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AWA results for March 1986


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AWA show from the Canada Games Sportsplex, Lethbridge, Alberta, March 2nd


Larry Cameron vs. Norman Smiley


Cameron pinned Smiley after a powerslam


David Finlay vs. Chris Adams


An intense match that wound up going to a 15 minute time limit draw


Steven Regal vs. Mike Rotundo


Rotundo blocked the Regal Stretch and countered with a rolling cradle to get the pinfall


Jake Roberts, Nord The Barbarian & Cactus Jack vs. Buzz Sawyer & The Onyx Express


Yet another crazy brawl with Nord nailing the running double knee drop on Brickhouse for the win


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Greg Gagne


Bigelow once again dominated his opposition before polishing them off with a slingshot splash


The British Bullies vs. The Razor Boys


A thrilling match where, after a series of moves and countermoves, Perez blocked a straight jacket suplex by Jones and replied with a German Suplex to get the victory


Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes & Too Cold Scorpio vs. Jeff Gaylord, Darryl Peterson & Kevin Sullivan


Scorpio hit a flying top rope splash on Sullivan for the win


Leo Burke vs. Doug Furnas


Burke nearly caught Furnas in the Sleeper, but Furnas was able to execute a belly to back suplex and defeat Burke


AWA Southern Tag Team Title match : Chavo & Hector Guerrero © vs. The Youngbloods


Hector ducked under the bicycle kick from Blackman and came back with a running cross body press to defend their titles


AWA Southern Title match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Brian Pillman


A very fast paced match that finally ended when Tanaka was able to execute the rolling wheel kick for the win


AWA World Tag Team Title match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. Nick Bockwinkel & Larry Zbyszko


There was a lot of tension in the air for this match, as there was always the threat of violence erupting between Bockwinkel and Zbyszko. That being said, they managed for the most part to stay on the same page through this match, which turned out to be a long brutal bout, which ended in double DQ with both teams popping the ref and continuing to slug it out long after the final bell.

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It looks like Pat Tanaka is getting more of a push here than he ever received in real life, and I am happy about that.


I really like the balance of big hoss type wrestlers, technical wrestlers, and classic heels on your roster, and the way you lay out your cards so everyone has the opportunity to shine.

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Another fun and well balanced card. I really like the Furnas/Burke match. Cameron looked strong. Bam Bam gets a great AWA win over Gagne. Loved the tag title match. I wonder when the inevitable blow up between Bock and Larry Z will happen. Tanaka and Pillman is all kinds of fun. I also like the Tanaka push.

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I'll agree that the way you use Tanaka is great. I always wondered why he never got a better push. Your tag division may not be traditional big name tag teams, but it is sneaky kinds of great anyways. I'd like to know whether it wasLarry Z or Bock in frustration with Larry Z that hit the ref for his team. :) Again, I like the way you are building up Bam Bam. Can't wait to see who his first serious challenge is.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN, March 7th


Nick Bockwinkel & Larry Zbyszko vs. The Youngbloods


Bockwinkel and Zybysko have not been seeing eye to eye of late, to put it mildly. Bad enough with Bock losing the American title last week, but with Zbyszko’s recent taking of the Canadian title he has become especially insufferable . Nothing Nick did in this match, either in the ring or on the ring apron, seemed to be to Larry’s satisfaction. Not helped by the fact that the Youngbloods were especially determined to prove themselves against the AWA veterans. Every time Wellington and Blackman were able to get one over on them, Zybyszko would blame Bockwinkel for it. During one instance of berating Bockwinkel, Larry was sufficiently distracted to leave himself open for a bicycle kick from Blackman, but unknown to either of them , as Larry fell back, Bock tagged himself in. When Blackman went for a pin on Larry, Nick swooped in with an Oklahoma Roll for the one two three. Even though they got the victory, Larry and Nick continued arguing to the point of shoving each other, and might have come to blows had not the AWA officials intervened. The two did continue bickering all the way back to the locker room.


The Can-Am Express vs. Vince Sly & Max Dawson


The team of Tom Zenk and Phil LaFon have not been seen in the AWA for a while, as they had been on a tour of other promotions, but received a very warm reception from the AWA fans. Zenk in particular, who wrestled most of the match, dazzled the crowd with his new finesse before coming off the top rope and pinning Dawson with a flying cross body press. The level of competition in the AWA tag team division has gotten much more intense since they were last here, but the Can-Am Express look like they are ready for anything.


Chavo Guerrero vs. Larry Cameron


The Southern Tag champ was accompanied by his brother and partner Hector, while Cameron had his Black Irish partner Fit Finlay in his corner. Cameron went after Guerrero like an a mad bull, going for big tackles and power moves. The veteran Guerrero was able to keep out of danger for much of the match, but any time Cameron was able to land one of his big moves, you could tell he did a lot of damage. Chavo tried to rein in Cameron with chain wrestling and submission moves, but Cameron was generally too much to control. Chavo managed to get a waistlock to set him up for a German Suplex, but “Lethal” Larry broke it up with several big elbow shots to Chavo’s face. Larry then tried to get him set up for a running powerslam, but Chavo countered with a slide down, flipping behind Cameron’s back. Chavo was certainly not ready for Cameron’s response, when Cameron whirled around and flattened him with a mammoth spinning clothesline. One … two … THREE! Chavo was still groggy well after the final bell, as Cameron and Finlay celebrated in the ring. The champions clearly need to be on their guard if they end up facing Black Irish in a title match.


Rocky Mountain Thunder vs. The Onyx Express


The new union of Too Cold Scorpio and Leon White had an impressive debut as a team a couple of weeks ago, but becoming part of the Cobra Corps has given them focus and a sense of purpose. With Sgt. Slaughter waving the American flag in their corner, they had the entire crowd solidly behind them as they dominated Koko and Brickhouse, mixing power and speed before polishing off Koko with the Rocky Mountain Launcher. The Cobra Corps is back to being a force to be reckoned with now that these two fine athletes have joined the ranks.


Buddy Rose vs. Paul Diamond


With Black Irish gunning for the Southern Tag titles, it looks like the new tandem of the Razor Boys have their sights set on the World Tag titles held by Playboy After Dark. Once again, this would be a singles match with each man having their partner in their corner. Rose had a lot of experience in matches with Al Perez, but Diamond was largely unfamiliar to him, and the Playboy found himself on the defensive for much of this match. Diamond kept Rose backpedaling throughout the match with his fast paced offense, and even looked to finish him off with the flying back body press, only for Doug Somers to knock him off the top rope by hitting him with an elbow smash. As the ref called for the DQ to give the match to Diamond, the two teams continued to fight it out both inside and outside the ring.


Jake Roberts vs. Buzz Sawyer


Sawyer had engaged in a serious of vicious bouts with all three members of the Snakepit, but with Nord The Barbarian and Cactus Jack currently on a tour of Japan, the Snake would take on the Mad Dog one on one. What resulted was an incredibly savage match that clearly took a lot out of both men. The two wild warriors battered each other throughout the match, with Buzz coming close to getting the bulldog on Jake at a number of occasions, but finally getting lured into the DDT. One … two …. Wait, what’s happening? Two men came out of the crowd and rushed the ring to attack Jake! IT’S RODDY PIPER AND BOB ORTON! The two men had never been seen in the AWA before, but now come out of nowhere to assault Jake Roberts. Both of them brutally pummeled Roberts before Piper had Orton hold Roberts down while Piper took off his belt and started to whip Roberts with it! This ghastly attack continued until the AWA officials flooded the ring, at which point the deadly duo collected the still groggy Sawyer and retreated from the ring, with Piper manically cackling all the way. What fresh insanity is this?

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I like the way you book singles matches to set up tag matches down the line. Very effective.


With the return of the Can-Ams and the arrival of Piper and Cowboy Bob, the AWA just keeps heating up.


Bickering Larry Z continues to crack me up.

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Larry and Bock arguing is very entertaining. Love Bock salvaging it and Larry still not being satisfied. Chavo vs. Cameron is a great way to set up a tag match, kudos. Same for Rose and Diamond. Piper and Orton joining up with Mad Dog Sawyer can only mean good things for anyone watching.

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AWA show from the Met Center, Bloomington, March 7th (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards )


The Can-Am Express vs. Doug Furnas & Brian Pillman


A fast paced and exciting bout which ended when Pillman came off the top rope for a flying sunset flip on Zenk, but Zenk rolled through it and got the one two three


Fit Finlay vs. Greg Gagne


Finlay won with a kneeling reverse piledriver


Roddy Piper & Bob Orton vs. The Youngbloods


Orton pinned Wellington following a superplex


Ron Simmons vs. Mando Guerrero


Simmons got the victory with a spinebuster slam


Playboy After Dark (Buddy Rose, Doug Somers & Leo Burke) vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Rocky Mountain Thunder


Scorpio got the pinfall for his team after a Rocky Mountain Launcher on Rose


Dusty Rhodes vs. Bam Bam Bigelow


Rhodes was looking to try to stop a monster that has just rolled over all of his opponents since arriving in the AWA. What resulted was a war that looked like it might literally break the ring. Bigelow looked like he was going to put out Rhodes with a crushing bearhug, but Dusty was able to break free with a series of elbow smashes to Bam Bam’s skull. Dusty then looked to take him down with a big clothesline, but Bigelow caught him coming off the ropes with a belly to belly suplex. He then dazed him with a falling headbutt and went up to the top rope to crush him with the ballistic splash. One … two … THREE? The crowd was in shock as Bigelow got his biggest win yet over the American Dream.


AWA Southern Title Match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Koko Ware


Another fast paced and high flying match that ended with Koko going for the Brainbuster but it being blocked by Tanaka, who followed it up with a crane kick that got the pinfall


NWA World Title Match : Rick Martel © vs. Larry Zybyszko


With his recent (dirty) victory over Martel for the AWA Canadian title, Larry Z. has leveraged that into a shot at Martel’s NWA World Title. Larry had Nick Bockwinkel in his corner, but for all of Larry’s badgering him to do so, Bock didn’t seem to show much interest in tipping the scales in Larry’s favor. Zbyszko was extremely aggressive with Martel throughout the match, but Martel kept his cool and showed the ring savvy that was a key factor in why he was such a strong NWA Champion. Larry started bellowing at Bock to get involved, but Nick clearly had no idea what exactly Zbyszko expected him to do. This , however, proved enough of a distraction for the ref, who went over and warned Bock to stay in his corner. This turned out to be part of Larry’s plan, as he took advantage of the diversion to go for a huge low blow kick on Martel. The champion, though, was far too smart to be caught in the same trap twice. He easily blocked the kick and countered with a leg sweep that took Larry down to the mat, following up with a double leg cradle. The ref spotted this and rushed over to count the one two three for the NWA champion. Larry and Bockwinkel proceeded to argue and shove each other back to the locker room.


AWA World Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Ken Patera


This was the toughest match of Steamboat’s title reign so far, fending off the challenge of the former World Champion. The result was an epic battle that had the fans on the edge of their seats for much of it. It looked like Patera had Steamboat dead to rights as he went for the second rope kneedrop, but Steamboat rolled out of the way just in time and Patera landed hard on his own knee. Steamboat then proceeded to work over Patera’s wounded leg before coming off the top rope with the flying cross body press to get the hard fought pinfall.

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Piper and Orton!!!!!! Oh man what a debut! Piper as a heel will be all kinds of awesome and with Bob and Buzz by his side, they could rule the AWA. That was great! The tag team division in the AWA is so hot right now and got hotter with the arrival of the Can Am connection. Cameron gets a dominant win over Chavo, Chavo wont forget that.


Bigelow gets the biggest win of his career against the Dream. I would of been in shock along with the crowd. Bigelow is now a proven force to be reckoned with. Martel gets his revenge on Larry Z. Larry and Nick are heading for an explosion. Strong win for recently crowned AWA champ Steamboat.

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So much going on here. Larry almost has the World Title in his grasp. Slaughter's new Corps is looking really strong. Steamboat continues to be a great AWA champ. Can-Ams (Without Furnas! Against Furnas!) putting on a show. Oh and some Bigelow guy getting a hard-fought win against Dusty. :)

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AWA show from Cobo Hall, Detroit, March 8th


Greg Gagne & The Youngbloods vs. Kevin Sullivan, Jeff Gaylord & Darryl Peterson


Gaylord and Peterson took out Wellington with a double lariat


Doug Furnas vs. Koko Ware


Furnas won with a running Canadian Backbreaker into the corner


British Steel vs. The Sheepherders


A knock down, drag out brawl that ended when Smiley was able to pin Miller after a sunset flip out of the corner


Masa Saito vs. Tom Zenk


Zenk put up a hell of a fight but Saito finally put him down with three straight Saito Suplexes


Mando Guerrero vs. The Great Kabuki


Kabuki caught Mando coming off the ropes with a thrust kick to the jaw to get the victory


Black Irish vs. The British Bullies


This went to a double DQ when both sides would not stop brawling


AWA Southern Title Match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Brickhouse Brown


Tanaka caught Brickhouse with the rolling wheel kick to defend his belt


AWA American Title Match : Dan Spivey © vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Bock whipped Spivey into the ropes, while Larry Zbyszko pulled down the top rope, but Spivey reversed the whip and it wound up being Bockwinkel who tumbled to the outside and was counted out. Bock and Larry were on the verge of coming to blows when Masa Saito interposed himself between the two


AWA World Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Mike Rotundo


Steamboat has fended off a challenge from Rotundo before, but this one went epically long with the momentum swinging back and forth before Steamboat was finally able to hit the top rope flying cross body press to score the pinfall. After the match , Steamboat helped Rotundo to his feet and shook his hand, which displeased Kevin Sullivan (like pretty much everything else in the world)

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I second that Tanaka/Brickhouse match. That would of bee a fun match to watch. Spivey continues to look strong against the AWA's top names. Maybe Spivey can shut Larry Z up LOL. I can imagine those suplexes by Saito, oh man Zenk must of been spinning. I like the sportsmanship with Steamboat and Rotunda.

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AWA show from the Crisler Center, Ann Arbor, March 9th


Mike Rotundo , Ron Simmons & Doug Furnas vs. Chris Adams & The British Bullies


Adams pinned Furnas after hitting the Superkick


Sgt. Slaughter & Rocky Mountain Thunder vs. Kevin Sullivan, Jeff Gaylord & Darryl Peterson


Slaughter and White hit a double clothesline on Sullivan to get the victory


Masa Saito & Larry Zbyszko vs. The Onyx Express


Saito made Koko give up to the Scorpion Leglock


Al Perez vs. Leo Burke


Perez hit the German Suplex to get the pinfall


The Great Kabuki vs. Jerry Blackwell


A bloody match that went to a double countout


Nick Bockwinkel vs. Fit Finlay


Finlay was going for a piledriver, but Bock blocked it and countered with a small package for the win


Roddy Piper & Bob Orton vs. British Steel


Piper hit a low blow on Regal and followed up with a rollup with a fistful of trunks for the tainted pin


Brian Pillman vs. Phil Lafon


Lafon won with a reverse back body press


AWA Six-Man Tag Team Title Match : The Guerreros © vs. Greg Gagne & The Youngbloods


Mando pinned Wellington after a Moonsault


AWA Southern Title Match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Tom Zenk


Tanaka was able to duck under a Superkick and followed up with a spinning roundhouse kick that knocked Zenk out to defend his title. After the match, Tanaka helped Zenk up and shook his hand, but Zenk was clearly upset with the result.


AWA American Title Match : Dan Spivey © vs. Dusty Rhodes


Spivey hit the Spivey Bomber for the victory

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