoned Charlotte O's baseball jersey. Huber swings Campos to the ropes and hits a back body drop. Campos staggers up and Huber nails him with a drop kick. Huber jumps up and crashes down with an elbow drop. Huber picks up Campos, swings him to the ropes and Power Slams him for the pin! Huber raises his fist to the cheers and heads over to the podium.


Crockett: Great to have you here Spike. Very impressive win. Now, we caught a glimpse of you last week and we'll get to that. Right now why don't you tell us about yourself.


Spike: Hey, it's great to be here in Mid Atlantic and part of the NWA. You know David, I'm from a working class blue collar family and I know there are a lot of hard working people here today. I can guarantee you this; To every fan out there who puts in long hours and buys a ticket with their hard earned money, Spike 'Steel Tiger' Huber will give you your money's worth.


The cheers turn to boos as Paul Jones and the Missing Link come out.


Jones: Mr. Huber, you stuck your nose where it didn't belong last week. Now I'm willing to let this go if you give us an apology. You do owe us an apology. Now just say your sorry and you wont get hurt.


Spike: With all due respect Mr. Jones, last week was a two on one attack. I just came out to even things up and make it a fair fight, so no way, I'm not apologizing for anything.


Link comes in and head butts Huber! Huber is on the ground holding his head.


Jones: Kid, you just opened Pandora's box.


Commercial Break

NWA World Tag Team Champs The Andersons vs. Alex Portman and Greg Monson

The Andersons spend the match working on the arm of Portman. Arn drops his knee several times on Portman's arm then starts twisting the arm. He tags in Ole. Ole climbs the ropes then comes down on the arm with a knee drop. Ole wrenches the arm and Portman submits.


Schiavone: My guests at this time, the NWA World Tag team champions, Ole and Arn Anderson. It's been signed, on January 25th in Greensboro, you will be defending the titles against the Freebirds.


Arn: You see these titles Schiavone? They represent the best in the NWA and that means we're the best. Now the Freebirds think they're going to come into Greensboro and take these from us. Think again. You boys claim to be from Bad Street, well what are you going to do when the Minnesota Wrecking Crew tears Bad Street down! Now as far as the four Horsemen go, believe me when I tell you, we're coming back stronger than ever. Ric Flair is main eventing all over the NWA right now and Tully Blanchard will be coming back very soon.


Arn flashes the 4 fingers.


Ole: Arn is right, the Horsemen are a real unit unlike those phony Freeebirds. Hey I'll make this real simple. Those long haired hippies like to dance and prance around the ring. They like to have a good time, well that good time will come to an end in Greensboro because that's when reality crashes down. You wont be dancing around after I break your legs. That's not a threat, that's just a simple fact. If you think I'm lying, just show up in Greensboro.


Schiavone: Ok some very ominous words from the Andersons. When we come back, its our main event.


Commercial Break

Bob Backlund vs. Baron Von Raschke w/Alexis Smirnoff

Baron attacks Backlund from behind as the bell rings. Baron chokes away on Backlund. The Ref backs Baron up. Smirnoff reaches under the ropes and starts choking Backlund. Baron controls the opening minutes with body slams, kicks and stomps. Backlund makes a comeback after Baron misses an elbow drop. Backlund hits Baron several times then suplexes him back. Smirnoff gets up on the apron and Backlund punches him. Baron hits Backlund from behind. Smirnoff gets back up on the apron. Baron clamps on a headlock then Backlund picks him up, turns him around and atomic drops him into Smirnoff! Smirnoff falls to the ground as Backlund rolls Baron up for the 1..2..3!


Backlund is jumping up and down when the Iron Sheik runs into the ring and hits Backlund in the back with his Iranian flag. Sheik starts stomping Backlund on his back. Smirnoff gets in the ring and starts stomping on Backlund. Baron eventually joins in. The Sheik starts to clamp on the camel clutch when the Renegade Warriors (Mark and Chris Youngblood) charge the ring. They clean house as the fans roar. Then they attend to Backlund.


Schiavone: Wow! Things have escalated between Backlund, The Iron Sheik, Bolshevik Revolution and The Renegade Warriors. Fans that about does it this week. Join us next week as United States Champion, Magnum TA will be in action, also a very special appearance by Mil Mascaras, who will be getting ready for his match with Ric Flair in Greensboro. And for our fans in Virginia, get your tickets for this week's opening rounds of the US tag team tournament. We'll see you next week.

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I will agree that focusing on the lower card guys is a good idea. It makes everything feel important, not just those top few rivalries. Ole's promo stood out for me as exactly the kind of thing he would have said. You've got him down for sure. Nightmares, Fullers, Billy Travis, Missing Link, Tom Pritchard, you have so many great, great midcard guys around that it's hard NOT to focus on them once in a while. :)

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Thanks for the comments guys. My goal for this month was to focus on the mid and lower card to get them established. It was the perfect time to do it since Flair is traveling and Magnum and Tully are still recuperating from Starrcade. I've got some exciting things planned for when they come back along with the Snuka/Kamala storyline.

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MACW @ The Scope, Norfolk, Va. 1-11-86

The Texas Bronco (Scott Casey under the hood) vs. Terry Gibbs

Gibbs controls the early moments of the match but The Texas Bronco makes a comeback and wins it with the running Bulldog!

David Sammartino vs. The Italian Stallion

Sammartino spends a lot of time arguing and yelling with the fans. This almost costs him as Stallion came up from behind with a quick roll up. Sammartino was finally able to get his focus back and finish off Stallion with a Backbreaker rack!

Spike Huber vs. The Missing Link w/Paul Jones

Huber frustrates Link early with a series of hip tosses and dropkicks. Link takes control with some power moves. Link misses with a diving head butt off the second rope. Huber has the crowd behind him as he makes his comeback. Paul Jones gets up on the apron and distracts Huber. Link nails Huber from behind. Link picks Huber up and hangs him upside down on the turnbuckles. Link just assaults and stomps away on Huber. Link refuses to break at the Ref's count. The Ref rings the bell, disqualifying Link. Link just continues the assault at Paul Jones insistence.

1st Round Match-US Tag Team Tournament

Soul Patrol (Norvell Austin/Sweet Brown Sugar) vs. Devil's Duo Jeff Sword/Doug Vines)

The Devil's Duo shows some series aggression early on with a lot of double teaming. They work over Austin with body slams, choke holds and pounding. Soul Patrol come back with drop kicks, flying head scissors and back body drops. The end comes when Austin hits Sword with a knee lift. Vines runs in but Sugar runs in and nails him with a drop kick. The Soul Patrol swing off the ropes and hit Sword with a double diving head butt for the pin! The Soul Patrol advance.

Mid Atlantic Championship Match

Harley Race © vs. Rocky Johnson

This turns out to be a pretty good match. Johnson takes control with a combination of speed and power. Race slows things down with some classic wrestling. He hits Johnson with a gut wrench suplex then follows with a delayed hanging suplex. Johnson starts to mount a comeback but Race stops it with an eye gouge. Race hits a swinging neckbreaker but gets frustrated when he cant finish Johnson off. Race starts with some choking and illegal punches. That seems to fire Johnson up as he starts shuffling his feet and wails away on Harley with some lightning fast punches and a high drop kick. Johnson goes to swing Harley to the ropes but Harley reverses the swing. Harley misses a clothesline attempt and Johnson comes back with a flying body press but Race rolls him over. They get caught up in the ropes but the Ref doesn't see it and makes the 3 count. Harley retains the title.

1st Round Match-US Tag Team Tournament

Bolshevik Revolution (Von Raschke/Smirnoff) vs. Renegade Warriors (Mark and Chris Youngblood)

This one starts off fast as all four men go at it. The Ref finally gets control and the Renegade Warriors keep their momentum going with a series of chops on Smirnoff. They swing Smirnoff to the ropes and nail him with a double chop. Bolshevik Revolution take control when Baron kicks Chris Youngblood to break up a pin. Bolshevik's spend the next few minutes taking Chris Younblood apart. Smirnoff bodyslams Chris then stomps away on his head. Smirnoff tags in Baron. Baron high steps around the ring and applies the claw on Chris! Mark is trying to encourage Chris. The crowd is cheering Chris on. Chris gives Baron a couple kicks, grabs his wrist and fireman carry's him over. Mark is reaching out. Chris makes the hot tag to Mark! Mark is a ball of fire. Smirnoff tries to run in but is chopped down. Baron is knocked through the ropes. The crowd is going crazy! Smirnoff charges Mark but Mark back body drops him, as he turns around Baron eye gouges him and swings him hard into the turnbuckles. The Bolsheviks double team Mark while the Ref is trying to get control. Chris runs in and hits Baron. Smirnoff hits Chris with a double axe handle to the back, sending him through the ropes. Baron grabs Mark's arms and holds him up, while Smirnoff climbs to the top turnbuckle. Smirnoff comes down but Mark moves. Smirnoff hits Baron! Chris runs in and tackles Smirnoff while Mark covers Baron, 1..2..3! The crowd pops! The Renegade Warriors score a huge upset and advance in the tournament.

United States Title Bout

Magnum TA © vs. Arn Anderson (NWA tag team champ)

The Scope loves Magnum as he gets the biggest pops of the night. Magnum gets the crowd going as he body slams Arn then follows with a clothesline when Arn staggered up. Magnum drops an elbow and gets a near fall. Arn rolls out of the ring and gets some boos for stalling. Arn gets up on the apron and is holding the ropes when Magnum runs over, grabs Arn and suplexes him back into the ring. Magnum hits a diving knee drop and covers 1..2..No! Arn barley gets his shoulder up. Arn once again bails out of the ring. After more stalling and boos from the crowd, Arn gets back up on the apron. Magnum goes over but Arn ducks down and gives Magnum a shoulder to his mid section. Arn takes control of the match. Arn suplexes Magnum then follows with several knee drops. Arn covers but Magnum kicks out. Arn pounds away on Magnum with several axe handles to his back. Arn picks up Magnum and swings him hard into the turnbuckles. Magnum staggers back and Arn executes a belly to back suplex. Arn covers 1..2..NO! Magnum kicks out and the crowd goes crazy. Arn gets frustrated and chokes away on Magnum, breaking at the Ref's count of 4. He repeats this. He picks Magnum up, swings him to the ropes and bends down for a back body drop but Magnum kicks him. Arn wobbles and Magnum clotheslines him down. Both men are down. After Magnum regroups he starts to stand up. Arn rises as well. Arn takes a swing at Magnum, Magnum ducks and Atomic Drops him! Arn flies forward into the ropes, when he wobbles back, Magnum grabs his arm, swings him to the ropes and hits the belly to belly suplex for the pin! The crowd goes crazy as Magnum raises the US title to them.

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MACW @ Richmond, VA- Coliseum 1-12-86

Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe does a good job of getting the crowd riled up as he constantly yells at them. Brett starts the match with a series of arm drag take overs. Sharpe takes control with an eye gouge and body slam. Sharpe works him over a bit before Brett mounts a great comeback. Brett hits him with a couple standing drop kicks, body slams him, then goes up to the top rope and finishes him off with a flying leg drop!

Bob Roop vs. Nick Kiniski

Kiniski shows off some athleticism by taking Roop over with a couple hip tosses and follows with a nice drop kick. Kiniski also shows some strength by scoop slamming Roop. Kiniski's luck runs out when he swings Roop into the turnbuckles and charges in, Roop moves and Kiniski slams shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Roop picks up Kiniski by his arm and pulls it over his shoulder (lifting Kiniski off his feet) then rams him shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Roop hits the Shoulder Breaker for the pin!

1st Round Match-US Tag Team Tournament

Stud Stable (Ron and Rob Fuller) vs. Hot Property (Billy Travis and Joe Savoldi)

The crowd was really into this match as Hot Property uses their speed and quickness against the big Fullers. The Fullers made the mistake of taking their opponents to lightly. Hot property makes quick tags and keep things in their favor. Hot Property put a double arm bar on Rob, twist and flip him over then follow with a double elbow drop. Ron runs in and Hot Property double hip toss him, Ron gets up and charges but is met with a double back elbow smash. Hot Property has the crowd going while the Ref is regaining control. The Fullers eventually take control and work the arm of Savoldi. Rob puts Savoldi in a hammerlock then body slams him. Rob tags in Ron, who drops several knees on Savoldi's arm. Ron swings Savoldi to the ropes, misses a clothesline attempt, Savoldi comes back with a drop kick, rolls over and tags in Travis. Travis cleans house with hip tosses and drop kicks. Ron tags in Rob. Travis side slams Rob and covers. Ron breaks the count, Savoldi runs in and drop kicks Ron. All four men are fighting. The Ref guides Savoldi to his corner. Ron clotheslines Travis from behind. Rob rolls over and covers. The Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! The Stud Stable advances in the tournament.

Non Title Match

NWA TV Champ Terry Taylor vs. 'The Doctor of Desire' Tom Prichard w/Rock Riddle

Fast moving match here as Taylor and Prichard engage in some good chain wrestling. Prichard takes control when he nails Taylor with a super kick! He follows with a suplex and cover but Taylor kicks out. A high point comes when Prichard clamps on the sleeper. Taylor gets out of it quick with several elbow shots to the mid section. Taylor takes control with a Jaw Breaker. Taylor suplexes Prichard over and covers, Prichard kicks out. Riddle distracts the Ref while Taylor picks up Prichard and swings him to the ropes, the Ref turns around and gets run over by Prichard. Taylor once again swings Prichard to the ropes and hits him with the flying five arm! Taylor covers but the Ref is lying on the ground. Riddle gets up on the apron and is yelling at Taylor. Taylor heads over to Riddle. Bob Roop charges the ring and nails Taylor from behind. Roop picks up Taylor and hits the Shoulder Breaker. Roop exits the ring. Riddle is yelling at Prichard to cover him. Prichard rolls over and covers. Riddle runs in and drags the ref over. The Ref slowly counts 1..2..3!

NWA Tag Team Champion Ole Anderson vs. Pedro Morales

A pretty fun match between the veterans. The match quickly turns into a brawl as Ole uses some illegal tactics. Ole follows with a series of knees, body slams and lots of choking. Pedro has enough and gets fired up. Pedro comes back with a flurry of punches. Pedro swings Ole to the ropes and a punch to the stomach flips Ole over. Pedro hits a couple body slams. Ole wobbles up and Pedro hits him with a running knee lift. Ole staggers back and rolls under the ropes on the apron. Ole is reaching for something in his tights. Pedro walks over and grabs Ole's head. Ole takes a big swing and misses. Pedro hoists Ole up for a back suplex. On the way back, Ole hits Pedro on top of his head with the foreign object. They crash down with Ole on top. The ref counts 1..2..3!

1st Round Match- US Tag Team Tournament

Nightmares (Danny Davis and Ken Wayne) vs. Fabulous Blondes (Ken Timbs and Art Crews) w/Rock Riddle

The Blondes are taunting the Nightmares right off the bat. Riddle is berating the Nightmares about something. The Nightmares run over and knock Riddle down. The crowd explodes. The Blondes charge the Nightmares. All four men are brawling as the bell rings. The Ref can't get control. They keep fighting. They all end up on the outside. The Ref has no choice but to finally start the count. They keep fighting. The Ref counts to 10 and rings the bell. The fight continues as both teams are brawling all the way to the back! Both teams eliminated from the tournament. The Stud Stable receives a bye into the finals.

Bob Backlund vs. The Iron Sheik

This one is a grueling match as these guys take each other to the limit. Sheik gets control at the 15 minute mark as he applies the Abdominal Stretch. Backlund is fighting it as the fans cheer him on. Backlund starts to rock then swings Sheik over with a hip toss. Sheik gets up and hits Backlund with a throat thrust then follows with a gut wrench suplex. Sheik covers but Backlund kicks out. Sheik continues his assault. He swings Backlund to the ropes and bends down for a back drop but Backlund kicks Sheik. Backlund regroups and fires up. He blasts away on Sheik with forearm smashes. He suplexes Sheik back and follows with a knee drop and cover 1..2..Sheik kicks out. Backlund picks Sheik up, Sheik rakes the eyes, spins around and grabs Backlund by the waist and back suplexes him. The Ref counts 1..2..(Backlund raises his shoulder) 3! Sheik stands up and raises his arms. The Ref reaches down and raises Backlund's arm as the crowd roars. Sheik is irate! Sheik continues to yell at the ref then goes over and takes a swing at Backlund, Backlund ducks and executes an Atomic Drop, sending Sheik through the ropes! The crowd roars as Backlund jumps up and down.

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Stud Stable moving on is the right choice, although i would have liked to see them face the Nightmares. Backlund/Sheik is a fun program for the jingoistic stuff, but they could both go when they wanted to. Looking forward to a less interference-ridden match between Taylor and Pritchard. Both are really good wrestlers and could gain a lot from a chance to just go for 10-15 minutes.

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