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Wrestlemania II

Chicago, Illinois

Rosemont Horizon

Sunday March 30, 1986

We cut to the center of the ring where Howard Finkel announces the singing of America the Beautiful by Ray Charles!


Gorilla: Welcome everyone to WrestleMania II! I am Gorilla Monsoon alongside Jesse the Body Ventura. Jesse, what a night it is here in Chicago for the premiere event in all of professional wrestling!

Jesse: That’s right Gorilla Monsoon! Tonight is the night that Ted Dibiase puts it all on the line and puts an end to Hulk Hogan and bankrupts Hulkamania!

Gorilla: What a main event that will be. So many great matches including three title matches. Jess… could we see some gold change hands?

Jesse: I think we are all but certain to see it Monsoon. You are talking top contenders in each contest. I would guess that all three titles could change hands tonight if luck is riding high!

Gorilla: Luck will have to be on someone's side… especially with this big battle royal coming up. The ring is filling up and so will someone’s pockets with $20,000 to the winner. Let’s go to the ring!

$20,000 Battle Royal

Participants: Bull Ganter, Honky Tonk Man, Manny Fernandez, The One Man Gang, Paul Roma, Hercules, Brian Blair, Jim Brunzell, Jim Powers, Brutus Beefcake, Sika, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, The Tonga Kid, Nikolai Volkoff, SD Jones, Sting, Steve Lombardi, Conquistador 1, and Conquistador 2

-A couple of big stories with this one as the ring is completely packed and there’s some big dudes in there. Sting surprisingly gets a great pop as does Bull Ganter while the One Man Gang is garnering some major hear. The match is a nice little 12-minute battle royal. The big men eliminating others are Bull and Gang who throw out the lesser known guys all leading to their showdown but hey have got their respective buddies behind them… the Rockers and Jim Powers along with Nikolai, Hercules, and Roma. That kind of sets the stage for a fun little eight-man while on the other side of the ring we see Sting with a big time elimination of Manny Fernandez. Tonga Kid is tossed by Sika who is then tossed by Sting all leading to Honky sneaking up and eliminating him. Honky shows off before turning around to a double dropkick by the Killer Bees sending him out of the ring to the floor. The ring then begins to clear with eliminations all leading to Bull Ganter in there with Nikolai and Gang. They double up on the big Bull while Superstar is outside of the ring getting the crowd going. Bull Ganter fights back with some big time rights and forearms before running for a double clothesline and the Gang holds on but Nikolai Volkoff goes over the top rope to the floor! Slick can’t believe it as the Bull is holding on but here comes the Gang from behind and grabs clotheslines him from behind and Bull goes over the top to the floor! The Gang has won the $20,000! Slick is going wild as the Gang is working the crowd. They go through the duffle with the money and then Bull comes back in from behind and nails everyone before picking the Gang up for a BODYSLAM! The crowd pops big time here for Bull who flexes to the crowd!

-Jesse and Gorilla put over the big battle royal and talk about he One Man Gang winning the battle but the war with the Bull may have just begun. They put over the next contest with two bright young stars in the WWF but only one will shine tonight!

Curt Hennig vs Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan

-A pretty solid technical match with these two young studs. The real story is the build of Hennig who is just on fire right now. Rude gets a lot of heat but has some issues with Heenan who is yelling outside of the ring before Hennig fights back. We see Rude go for the Rude Awakening but Hennig counters it… rolls him around and Fisherman’s Suplex for the 3-count! The crowd pops for a big time win for Curt Hennig!

Mean Gene is in the back with Greg Valentine and the Fabulous Ones. They are putting over their respective matches tonight. Valentine says that he is called the Hammer for a reason and that Dino Bravo is going to feel his full force tonight! The Fabs talk about the Harts and say they are just a couple of rejects. They couldn’t hang when the Fabs won the titles and won’t be able to lace their boots tonight!

Lord Alfred is with Curt Hennig after his big win. He wants to thank the fans and he says that the future looks bright and he is going to keep bringing everything he’s got week in and week out for the fans!

Tito Santana & The British Bulldogs vs Don Muraco & Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

-Another really fun matchup with some quick action. Don Muraco is really coming into his own with his character work while Demolition look to have an all new breed of nasty with Mr. Fuji. The Bulldogs and Tito seems to work well together and make a formidable team. Mr. Fuji tries to get involved but nothing doing in the finish with the Bulldogs fighting outside the ring with Demo. Fuji tries to do the cane gimmick but nails Muraco leading to Santana and the flying forearm and the 1...2...3!!

Mean Gene is joined with Billy Jack Haynes who has got the ribs taped up something fierce. He says that he knows Bundy is big… he knows he’s bad… but he also knows that with Heenan he doesn’t have a brain! Tonight Billy Jack is going to chop him down like a Red Wood and go all the way!

Tito and the Bulldogs join Lord Alfred to put over their big victory tonight. They say that it was just the beginning and they will be looking for more if Demo and Muraco want it!

Dino Bravo vs Greg Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart

-A pretty solid mid-card match with not too much juice but just enough flavor. These guys go about 16-minutes. Bravo has some power and strength but Valentine has got that little extra something special and puts it together. The finish sees Bravo going for that side-slam but the Hammer looks to get a low blow and Bravo goes down. Valentine runs with a knee right to the side of the head and then rolls him up with a handful of tights for the 3-count! Bravo gets up and he has got a gusher from the side of the head. Medics are out to help him to the back…

We hear from Gorilla and Jesse who put over the night’s action. They talk about the big matches that have happened and the big matches that are yet to take place. They put over the three title matches yet to come and how we could see some gold change hands. They really pump up the Savage and Windham match that could steal the show!

Billy Jack Haynes vs King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan

-Surprisingly enough… Bundy is by himself coming out. Jesse says he got word that Heenan was with Windham getting him ready for the big match with Savage. Bundy and Haynes however put together a fun little 12-minute contest. It isn’t anything crazy… just enjoyable enough. We do end up seeing Heenan come out but it actually backfires as Bundy notices Heenan and then runs for the Avalanche in the corner but Haynes moves and Bundy nails the turnbuckle hard! Bundy stumbles backwards and Haynes picks him up for a big powerslam! Haynes with the 1..2….3!! The crowd pops! Haynes celebrates in a big way as Heenan just walks off. Billy Jack works the crowd on the way to the back!

We cut to Mean Gene and Stan Hansen. Hansen is wild and crazy with his promo and puts over how he doesn’t care how big Andre is but he will slam him through the mat straight to hell tonight!

The Hart Foundation are with Lord Alfred putting over the big tag title match coming up next. They talk about knowing that Jimmy Hart will play a role but they won’t let it stop them from capturing the titles and become champions… true champions… champions with Hart!

Andre the Giant is with Mean Gene… nothing special but just Andre saying that he knows that Hansen is a dangerous man. He knows he will pull out all the stops but tonight, in Chicago… no one will stop the Giant!


The Hart Foundation vs The Fabulous Ones w/ Jimmy Hart

-This is one we’ve been waiting to see since the Fabs showed up on the scene and Jimmy sided with them over the Harts. This one goes about 17-minutes and shows off the skills of both teams. Kiern and Lane seem to have become placeholder champions for this moment, but they do a good job of it so what the hell. They get some heat but it is really Jimmy Hart who gets the heat. He is the one riling up the fans and leading all the to the big showdown when Bret Hart making the hot tag to the Anvil who comes in like a house of fire. He hammers away with rights and lefts and tosses Kiern and Lane all around the ring. We see Jimmy Hart pop up on the apron only for Bret Hart to run and dropkick him off the side! The Anvil hoists up Kiern and here comes Bret with the HART ATTACK! The Anvil covers for the 1….2….3!!! The Hart Foundation are the NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Bret and Jim go towards the crowd who celebrate as Jesse and Gorilla put this over in a huge way!

Lord Alfred is joined by Barry Windham and Bobby Heenan. Alfred puts over the Heenan Family’s woes tonight but Bobby says that every wrong can be right with the 3 count tonight and he is guaranteeing everything that Barry Windham will walk out with the title. Heenan says that he has put everything he owns on this one tonight with Windham. He says that tonight history will be made and Savage will grovel at the sight of the new King of the WWF and the NEW Intercontinental Champion!

Randy Savage is with Elizabeth and Mean Gene and he is HOT! Savage says he could break down the wall right now and take Windham out if he had the chance! Savage says that tonight it isn’t about the crown it is about RESPECT. He says it is not about the title it is about RESPECT! Savage is going to beat some sense into Windham and he doesn’t care what the cost is. He will do whatever it takes to show Barry Windham that he is messing with a man who has no equal, a man who has no fear, a man who is the UNDISPUTED WWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… DIG IT!

Andre the Giant vs Stan Hansen

-A big time contest with some fun brawling around ringside. The crowd is getting more involved in this one as Hansen gets clotheslined over the rail into the fans! He even picks up a chair and nails Andre with it but it appears as though the rule book has been thrown out of the window. Hansen is able to maneuver just enough to get Andre compromised when he nails him into the ringpost! Andre looks to have hurt his shoulder and Hansen does it again! Andre slumps down as Hansen goes to grab the chair and comes for a shot but Andre gets his boot up and Hansen gets cracked in the skull and he is busted wide open! The blood is flowing and Andre is in a bad way. The Giant tosses him into the ring but Hansen has enough in the tank to attack that shoulder once again and Andre is really hurting now. Hanen is stomping and kicking and even goes for a bodyslam but Andre is too much and lands back on Hansen! We get a very close two count and now it is a sprint to the finish. Hansen gets up and out of nowhere nails that big lariat and Andre goes flying into the ropes and he is tied up! Hansen comes over with that cowbell and he nails Andre once, twice, and then a third time and now Andre has a cut above his eyebrow! Hansen makes a sign but when he runs again, Andre gets that leg up and NAILS Hansen right between the eyes! Andre breaks free and then starts to hammer away at the big Texan. Andre then goes for a slam but nothing doing as his shoulder is shot. Andre grabs him for a knee lift and a big bloody headbutt and he picks him up with his other arm for a one armed bodyslam! Andre then comes crashing down with a splash (Earthquake like) for the 1...2…..3! Andre is victorious but it is hard to tell here! What a fight!

-We cut to Jesse and Gorilla who wipe their foreheads and put over the next match. They talk about both men and what could break loose here. Jesse Ventura says that the Heenan Family is due after the night they’ve had. One title has already changed hands. History could be made and Jesse hads to go against Macho but thinks it will! Gorilla says that Savage is due for revenge and tonight he gets it!


Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth vs Barry Windham w/ Bobby Heenan

-This is one that we’ve been waiting for. So much build. So much history. It comes to a breaking point right here in front of this Chicago crowd that is going wild! We have three big parts of this contest. The beginning is the brawl. Windham is trying his best to get free but Savage takes the fight in and outside of the ring and he busts Windham WIDE open after ramming him into the ring post!

-The second part of the match comes when Heenan makes his presence known by running away from Savage before Windham nails him with a flying shoulder block! It is Windham who takes control of this contest. He wears down Savage’s back and neck for about 12-minutes with Savage doing his best sell job. Windham is losing a lot of blood but Savage starts to mount a comeback but Windham breaks it down. We see a nasty back body drop and Windham drives Savage right into that mat on his neck in a bad way! Jesse says that he is setting him up! Windham then picks up Savage and gloats to Elizabeth and goes for a bulldog but Savage drives him off and Windham goes flying. Then we see Savage come with an elbow smash! Savage takes control of the third part of this contest and we are nearing the 30-minute mark! Savage comes with some big shots and the bloody Windham is trying his best to stay on his feet but then Savage comes off with the big double axe handle smash! Savage goes up to the top rope and flies with the flying elbow drop but Windham moves and Savage nails his elbow on the mat! Oh my! We have never seen him miss that elbow! Windham is slow to get up and he is gushing now. He goes to grab Savage for a piledriver but Savage pushes him over his back and Windham goes flying to the floor! Savage then goes up to the top and flies off the top rope

Savage comes flying off with a double axe handle smash and Windham is down outside the ring. Savage rolls back in and he has got the count out but Savage doesn’t want it. He goes outside the ring and picks up Windham again and puts him in the ring. Out of nowhere Heenan runs and rams Savage into the ringpost! Heenan runs off while the referee continues to count and it is now Savage who is in trouble! Windham is a bloody mess and falls into the referee and he goes out to pick up Savage and put him in the ring. Time is running out and Windham looks to finish but Savage has got something left and he comes with a couple of big right hands and Windham goes down to a knee but then a LOW BLOW! Savage goes down and the referee didn’t see it! Windham picks up Savage and goes to the ropes...

-SUPERPLEX! 1…..2…….3!!! WE HAVE A NEW WWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE! Heenan grabs the belt and he is crying! He takes the title and hands it to Windham who is an absolute bloody mess! Windham hoists the title high in the air while Jesse and Gorilla put this over in a big way! History has been made and the crowd can’t believe it! We go to a special video…

-We then see a special video highlighting the Ted Dibiase vs Hulk Hogan feud. We see Dibiase return last October in the cage and all the men he has bought to take out Hogan but they have all failed as tonight they meet one on one!

Mean Gene: Ted Dibiase, tonight is the night that everyone has been waiting for. You have said it yourself that everything you own is put into this one match. Everything you are worth is put into this one shot against Hulk Hogan!

Ted Dibiase: That’s right little man… and don’t you or anyone else forget that I am the one who has beat this man before. Hulk Hogan… I am the rightful owner of that WWF Championship and you and everyone else knows it! You cheated me when you came into the WWF… you ran me out but then I came back with money and power…. That money and power put you right where I wanted you. Right here in the biggest event in the history of wrestling. Tonight Hulk Hogan you are going to stand in that ring with the best wrestler in the world and I am going to take you apart, piece by piece until there is nothing left!

We then cut out to Gorilla and Jesse who give this thing all the hype they can. It has been an incredible night. It has been a historic night. Jesse says that with two titles changing hands… the odds are not in Hogan’s favor to win. Gorilla puts over the Fridge in his corner and the crowd here but Jesse says the Fridge doesn’t know the ins and outs in that ring…. The Bossman does. Jesse says there may be 20,000 people screaming for Hogan but none of them can get in the ring and help him. Gorilla points out that the power the fans give Hogan has helped him in the past and may indeed set him up for a historic night right here in just a couple of moments…. Right now Hogan is with Mean Gene...

Mean Gene: Hulk Hogan… you stand here in the Rosemont Horizon as the WWF Champion ready to defend your title against Ted Dibiase. This match has been building for months… but it all comes to head right here… right now…

Hulk Hogan: Well that’s right Mean Gene. I got into town a little early today brother and I was sitting in the back with some of my closest friends who were here to see this event. One of my best friends is Brutus Beefcake and he looked over at me and I had a tear in my eye brother and he asked what was wrong. I told him that tonight is a night when history is made. Tonight is a night that will be remembered forever. That kind of pressure can strangle most men but to me brother… it just makes it even more special dude. Tonight I am walking into this arena with 25,000 screaming Hulkamaniacs. I am going to be seen by millions throughout the world. Ted Dibiase… when you wear this WWF title it means just that much more and tonight brother… you will have to bring every single thing you’ve got to try and scratch the armor of Hulkamania. I have got the power. I have got the title. I have got the Hulkamaniacs. I have got the pythons. And WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN WE BRING ALL THAT AND THE REFRIGERATOR THE DESTROY YOU!!!!

Mean Gene: Never before has a match meant so much… fans let’s head to the ring!

We get some grand entrances from both men. Dibiase comes out in a swank white tux (Million Dollar Man Style) and enters the ring. Hogan come out with the Fridge and the crowd is absolutely rocking right now as we cut to Howard Finkel for the special introductions.

Howard: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of the evening. The match will be for the WWF Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, he is the challenger. He hails from Vero Beach, Florida. He weighs in tonight at 235 pounds. With his bodyguard the Big Bossman. Ladies and Gentlemen… Ted Dibiase!!

Howard: And his opponent… the champion! He hails from Venice Beach, California. He weighs in tonight at 303 pounds. Joining him tonight is the defensive great for the World Champion Chicago Bears… William the Refrigerator Perry! Ladies and gentlemen… the champion… Hulk Hogan!



Hulk Hogan © w/ William Perry “The Fridge” vs Ted Dibiase w/ Big Bossman

-This is what we came for and my oh my do they have something to follow. These guys don’t go but 26-minutes but man is it fun. We see Hogan start things off in a big way as Dibiase is flying around the ring. Hogan is sending him from pillar to post and looks for a quick finish but nothing doing. We then see The Bossman make his presence known with a nasty shot in the back with the Halliburton briefcase and Hogan goes down hard. Dibiase then takes that opportunity to run through and work over his neck and back. He is hammering down on Hogan with everything and even sends him out of the ring for Bossman to get in some licks! Hogan is fighting for his life and somehow mounts some offense but Dibiase is quick to squash it out and get back control. The crowd is starting to stir as Dibiase nails a nasty piledriver and then he says it is over. He locks in the Cobra Clutch and starts wrenching it in and Hogan is floundering. He goes down to a knee and Dibiase is screaming that it is over! Hogan’s arm goes up and down once. It goes up and down twice. Jesse screams that it is over!! Hogan’s arm goes up and then dow… NO! NO! NO! Hogan wipes his finger back and forth and it isn’t over. Dibiase is shocked! Hogan gets up and he hais Dibiase hoisted on his back and he rams him back into the corner! Dibiase is holding on tight as Hogan walks out but then goes into another corner and the referee gets DESTROYED! Both men are down as the Bossman gets in the ring and he starts to revive Dibiase before stomping on Hogan. Bossman picks up Hogan and SLAMS him down but this just fires up the Fridge who jumps in the ring and goes face to face with Bossman. The crowd is rocking as Bossman nails a couple of forearms and then tosses him to the ropes but he goes for a clothesline and Fridge ducks… hits the ropes… and BOOM! He nails the Bossman who sells like a million dollars and goes flying out of the ring to the floor! The crowd is going nuts as Dibiase gets in the Fridge’s face but Fridge tells him to turn around and Hogan is there with a couple of big right hands and then he tosses him to the ropes and big boot! Dibiase stumbles but then Hogan comes with the AXE BOMBER! The big leg drop! 1…..2……..3!!!! HOGAN HAS WON IT!

-Hogan and Fridge start to pose for the crowd and Dibiase is rolled out of the ring and carried to the back by Bossman. Jesse and Gorilla put this over in the biggest way. They talk about Prime Time tomorrow and say they will have the WrestleMania wrap up on Prime Time! They will speak to some of the winners and go over all the happenings. The scene closes with Hogan and Fridge posing big for the fans with the WWF Championship! Thank you for joining us for WrestleMania II!

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For the pictures, it depends on the pictures it seems. I'm having trouble sometimes finding the right ones I can put in my title histories.


Nonetheless, what a great Wrestlemania. Undoubtedly Barry Windham's greatest singles win of his career over Randy Savage. It's gonna be hard to take the IC title away from him.

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After months of building and anticipation running wild, WrestleMania 2 goes above and beyond all expectations! One Man Gang starts the show off winning the Battle Royal and then a program is set up with him and Bull. 6 man tag was fun as Santana gets the pin. Hennig gets a big win to solidify him as a contender. Billy Jack shows off his incredible strength by power slamming Bundy! Hart Foundation win the tag titles! I'm sure they're going to have a great run. Good grief, Andre and Hansen was a brawl! Andre might have won the match but Hansen gave him one heck of a fight. Savage/Windham was a classic! I could just imagine the heat during that match. Windham wins the IC title. I always thought Barry would of made a great IC champ, glad it happened here. The main event blew the roof off the place! I'm sure Bossman got a good bonus for that awesome bump he took from Fridge. Dibiase has the title an inch within his grasp but once again the power of Hulkamania prevails. Awesome job!

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Huge win for OMG but Bull Ganter comes out of the battle royal as a rising star as well. That should be an entertaining feud!


Big win for the Future Perfect, as well. No small feat, going over Rude on a big show like this. Also: some signs of trouble in the Heenan Family...


Classic Malfunction at the Junction finish to a fun six-man.


Greg Valentine is just the man to pull a good match out of mid-80s Dino Bravo. I bet the bloody ending got some heat out of the Chicago crowd.


Billy Jack Slamming Bundy must have been an amazing visual. Also: more signs of trouble for Heenan & co...


I love the Hart Foundation as WWF Tag Team Champions. I just feels right. They got some revenge on Jimmy Hart as well.


Andre vs Hansen was the awesome spectacle it needed to be, with both men donning the crimson mask. The one-handed slam got a pop out of me.


And more blood in the IC title match! Is this WWF or WWC? I'm loving it. An epic match with a great finish. Heenan breaking down in tears was awesome. He's got his problems, but he's managing a champion.


After those two matches, most crowds would be burned out... good idea bringing out the star power of 1986 Fridge Perry to help counter that.


This was so much better than the WM II we got in "real life"




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As for the pictures, I had the same problem and was told to sign up for imgur.com and it has worked well since.


Wrestlemania was a great show with my favorite being the Savage/Windham match. I think the reason was that it was very unpredictable. One negative of this entire project is that we all know the moving pieces so many of our big matches lose some of their luster. Hogan vs Dibiase and the Fab Ones vs The Harts are all-time classics and you did a great job of painting the picture of an amazing match but with the outcome already known they did not have me on the edge of my seat like Savage and Windham but for all the wrestling fans out there, these matches would be some of the greatest memories of their entire sports lives. People is Chicago would be talking about Hansen vs Andre for a long time and was another of my favorites in Wrestlemania II. Again, I think it was because I was wondering the whole time if Hansen might actually get the win.


Great job building Bull Ganter up to more then he ever was in real life. That is one of the fun aspects of this project. We all seem to be very name recognition based and it is fun for someone like Bull Ganter to get some star attention.

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Wow, it's ridiculous how better that was than the "real life" Wrestlemania. I agree with everyone else Windham/Savage stole the show and Windham should be a made man in WWF after this. Great battle royal to open the show, Gang winning was great and you still put the shine on Gantner in the end. Andre vs. Hansen was memorable and establishes Andre as more than just an attraction. The Hart Foundation are red hot and Hogan vs. Dibiase was exactly what it needed to be at this stage. Excellent work!

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I sincerely appreciate all the feedback fellas. I really appreciate the feedback being what I was driving for with the contests. Like Kevin said... Wrestling is interesting in knowing that something is/has to happen. So that does take away from it a little but then it is all about the presentation for it to be that much more special. Andre v Hansen was definitely something I wanted to make a big deal. Savage and Windham was utilized to catapult both men into the main event scene. Hogan and Dibiase was a capper on a very long 6 month feud in which they really one wrestled each other one on one once (that being here). I posted a follow up Prime Time to keep things moving forward into Phase 2 of the WWF if you will. I appreciate all the work you guys have done and driven me to create this presentation of the WWF.

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Yeah, getting feedback sure is nice. It would stink to put in the effort of writing up a major show and then have two of the guys iinvolved in this project not bother to leave a comment.

I understand the frustration with feedback and I know I'm a big culprit of somebody that doesn't do it as much as I should. I can say that the last couple of months have been kind of crazy with buying a new house and juggling married life into personal fun things like this which is always a fun task. I know I block out time to sit down and keep up with people shows. I know that's the case for a lot of people that I think everyone reads Everybody stuff but we just don't always type things and I know I need to do a better job of doing it. The amount of hard work it takes to put into something like this is immense and I can only imagine how hectic it can make other people's lives as it does my own to try and keep up with what we're doing for fun on top of what we have to do for a living. I've been doing this roughly now for 10 years and I can say without a doubt that I'm having a blast with this game and the group of people that are working together. We have so many different facets that go into the world were creating and I understand the frustration that comes from not getting any Kudos when hard work is done. I think everybody can agree that we are all doing a great job and striving to put that down on the board in each post is something we could all do a greater job of.

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I'm having a blast with this too.


Of course everybody has busy times and quiet times in life. I try to leave comment every time someone post a show... but it isn't always possible. Sometimes I read a show, mean to post, get distracted, then forget. Sometimes I'm not on the internet for a couple of days.


WrestleMania, however, II deserves all the feedback.


So did my April 24th show, but that's life :P

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So did my April 24th show, but that's life :P


This isn't the future! I am guessing you mean March 24th. I know one of my main problems is reading the shows on my phone instead of computer. I try to do text to talk but who knows what the hell that will translate into. I will make a conscious effort to be more feedbackable in the future. With Mania done and my shows written, I have the opportunity to spend more time on that facet of the game.

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