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NWA Lutte Internationale March 1986


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NWA Lutte Internationale TV LIVE

March 4th, 1986

London, ON




(After the opening credits, we go to the broadcast booth at ringside, where are waiting Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier to kick us off)


Guy Hauray: Well, the weather might’ve prevented us to go live on Saturday night right here in London. But it sure wasn’t strong enough to keep us going live tonight. And same will apply tomorrow for our great fans in Victoria, BC. We’re finally coming to you live tonight from London, ON on this Tuesday night and it sure will be exciting.


Édouard Carpentier: Luckily, the bad weather didn’t prevent our representatives in the National Tag Team Championship tournament to fly over there and proudly represent us. Congratulations to everyone involved as you all performed fantastic.


Guy Hauray: We’ve got another great show for you this week as for our main event, we will do things a little different as the ladies will take center stage tonight. Right here, in our main event, The Fabulous Moolah will be defending the NWA World Women’s Championship against Wendi Richter in what should be a great match.


Édouard Carpentier: Absolutely, Guy. This is Moolah’s biggest match since she retained her title at Starrcade in controversial fashion. We haven’t heard or seen Madusa since and it makes us wonder if the result of that match took her toll on her.


Guy Hauray: And as we usually do now, we have some guests from our partner promotions in the National Wrestling Alliance. The man now known as Big Bubba, will be in action a bit later, as he’ll wrestle Prince Alofa Fatu. But up first, one half of Paul Jones’ Devil’s Duo, Jeff Sword is in action in our opening match and it’s gonna be Falls Count Anywhere, as well!


Match #1

Falls Count Anywhere

Jeff Sword beat MS-1 in 6:07 after interference from Satanico with a chairshot. Pirata Morgan came out to run off Satanico but it looks like Satanico and Morgan will square off a bit later on tonight!


Match #2

Farmer Boy Ipo (w/Hillbilly Jim) upsets Keith Hart in 9:02 with a top rope splash. After the match, Hillbilly Jim & Ipo go to the broadcast booth.


Édouard Carpentier: Well, Jim, I must say that you’ve been doing a pretty good job coaching Farmer Boy Ipo recently. A big win for him against a very formidable opponent in Keith Hart.


Hillbilly Jim: Well, thank you sir. You know, there’s been so much talk all of the Samoans in professional wrestling, whether it is the Wild Samoans, Afa & Sika or now Samu & Fatu in the Creatchman Family. But they always seem to forget that there’s more than one Samoan lineage in this business. And right now this is gonna play in my friend Ipo’s favour.


Édouard Carpentier: And what are your plans for Ipo in the upcoming months?


Hillbilly Jim: Well, let’s not kid ourselves, there is a lot of competition not only here in Lutte Internationale, but also in the whole National Wrestling Alliance. A lot of great wrestlers & champions all around. But I want the people to see that not all Samoans are savages or monsters. There are some decent Samoans in this business and my friend Ipo is one of them. He can sure fight with the best of them but he can also do it within the rules. In 1996, the world will see what Farmer Boy Ipo is all about. The next time we appear on this show, I can guarantee you that Ipo will do something that will amaze the world.


(Hillbilly Jim & Farmer Boy Ipo leave to the back.)


Guy Hauray: I wonder what Jim was talking about. Any idea, Eddie?


Édouard Carpentier: I think that Jim wants Ipo to step out of the shadow of the other Samoans in professional wrestling. It’s gonna be a hard task ahead but time will tell if he’ll be able to do so.


Guy Hauray: After the commercial break, for the first time since the Fantastics’ trip to Japan, Tommy Rogers is in action!




Match #3

Tommy Rogers beat The Great Samu (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 8:58 with an innovative move that he called the Tommyknocker. The broadcast team noticed that Rogers used a more aggressive style to compliment his high-flying match, probably as a result of The Fantastics’ matchup vs Power Rush in Japan a few days back.


Match #4

Pirata Morgan beat Satanico in 9:26 after MS-1 returned the favour from earlier in the night when Satanico cost MS-1 the match vs Jeff Sword. Only this time, afterwards, Morgan and MS-1 shaved Satanico’s head bald!!!




Match #5

The Botswana Beast (w/Eddy & Floyd Creatchman) beat Richard Charland in 6:02 after Charland was distracted by Killer Khan & Prince Alofa Fatu attacking Frenchy Martin (who still was trying to recover from Jim Duggan’s assault last week). After the match, Charland went to the broadcast booth, visibly irate.


Richard Charland: I’ve had enough of the Creatchman Family. Of course, now that our new allies, the Stud Stable, are back in Mid-Atlantic, you choose that time to constantly attack me and my manager Frenchy? Killer Khan, one day, I’m gonna get my hands on you again...no....WE are gonna get our hands on you and will make you regret that you ever came here. But in the meantime, Prince Alofa Fatu, if you’re man enough, you’ll face me in Chetwynd, BC live on TV this Saturday. And trust me, whether you like it or not, I’m gonna get my answer before this night is over.


(Richard Charland leaves to the back with a roughed up Frenchy Martin)


Guy Hauray: This has been a rough couple of weeks for Richard Charland ever since the arrival of Killer Khan in Lutte Internationale, who chose Richard Charland for some reason as his first victim. Now, he has the whole Creatchman Family after him.


Édouard Carpentier: This territory has become like a mob turf war as everyone wants the biggest piece of the cake in here. Thus why, it has become primordial for some men, some teams and some other stables to form alliances with other men, teams and stables in the NWA to ensure their survival in here. Things are about to get nasty.


Guy Hauray: Alright, now buckle up because we’re about to see some fun tag team action as Owen Hart is joining his brother Bruce this week, taking a short hiatus from his excursion to Puerto Rico to take on the team of Chris Benoit & Gino Brito. Here we go!


Match #6

The Hart Brothers beat NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit & Gino Brito in 17:42 after Owen used the ropes for leverage on Gino Brito after a sunset flip attempt. Bruce seemed a bit angry at Owen for doing that but Owen simply answered he did what he had to do to give the win to his team...




Match #7

Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat Big Bubba (Fred Ottman) in 13:23 after a top rope splash and Floyd Creatchman holding Big Bubba’s foot from outside. After the match, Richard Charland ran in to attack Prince Alofa Fatu to avenge the Creatchmans attack on Frenchy earlier tonight! Referees are needed to separate both men as Floyd instructs Fatu to the back.


Guy Hauray: Things are about to explode here between Richard Charland and Prince Alofa Fatu. And I’m just being informed that this Saturday, in our next live TV from Chetwynd, BC, Richard Charland will go one-on-one with Prince Alofa Fatu!


Édouard Carpentier: And you can bet that the rest of the Creatchman Family won’t be too far behind so I hope that Charland better have a plan of action to guarantee a win.


Guy Hauray: Also, throughout the month of March, we will have various Mid-Atlantic Showcase matches on TV and in our live events. And this will start this Saturday as “The Great One” David Sammartino will take on one half of the Nightmares, Ken Wayne.


Édouard Carpentier: Ken Wayne is no slouch himself as he delivered a solid performance against Rick Martel in a NWA World title match recently so he’s gonna be one tough customer for David Sammartino. And let’s see if David’s father, Bruno, will have something to say about this one.


Guy Hauray: Whoa...hold on....I just received some word that we have major news in regards to this Saturday....The Horsemen are coming. Yes, this Friday night, Tully Blanchard & the NWA World Tag Team Champions the Andersons will be in action in Bowmanville, ON but the following night, live on our next show, Tully Blanchard will be right here and will have something to say!


Édouard Carpentier: This is huge news, Guy. The Horsemen are riding high after Ric Flair captured the NWA US Heavyweight Championship at Battle of the Belts from Magnum TA. They’re riding a wave of momentum for the first time since Starrcade. I’m now wondering if Tully is coming here to avenge Ric Flair’s loss to Rick Martel at Starrcade.


Guy Hauray: We’ll see but from one world champion to the other, it’s time for our main event. The ladies are taking center stage in this world title match!



NWA World Women’s Championship

The Fabulous Moolah beat Wendi Richter in 52:39 with a small package to retain









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I appreciate the Japan reference!


Also, I'm happy to hear that the good people of Chetwynd are getting a show. I love the Peace River Country, I think it is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.


Also: Moolah and Richter going almost an hour!!! You never short-change your fans.

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March 5th, 1986

Victoria, BC


-Big Bubba (Fred Ottman) beat Bobby Fulton in 12:26


-King Tonga (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Jimmy Valiant in 11:12


-The Botswana Beast (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Hillbilly Jim in 7:58


-Satanico beat Tommy Rogers in 9:39


-Kamala & The Missing Link beat The Rougeau Brothers in 12:58 after Kamala pinned Raymond with a big splash!


NWA North American Tag Team Championship: Jimmy Garvin & Eric Embry beat Chris Candido & Spike Huber in 19:33 to retain


-NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champions the Vachons beat Los Infernales in 9:47 after interference from Satanico!


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Rick Martel beat Armand Rougeau in 10:51 to retain

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Great show! I like this fired up Richard Charland. Man, Satanico getting his head shaved was a true heat moment. Look at Owen bending the rules. Seems like his new attitude has carried over to here. Thanks for showcasing Mid Atlantic, appreciate that. Moolah and Richter was a classic.


Tough night for the Rougeaus in Victoria. Fun to see Garvin and Embry get a win over here. Even after getting his head shaved, Satanico gets a big win over Tommy Rogers. Martel looks like he's back on track.

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March 7th, 1986

Bowmanville, ON


-Jos LeDuc beat MS-1 in 14:20


-Mike Von Erich beat Gino Brito in 11:27


-Gilles "The Fish" Poisson beat David Sammartino in 10:24


2 out of 3 Falls: The Fabulous Freebirds beat The Creatchman Family (Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu, w/Floyd Creatchman) 2 falls to 1 in 42:52


-King Tonga (w/Frenchy Martin) beat "Maniac" Matt Borne in 10:06


6-Men Tag: Richard Charland, Hillbilly Jim & Farmer Boy Ipo vs Tully Blanchard & NWA World Tag Team Champions The Andersons ends in a no-contest after multiple interferences from Adrian Adonis, King Tonga, Pirata Morgan & Satanico. NWA Enforcer Bruno Sammartino comes out and restarts it as a 10-Men Tag: Richard Charland, King Tonga, Hillbilly Jim, Farmer Boy Ipo & Satanico vs The Horsemen, Adrian Adonis & Pirata Morgan!


10-Men Tag: Tully Blanchard, NWA World Tag Team Champions The Andersons, NWA Canadian International TV Champion Adrian Adonis (w/Paul E. Dangerously) & Pirata Morgan beat Richard Charland, King Tonga, Hillbilly Jim, Farmer Boy Ipo & Satanico when Tully Blanchard pinned Charland with the Slingshot Suplex.

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

March 8th, 1986

Chetwynd, BC




(After the opening credits, we go to the broadcast booth to kick off this week’s show.)


Guy Hauray: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, as we come to you live from Chetwynd, British Columbia for this week’s event. A huge night ahead of us as we got lots of singles action tonight as well as an interview with our TV champion, Adrian Adonis, as requested per Paul E. Dangerously.


Édouard Carpentier: I don’t know what he wants this time but it sure will be interesting to hear.


Guy Hauray: But first, without any further adieu, let’s welcome our guest at this time, he’s a member of the Four Horsemen, none other than Tully Blanchard!


(Tully Blanchard walks to the set already wearing his wrestling gear but sporting a white polo shirt with sunglasses.)


Guy Hauray: Tully Blanchard, welcome to Lutte Internationale.


Tully Blanchard: Thank you sir....Everywhere the Horsemen go, it’s always the same thing. People say: “The Horsemen are in town!” and women go crazy (We can hear perceptible wooing from the female members in the audience).....See what I mean, Guy! And while we’re always ready to party all night long and have some fun, the Four Horsemen are always about one thing; taking care of business. Last night in Bowmanville, ON, myself, along with the NWA World Tag Team Champions The Andersons and NWA Canadian International TV Champion Adrian Adonis, we took care of business and we did what we do best. But the one thing that we all noticed is that none of the Rougeau Brothers were in attendance. They were nowhere to be found. Missing in action....


Guy Hauray: With all due respect, we both know that Jacques Rougeau is pretty much spending the whole month away defending this title everywhere in the National Wrestling Alliance so of course, he wasn’t there.


Tully Blanchard: You can defend them all you want, sir, but the fact of the matter is this; the Rougeaus are scared to death of the Four Horsemen. The Horsemen have already proven they’re the greatest faction in professional wrestling. Through all the time the Rougeaus were NWA World Tag Team Champions, they didn’t dare to come to Mid-Atlantic and defend their titles against the Andersons. And since the Andersons won the titles at Starrcade, you’re not seeing them either. So, this proves my point all along and....Oh, there you are, tough guy. Care to defend yourself now?


(Tully is referring to Raymond Rougeau, who just burst on the set, visibly angry by Tully Blanchard’s comments.)


Raymond Rougeau: Let me make one thing perfectly clear, Blanchard. The reason why the Andersons never got a title shot against us when Jacques and I were champions is because you never earned one. Always taking cheapshots, sneak attacks, night after night. Trust me, we’ve never feared anybody, especially not the Andersons or the Four Horsemen in its entirety.


Tully Blanchard: You expect me to buy that, Ray? While we’re at it, are you gonna tell me that your father Jacques Sr and your uncle Johnny were better than my dad too? Spare me the crap, buddy. We both know that you can’t hold a candle to what I can do in the ring. I would wipe the floor with you any given day and you know it.


Raymond Rougeau: Oh, is that so, Tully? Well, I see that you got your wrestling gear on and I also brought with me my wrestling gear so let’s find out who’s right. Tully Blanchard, how about you show me what you’re really made of in that ring tonight?


Tully Blanchard (looking at Guy Hauray): Is he serious? You’re kidding, right? I’ll tell you what, pretty boy. I’m gonna make you regret tonight the day you even decided to follow your family’s footsteps and step inside a wrestling ring. While your family might be royalty here, so is my family in San Antonio and I can assure you that I’m infinitely better than you’ll ever be. So tonight, my friend, get ready because I’m gonna teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget; Diamonds are forever, so is Tully Blanchard....so are the Four Horsemen.


(Tully Blanchard walks away with a smug look on his face and before leaving, Raymond also has one last thing to say.)


Raymond Rougeau: Trust me, Guy, I’m gonna wipe that smug look off his face. I’m gonna beat him tonight and send him back packing in Mid-Atlantic!


(Crowd cheers as Raymond Rougeau returns backstage)


Guy Hauray: Eddie, looks like we have a blockbuster main event tonight: Tully Blanchard squaring off against Raymond Rougeau!


Édouard Carpentier: Two wrestling families royalty represented in there; The Rougeaus and the Blanchards and we know that both are extremely skilled. This will be an incredible main event tonight.


Guy Hauray: It sure will but since we’ve got plenty of action, let’s not waste any more time and get ready for our opening contest of the night!


Match #1

Jos LeDuc beat Bobby Fulton in 8:46 with a bearhug. The broadcast team noticed that just like his partner Tommy Rogers last week, Fulton used a more aggressive style to try beating LeDuc tonight, obviously also inspired by their excursion in Japan last month.


Match #2

“The Blonde Bombshell” Chris Candido beat “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal in 3:49 with the Suicide Blond diving headbutt. An impressive performance by Candido, fuelled by his great showing in Wild West Wrestling in the past few weeks!




Match #3

Pirata Morgan beat Lord Humongous (w/Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman) in 9:47. After the match, Satanico ran in to try shaving Morgan’s head but to no avail. Meanwhile, it’s announced that Lord Humongous will be facing off The Missing Link NEXT WEEK in Thunder Bay, ON!


Match #4

Richard “Le Magnifique” Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 10:45 with a piledriver. Finally, Charland gets the upper hand over a Creatchman Family member without retaliation!




Guy Hauray: Welcome back to NWA Lutte Internationale TV. Now, please welcome at this time the NWA Canadian International TV Champion Adrian Adonis, along with his security detail, the Nasty Boys and his manager Paul E. Dangerously.


(Adrian Adonis comes out with his whole entourage and stations himself at the broadcast booth, right behind Paul E and between the Nasty Boys)


Guy Hauray: Well, Paul, another week goes by and your protégé Adrian Adonis still retains his TV championship under questionable circumstances. However, what’s coming up for you next week is a little bit different as Adonis will be involved in tag team action.


Paul E. Dangerously: Now, I feel insulted, sir. You’re implying that Adrian isn’t worthy of being the TV champion, aren’t you?


Guy Hauray: No, I just stated---


Paul E. Dangerously: The obvious? Is it what you were about to say? The fact remains that Adrian Adonis is currently the TV champion and it doesn’t matter how he wins the match. What matters is that he DOES win the match. That’s the bottom line. People remember WINNERS at the end of the day. And I’d like to believe that my friend Adrian is a pretty good winner. Now, you were saying that Adrian’s got a tag match next week, am I correct, sir?


Guy Hauray: Yes, indeed.


Paul E. Dangerously: And who would be those opponents?


Guy Hauray: That would be 2 young stars from WWC, Huracan Castillo Jr & Miguelito Perez.


Paul E. Dangerously: Oh, isn’t that wonderful. Those 2 young men who dared answer those dangerous Samoans’ challenge at Starrcade....Geez, I mean, what are we gonna do? I might ask Adrian to step aside and let the Nasty Boys handle it, right?


(Everyone laughs sarcastically)


Paul E. Dangerously: Of course, we won’t. Adrian is a champion. Adrian is a star. And Adrian Adonis isn’t afraid of anybody. But not anybody can be Adrian’s partner. Not anybody is suited to be Adrian’s tag team partner. Because to be Adrian’s tag team partner, one must understand that, in movie lingo, Adrian is the lead actor and the tag team partner is the supporting cast.


Guy Hauray: And who here would be suited to be Adrian Adonis “supporting actor”?


Paul E. Dangerously: See, that’s the thing, here. No one here is fitting to play the part. I will have to look elsewhere to do so. As a matter of fact, I may place a call somewhere in Dallas or hell, I might just show up in Dallas myself to do some scouting and find a partner for Adrian. But one thing is for sure; next week, those young Porto Ricans will find out that there is only one Adrian Adonis. Only one man deserving of being the NWA Canadian International TV Champion. And you’re looking at him right now: ADRIAN ADONIS!


(Paul E and his motley crew are about to leave when all of a sudden, “Maniac” Matt Borne shows up on set. Borne is wearing his D’Artagnan makeup on the left half of his face and his D’Artagnan gear is a bit ripped up. Paul E takes a step back as Adrian Adonis steps forward to face Borne. Adonis is trying to intimidate Matt Borne but it doesn’t seem to rattle Borne. On the contrary. Borne is cracking a huge smile. Then, Borne makes a step forward towards Adonis, raises his index finger and touches Adonis’ nose and says “Boop!” before starting to laugh incontrollably. Borne turns away and retreats backstage, still laughing. Adonis is completely stunned by what just happened as Paul E is trying to figure out something to say to defuse the situation as he must also deal with the unnerved Nasty Boys. Finally, Paul E retreats backstage as well.)


Édouard Carpentier: Guy, what did we just witness?


Guy Hauray: I honestly have no idea. It was absolutely surreal. It looks like “Maniac” Matt Borne is now tapping into his D’Artagnan persona to get under the skin of Adrian Adonis. I don’t know yet if it works but he certainly now has the attention of that Dangerous Alliance.


Édouard Carpentier: And I believe that if given a chance, Matt Borne could very well dethrone Adonis if he continues on that path. I don’t know who Paul E. will select as Adonis’ tag team partner next week but it sure will be interesting.


Guy Hauray: On that note, we’re ready to go back in action as we’ll see Mid Atlantic’s Brett Sawyer in singles competition!


Match #5

Brett Sawyer beat Gilles “The Fish” Poisson in 14:32 with an inside cradle. Crowd seemed solidly behind Sawyer in this one!



Match #6

Mid-Atlantic Showcase

“The Great One” David Sammartino beat “Nightmare” Ken Wayne in 16:45 with a Figure Four Leglock. Crowd definitely got under Sammartino’s skin in that one!




Match #7

NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon beat Keith Hart in 8:45 with a bearhug. It’s announced that next week in the main event, the Vachons will be defending the NWA Canadian International Tag Team Championship against the Harts in Thunder Bay!



Match #8

Tully Blanchard beat Raymond Rougeau in 14:32 after using a roll of coins while senior referee Luigi Macera was retying a turnbuckle pad in a corner!





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You did such a great job with Tully. It was great seeing him in the spotlight here. His interview was priceless and that finish was so Tully LOL. The Adonis/Borne segment was awesome. I love Borne's character here. I wonder who Paul E will get to team with Adonis. Thanks for the Mid Atlantic showcase matches. Nice seeing Charland get a strong win over a Creatchmen Family member. The Vachons/Harts Tag title match should be a good one.

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Tully really works as the focus of the show here. Great stuff in the promo and the match. Adonis and Paul E. both hit the right notes and they are working their way to being one of your top heel acts. Loved Borne's involvement here. I like seeing los Infernales fight one another, they need to learn how awful it feels on the other side of one of their beatdowns.

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March 9th, 1986

Collingwood, ON


-King Tonga (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Raymond Rougeau in 13:36


-The Hart Brothers beat Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland & "The Great One" David Sammartino in 19:15


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: Adrian Adonis (w/Paul E. Dangerously & The Nasty Boys) beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon in 7:11 to retain after Paul E. knocked out Mad Dog with his phone!


-Gilles "The Fish" Poisson beat "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal in 7:32


NWA Showcase Street Fight: Farmer Boy Ipo & Tim Horner (w/Hillbilly Jim) beat Iceman King Parsons & Steve Simpson in 16:17 after Horner pinned Simpson with a flying clothesline


-Jos LeDuc beat Tully Blanchard in 44:48 with a bearhug


-The Creatchman Family (Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu, w/Floyd Creatchman) beat Gino Brito & Satanico in 10:10 when Fatu pinned Brito with a top rope splash


NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Terry Gordy destroyed Bobby Fulton in 2:33 to retain with a Lariat

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