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NWA Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling April 1986


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April 4th, 1986

Edmonton, AB


-Keith Hart beat King Tonga (w/Richard Charland) in 13:13


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: "Maniac" Matt Borne beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Butcher Vachon in 15:13 to retain


2 out of 3 Falls: "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal beat "Nightmare" Danny Davis 2 falls to 1 in 14:04


-"The Blonde Bombshell" Chris Candido beat Bruce Hart in 13:38


-Satanico beat MS-1 in 5:54. Postmatch, Satanico is able to cut a bit of MS-1's hair and luckily for MS-1, Pirata Morgan is able to pull him off the ring before he gets completely shaved bald!


-"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (w/Missy Hyatt) beat Tommy Rogers in 15:16


-Armand Rougeau beat Alexis Smirnoff in 12:55


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Rick Martel beat Abdullah the Butcher (w/Floyd Creatchman) in a bloody brawl to retain

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Keith Hart over King Tonga feels like an upset to me.


"Maniac" Matt Borne vs Butcher Vachon sounds like an awesome brawl.


It seems odd to make Satanico vs MS-1 the shortest match on the card. I'm curious what happened there.


What a Main Event! Let Martel show off his brawling ability for a change. I would have loved to see that one.

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Very solid card! I feel like Regal vs. Davis would be the most underated match on the card, very evenly matched.


Great win for Borne who has built up so well during his run here.


Another great win for Candido who is rising fast in the NWA.


Gilbert vs. Rogers had to be a classic.


As mentioned this was a crutial win for Martel that shows how versatile he can be as World Champion.

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Martel with a great win over Abdullah! This just proves that Martel can go with anybody, which is why he makes such a great world champ. Great seeing Hot Stuff pop up here. Regal and Davis put on a crowd pleasing match. Yea, Keith Hart over Tonga is definitely a confidence booster for Hart. Satanico and MS-1 continue their fun feud. I know that's heading for something big. Once again, great job with booking outside talent. That's a real bonus for the fans.

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NWA Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling TV LIVE

April 5th, 1986

Tobermory, ON




Quick and dirty results:


-Guy Hauray and Édouard Carpentier welcome the audience to the show. They inform us that before the show went on the air, The Creatchman Family attacked Keith Hart in the parking lot and he's unable to wrestle so Bruce Hart will either have to go it alone or find himself a partner in record time since their match will open the broadcast. They also talk about Matt Borne winning the Canadian International TV Championship from Adrian Adonis last Sunday at the Montreal Forum. Paul E Dangerously crashes the broadcast booth and says he hasn't seen or heard Adrian since then and all he knows from his sources that Adonis is "heavily emotionally distraught" and he has no idea what he's gonna do next. He hopes he can find him before he does something stupid. Paul E also informs the broadcast booth that because of their incompetence, he fired the Nasty Boys on the spot and they won't be seen again. He'll try to fix the damage


-In the opening match, Bruce Hart shows up alone to face The Great Samu & Prince Alofa Fatu, w/Floyd Creatchman - the two men who attacked Keith Hart in the parking lot. Bruce fights alone for a while when all of a sudden, Adrian Adonis, shows up. However, he's a sight to behold: he comes out with eye shadows, makeup, the whole shebang....even the flower hat! Adonis stands in Bruce's corner and everyone in the arena is stunned by what they're seeing. Paul E. - who was still at the broadcast booth - approaches the ring area, trying to plead with Adonis. Adonis got the tag and cleaned house. Adonis & Bruce Hart score the win over The Creatchman Family as Adonis clocked Floyd Creatchman with a right hand, to follow up with Good Night Irene on Samu at 16:22


-In the second match, a new masked tag team simply known as The Swarm square off against the makeshift duo of "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal & "Nightmare" Danny Davis. The booth mentions the great match Regal and Davis had in Edmonton last night and how Regal earned Davis' respect in the process. Nonetheless, the frequent switches behind the referee's back between Swarm #1 & Swarm #2 allowed them to secure the win in 17:46. Guy & Édouard are wondering how long it will take for The Swarm to climb in the tag team ranks with tactics like the ones they used!


-Bobby Fulton beat MS-1 in 13:39. Once again, Satanico showed up with the clippers to shave MS-1 again but this time, MS-1 avoided the same fate than last night!


-To answer Gilles "The Fish" Poisson's open challenge from 2 weeks ago, Lutte saw none other than WWC's Invader 1 show up in Tobermory to confront The Fish. Invader 1 scored the victory in 12:54


-In an NWA Showcase, Assassin #1 from MACW defeated WCCW's Killer Tim Brooks in 13:02


-In a stunning upset, "Blonde Bombshell" Chris Candido defeated Raymond Rougeau after throwing powder in Rougeau's face in 13:12. Visibly, Candido is growing more and more cocky and confident since being associated with Percy Pringle and it seems that Pringle had left a parting gift to use to his new protégé! NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Champion Jacques Rougeau came in to make the save and chase Candido away. Jacques says that on next week's show in Sarnia, he wants to defend his title against anyone from World Class. And he hopes that it's gonna be someone from The Pringle Dynasty but he'll be ready for anyone.


-Backstage, we see Floyd Creatchman being tended to, as he's still trying to recover from Adonis' right hand. Paul E bursts in and apologizes to Floyd for what Adonis did. Floyd says he wants to sue Adonis for what he did to him. Paul E says he doesn't blame Floyd and he can make it happen. Paul E takes a piece of paper from his back pocket and says that his dad can represent him against Adonis. All he has to do is sign. Still groggy, Floyd signs the paper and Paul E says he'll keep in touch with him...


-In the main event, NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champions The Vachons beat The Creatchman Family (Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous) in 16:52 to retain.







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LOL! The Adorable One is born! That was a fantastic build to this character. Big win for Candido! Really cool debut of the Swarm, looks like a career rejuvenation. Invader 1 comes to Lutte and gets an impressive win over "The Fish". I wonder what Creatchman really signed LOL.

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Yep. The intro of the Adorable One totally stole the show. Having the transformation be the result of trauma from a big loss, and having him come in as a baby face are both good decisions.


That overshadowed both the Nasties leaving and (presumably) the Bees coming in.


HUGE win for young Candido!


I wonder what was really on the paper that Creatchman signed. (Edit: spaldoni beat me to it)

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April 6th, 1986

Medicine Hat, AB


NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy beat Lord Humongous (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 13:37 to retain


-NWA Canadian International TV Champion "Maniac" Matt Borne & "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert beat The Creatchman Family (Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu) in 23:12 when Borne pinned Fatu. Floyd Creatchman came to the ring with Fatu but then, Paul E Dangerously walked out and asked Floyd Creatchman to follow him backstage. Floyd wasn't seen for the remainder of the match...


-MS-1 beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon in 13:45


-Keith Hart beat Killer Khan (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 12:41


6-Men Tag Match: In a surprising turn of events, Jos LeDuc, Owen Hart & Ole Anderson beat Ted Dibiase, Rick Rude & King Kong Bundy by DQ in 12:37 after Dibiase struck Ole Anderson with a chair!


-NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit & "Nightmare" Danny Davis beat King Tonga & Richard Charland in 29:58 after Benoit pinned Charland with a Flying Headbutt


-Dick Murdoch beat "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal in 5:39


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Rick Martel beat Abdullah the Butcher (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 40:39 in another bloody brawl to retain

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I've said this before and I'll say it again. I love the different kinds of matches you put out there on house shows. Borne and Gilbert teaming up against the Creatchman Family is so much fun. Benoit teaming with Danny Davis to get a big win over Tonga and Charland. Then the fans get a huge bonus with that incredible 6 man tag. Without giving away to much in MACW, you did an awesome job in setting the tone. On top of all this we get a Gordy title defense and a Martel/Abdullah NWA title rematch. Great card!

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Great TV with Adonis completely stealing the show. I bet the MS-1/Fulton match had some sweet punches thrown around. Pringle is having a huge effect on things even up in Canada. Not sure what Creatchman signed, but it was a mistake.


Keith is on a huge roll lately, notwithstanding the injury. Hell of a 6-man tag with the debuting NWA members. Floyd seems to have trouble on his hands. Martel vs. Abby again, yes!

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April 11th, 1986

CNE Coliseum, Toronto, ON


-"The Great One" David Sammartino beat Steve Doll in 4:51


-The Awesome Twosome (Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez) beat Kokina Maximus & The Great Samu in 13:09


-"The Blonde Bombshell" Chris Candido beat Kendall Windham in 12:29


-NWA Canadian International TV Champion "Maniac" Matt Borne & Bruce Hart beat The Creatchman Family (Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous, w/Floyd Creatchman) in 17:04


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship 3-Way Dance: Jacques Rougeau beat MS-1 & Raymond Rougeau in 24:24 to retain when Jacques pinned MS-1


-NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon beat "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal in 16:54


-NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit beat Keith Hart in 7:13


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Rick Martel beat Killer Khan (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 15:11 to retain

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Fun seeing Jacques and Raymond competing against each other in the 3 way dance, hopefully no hard feelings coming out of that one.


Rude/Manny vs. Samu/Kokina is a big time tag team match....nice win for the Awesome Twosome!


Another impressive win for Martel defending against Killer Khan...the champ is showing he can more than hold his own against the big guys.

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The Martel/Khan match is a fun main event. Martel can go with anyone. Great win for the Awesome Twosome. Cool seeing Jacques and Raymond involved in a 3 way. Must of been a hard match for MS-1. Benoit gets a big win over Keith Hart, who has been on a pretty good roll. Glad "The Great One" got a victory here. He's been losing focus in Mid Atlantic, looks like a trip to Lutte was exactly what he needed.

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Kokina Maximus, The Great Samu, Botswana Beast, Lord Humongous, Killer Khan... just a ton (literally) of big nasty heels, all going down to defeat in what I imagine were hard-fought matches... Which means Floyd Creatchman having another bad day, and also means the fans in TO going home very happy.

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