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NWA World Wrestling Council June 1986


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Original Airdate: June 6th, 1986

(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays. Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta

Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre

Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial

Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.

Rickin: Welcome fans to another exciting week of WWC action. I am joined as always by my friend and colleague Hugo Savinovich.

Hugo: Great show tonight!

Rickin: Indeed. We open the show with the news that Carlitos Colon has regained a limited amount of sight.

Hugo: Huge news! He's got a month to get cleared to wrestle!

Rickin: Yes he does. He's not fully recovered yet, but he is doing much better. Tonight we will see TNT in action as well as Hangman Bobby Jaggers.

Hugo: Two very good wrestlers, and so different!

Rickin: I'll agree that their styles are completely different. We'll also see Ricky Santana in action after he comes out to the desk for a conversation.

Hugo: He'll have a lot to say about Owen Hart!

Rickin: With good reason. We'll also be talking to all three Invaders before Invader 1 & 2 wrestle.

Hugo: Only a month until their big street fight with los Pastores!

Rickin: Both seem to have recovered from their injuries.

Hugo: They better have! Los Pastores won't show any mercy on July 5th!

Rickin: Very true. We'll also see the Batten Twins visit Chicky Starr in the Sports Shop.

Hugo: He didn't seem too excited about that last week...

Rickin: I can't imagine he would be. And I'll be joined at the desk by the Caribbean Express before our big main event. The EXpress will be teaming with the Battens against the odd combination of Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher and los Mercenarios.

Hugo: If Chicky Starr doesn't go to ringside with los Mercenarios, maybe they can work together!

Rickin: I wouldn't be surprised if Chicky Starr went down to ringside just to stir things up.

Hugo: That does sound like Chicky.

Rickin: And you call this man your friend.

Hugo: You call me your friend, and I was known for stirring things up in my day!

Rickin: True enough Hugo. TNT is on his way to the ring with El Profe. The fans are giving El Profe his usual greeting.

Hugo: And he is giving them his usual greeting. To everyone but Chicky Starr.

Rickin: Yes, the man is dismissive of just about everyone else as beneath him.

Hugo: I hope Gama Singh gets his 5 minutes and takes full advantage.

Rickin: We agree on that. TNT seems completely unaware of the fact that El Profe is the only reason he is booed by the crowd.

Hugo: I had clients like that too, at least for the first little bit. They always asked me why....

Rickin: And you of course lied to them.

Hugo: I just shrugged it off. They usually figured it out on their own. TNT doesn't seem to care.

Rickin: No he doesn't and I wonder why. TNT is in the ring and referee Ricky Vargas just called for the bell.

El Vikingo vs. TNT

TNT controls with martial arts chops and big throat thrusts. He cuts off a comeback by Vikingo with a roundhouse kick to the head. TNT hits the ropes and hits a spinwheel kick for the 3 count.

TNT by pinfall in 4:18 with a spinwheel kick

Rickin: TNT continues to build momentum for his match against Gama Singh.

Hugo: That will be a great match!

Rickin: Yes, that is one I am looking forward to just for the in-ring action. Up next I'll be talking to Ricky Santana before his match. Don't go anywhere.

(Commercial Break) 0 - 8:30

Rickin: Welcome back fans, I have with me the inaugural WWC Light Heavyweight Champion Ricky Santana. Owen Hart and Chicky Starr have had a lot to say since your win on April 19th.

Santana: Of course they have. You can't trust one word out of Chicky Starr's mouth and I'm starting to think the same about Owen Hart.

Rickin: You saved Bruce Hart from an attack at the hands of his brother Owen and Chicky Starr.

Santana: Yeah, I saved him from being attacked by his own brother. The same brother who had been lying to him for weeks. I know Bruce got in my face when he first came to the WWC, but that I understand.

Rickin: He didn't know what Owen Hart had done leading up to that match.

Santana: Yeah, and I can definitely forgive that. What I can't forgive is attacking your own brother over a disagreement.

Rickin: Not many would forgive that. Has the WWC contacted you about an opponent for July 5th yet?

Santana: Yes, but they left it open to me. There are a lot of deserving wrestlers in the WWC, but I am going to choose the last person that deserves a chance at this belt. I chose to defend this title against Owen Hart on July 5th. I want to prove to him once and for all that I am the better man!

Rickin: I don't think that you have to do much convincing with these fans. One last thing, you recently had a match with Invader 3 for a chance at the NWA Light Heavyweight Title. One you came close to winning, but ultimately lost.

Santana: You win some, you lose some. And you couldn't lose to a better man, both as a human being and in the ring, than Invader 3. I credit him with a lot of my improvement since I cam back to Puerto Rico. I wish him the best of luck against Chris Benoit.

Rickin: Thank you Ricky for your time. It's always a pleasure talking to you.

Santana: You as well.

Santana heads towards the ring, interacting with the fans on his way to the aisle.

Rickin: There goes a young man with a very good attitude.

Hugo: He could have beat Invader 3 if he had tried a little harder!

Rickin: You mean if he had bent the rules or outright cheated once or twice.

Hugo: Yes!

Rickin: I am all for it if your opponent has been cheating, but to do that against an opponent like Invader 3, no.

Hugo: Even if it means losing?!?

Rickin: Sometimes you learn more from losing than you do from winning.

Hugo: Yes you do! But when a NWA title shot is on the line you might want to think twice about taking only a lesson home!

Rickin: I'm sure there are those who agree with you. Chicky Starr and Owen Hart come to mind.

Hugo: Both would have done what they had to! And they'd be in that match on July 5th!

Rickin: Which is why I am glad that things turned out the way they did. Santana is in the ring and referee Tomas Marin just called for the bell.

Mr. Z vs. WWC Light Heavyweight Champion Ricky Santana Non-Title

Santana controls with babyface technical offense,chops and punches. Z gets a brief advantage, but Santana moves out of the way of a dropkick. A slam by Santana and he is up top. Z stands up right into the flying crossbody that gives Santana the 3.

Ricky Santana by pinfall in 4:24 with a top rope crossbody

Rickin: Santana is bouncing back well from that loss to Invader 3.

Hugo: He didn't seem too concerned about it earlier.

Rickin: I suppose you really can't be.

Hugo: No you can't! You have to forget the loss and move forward!

Rickin: Something Santana appears to have learned. We'll be right back with Bobby Jaggers in the ring.

Hugo: And the Batten Twins in the Sports Shop! Don't miss it!

(Commercial Break) 8:30 - 16:30

Hugo: Welcome back fans!! It's time to visit my friend Chicky Starr's Sports Shop!!

The Sports Shop intro plays and we cut to Victor the Bodyguard and Abdullah Tamba on the Sports Shop set. A voice-over by Hugo Savinovich plays.

Hugo: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the most watched wrestling program in Puerto Rico!! This is Chicky's Sports Shop and I'm pleased to announce your host, the most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico today, Chicky Starr!!

Chicky walks in wearing his custom suit and his WWC Caribbean Tag Team Title over his shoulder. He picks up a microphone and sits down.

Chicky: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the top rated wrestling program in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr's Sports Shop! I am, of course, your host and the reason this is the top rated show in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr. As you may have noticed, things have settled down since Commissioner Pedro Castillo came down hard on the despicable tactics that allies of Carlitos Colon have resorted to since my client Abdullah blinded Colon. I commend the Commissioner on his timely and correct response to the situation.

Chicky pauses and shakes his head at someone off screen.

Chicky: And I would like to let all of the fans know that Al Madril is recovering well back home in California. He wishes he could come back, but his doctors have been very strict with him to ensure a quick recovery. He did want me to tell you all how much your prayers meant to him.

Chicky nods off-screen.

Chicky (English): I now welcome my guests this week, the Batten Twins. I'd call you out by name but I can't tell the dfference. And I forget them anyway.

The Battens walk on set and sit down.

Brad: Great introduction.

Bart: Yeah, very enthusiastic.

Chicky: You're suggesting I should be enthusiastic about talking to you? I guess there is a chance you embarass that insecure little man Barrabas.

Bart: We mean to do just that.

Brad: You know we can't let him get away with what he tried to do to us.

Chicky: If a man tried to do that to me you can be sure he'd be in the hospital.

Brad: Some men did try to do that to you. You ran away. And they are all still around.

Bart: And you ambushed two guys who had nothing to do with it.

Chicky: On this very set, yes. Does that worry you?

Bart: Like you said, we might embarass Barrabas.

Brad: I'd say we're pretty safe. You like that belt too much.

Chicky: You are. You are also insignificant. Have you met Ric Flair? I'm told he visits all of the major cities in America. This suit I am wearing is a gift from Ric Flair you know. Or are you as insignificant in America as you are here and beneath his notice?

Brad: Didn't realize that this was a name-dropping contest.

Chicky: You would lose.

Bart: I've had about enough. Brad?

The Battens get up and leave.

Chicky (Spanish): Good riddance. Next week the show will be noticeably better when I welcome Hangman Bobby Jaggers. After this week I would welcome Barrabas. Well, maybe not. But you get the idea. That wraps up another edition of Chicky Starr's Sports Shop. I apologize again for the boring guests, but that will happen. It's time for Ric Flair to take us home.

Ric Flair's sign-off plays and we cut back to the arena.

Rickin: I don't know why he invites people like the Battens on his show if all he's going to do is insult them.

Hugo: Maybe he enjoys that part!

Rickin: He does seem to take a certain amount of joy in that. It will come back to haunt him one day.

Hugo: Not with Victor the Bodyguard and Abdullah Tamba there!

Rickin: True, it would take a lot of manpower to overpower them. From the reaction of the crowd Bobby Jaggers is on his way to the ring.

Hugo: I think I just saw a battery....there is a rock!

Rickin: The fans come prepared.

Hugo: Jaggers is unfazed, but I think both the battery and the rock missed!

Rickin: I can't imagine either hitting you would feel good.

Hugo: You get used to things hitting you...

Rickin: What is the worst thing that hit you?

Hugo: A full cup. I won't say what was in it.

Rickin: Probably for the best. Jaggers is now taunting a few f the fans near ringside.

Hugo: The MPs don't like when you do that...

Rickin: I doubt they want to hit a fan. Jaggers might be trying for exactly that.

Hugo: I wouldn't put it past him. Bobby is not fond of these fans!

Rickin: Neither were you for a long time. Now you are starting to warm up to them.

Hugo: I am?!?

Rickin: You haven't noticed it, but you are. Referee Victor Quinonez just called for the bell.

Armandito Salgado vs. Hangman Bobby Jaggers

Jaggers controls by brawling and using the riding crop on the outside. Salgado mounts a short comeback but is caught with a clothesline. Jaggers hooks Salgado and hits a hangman's neckbreaker for the 3 count.

Hangman Bobby Jaggers by pinfall in 4:11 with a hangman's neckbreaker

Rickin: Jaggers hasn't lost anything in his time away from Puerto Rico

Hugo: He's always been very good in the ring!

Rickin: In his own inimitable way, yes. Up next we'll hear from all 3 Invaders before Invader 1 & 2 are in action. Don't touch that dial.

(Commerical Break) 16:30-25:00

Rickin: We're back fans and I have been joined by 3 very familiar masked men. There is a lot to talk about for Los Invaders on July 5th. But first I have to ask about your reactions to Commissioner Castillo's announcement a few weeks back.

Invader 3: We took part in that attack and we won't deny it. It was justified and I don't think you would disagree that we got rid of a man who needed to be gone.

Invader 2: And if you want the truth, Chicky Starr didn't do a whole lot to try and stop it.

Invader 1: As for Commissioner Castillo, I fought the man when he was a wrestler. You don't want to get on his bad side. Right now he's just doing his job. He's got to keep things going a certain way for the WWC. If he doesn't, he won't be commissioner long.

Rickin: Invaders 1 & 2 have a very big match coming up in a month, a street fight against los Pastores.

Invader 1: We are going to meet them on their terms. They come here and think they can run wild. Well we won't allow them to simply attack any wrestler they decide to or wreak havoc with no payback.

Invader 2: They fight opponents on their own terms regardless of the rules. It's time somebody showed them that they are not the only ones who can bring the fight to their opponents however they see fit.

Rickin: Yes, but isn't it a little dangerous to engage los Pastores in that kind of fight? They are masters of that type of fighting.

Invader 2: It's true that they are dangerous men because of what they are willing to do.

Invader 1: It's also true that most of their opponents are unwilling to go as far as they are because the match would be thrown out. We won't be worried about that, only beating los Pastores senseless!

Rickin: I can't imagine that will be easy to do.

Invader 1: Nothing worth doing is.

Rickin: Agreed. Invader 3, you have a chance at the NWA Light Heavyweight Title currently worn by Chris Benoit. It must be a great honor representing Puerto Rico against an NWA champion.

Invader 3: Yes it is Rickin. These fans have always been very supportive of me and I hope to repay that on July 5th.

Rickin: I talked to Ricky Santana earlier and he threw his support behind you as well.

Invader 3: I have talked to Ricky since that bout and he has told me as much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate his support and the great match we had. He came very close to putting me away. It was really a good way to prepare for this upcoming title match.

Rickin: Have you seen much of Chris Benoit?

Invader 3: A little bit. He's very good for such a young man. Technically sound and very explosive. I think the fans will be impressed with him.

Rickin: My broadcast partner would be telling me that you are too kind to your upcoming opponent.

Invader 3: That does sound like Hugo. Make no mistake, I am taking this match very seriously. If I can bring a NWA Championship to the WWC that would mean a lot to me. I would love to travel the world and show them how great Puerto Rican wrestling can be!

Rickin: I thank you for your time gentlemen.

All 3 Invaders shake hands with Rickin. Invader 3 accompanies 1 & 2 down to the ring.

Hugo: You just had to...

Rickin: Well you would have said exactly that.

Hugo: And meant it!

Rickin: It seemed to put a smile on Invader 3's face.

Hugo: It did?!?

Rickin: You have more fans than you think. The fans are very happy to see los Invaders tonight.

Hugo: Always are.

Rickin: Yes, and los Invaders keep giving them reasons to be happy. Los Pastores are not a team the fans care for at all.

Hugo: I don't think many people who have been put in front of los Pastores like them very much!

Rickin: Very true. They tend to do one thing.

Hugo: They are very good at creating chaos!

Rickin: I doubt the wrestlers they have included in that chaos are happy about it.

Hugo: Not usually. Los Invaders are embracing it, asking for a street fight!

Rickin: They want an even playing field.

Hugo: Smart!

Rickin: Keep complementing los Invaders and you may threaten your friendship with Chicky Starr. Los Invaders are in the ring and there is the bell.

Los Tejanos vs. Los Invaders (1 & 2)

Invaders control with good teamwork and quick tags. Tejano 2 is cut off with a big Invader 2 left hook. Invader 2 tags in Invader 1. Invader 1 locks in the sleeper for the submission win.

Los Invaders by submission in 5:26 with an Invader 1 sleeper

Rickin: Los Invaders looking good only a month away from their street fight.

Hugo: In a wrestling match, yes!

Rickin: Good point, the match won't look anything close to that in Hiram Bathorn Stadium.

Hugo: It will be wild!

Rickin: I hope los Invaders know what they are doing. Up next I'll be talking to the Caribbean Express, then we'll have our big 8-man tag main event.

Hugo: The Batten Twins and the Caribbean express against Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher and los Mercenarios! What will happen?!? Stay tuned to find out!!

(Commercial Break) 25:00 - 34:00

Rickin: We are back fans and I am joined by the Caribbean Express. Tonight you two will be teaming with the Batten Twins. Is your teamwork going to be affected by the lack of experience with them?

Perez: It will. But the same will be true on the opposing side. We feel like we can work with the Battens. We at least know both teams will be trying to work together.

Castillo: It's going to be chaotic, but we expect that out of any match with los Mercenarios. The Battens met us earlier this week and we talked a little about the match. We may have told them what we know about Boyd and the Crusher.

Rickin: You two were friends with the Rock and Roll RPMs. Have you struck up a friendship with the Battens?

Castillo: Not at this point, no. We have nothing against them. We've just been keeping pretty close with Ricky Santana, Hercules Ayala and los Invaders lately.

Perez: You never know when Chicky Starr's goons might attack. I think the Battens show a lot of promise.

Rickin: They aren't as polished as the Rock and Roll RPMs, but I agree.

Perez: I don't want to take anything away from the Batten Twins. They are very good wrestlers. Tommy and Mike are great tag team wrestlers and we learned a lot from them.

Castillo: They were always willing to train with us and help us out. A lot of the improvements you have seen in our teamwork have come from training with them and los Invaders.

Rickin: I think this might be too personal with you and los Mercenarios. They won't hesitate to use that as an advantage against you.

Castillo: Both of our fathers have said the same. We won't deny that this is a very personal matter for us.

Perez: We know the dangers involved. We want one thing only, to show the Puerto Rican fans that los Mercenarios are vulnerable when they aren't attacking a man from behind. And whatever we have to go through to prove that, we will!

Perez and Castillo work their way through the crowd to the aisle where the Batten Twins wait.

Rickin: I just hope those two know what they are getting into.

Hugo: You can get into a lot of trouble when you let your emotions getting in the way! And I'm speaking from experience!

Rickin: From the side of los Mercenarios or the Caribbean Express?

Hugo: Both. I've let my anger towards oppponents get the better of me and made some very bad decisions.

Rickin: I can hope the Caribbean Express avoids some of that. It looks like they are at least cordial with the Batten Twins.

Hugo: Easy when you save someone from a beating!

Rickin: I doubt they saved the Battens from Boyd and the Crusher to sucker them into anything.

Hugo: But you don't know!

Rickin: Perhaps not, but I do know how they were raised. I am friens with both of their fathers.

Hugo: Commissioner Castillo was not always a man who followed your code in his day!

Rickin: But he is now. The Battens and the Caribbean Express have reached the ring and there is a handshake.

Hugo: Here come Boyd and the Crusher with Barrabas!

Rickin: And trailing them by about ten feet los Mercenarios.

Hugo: That's not good!

Rickin: It doesn't appear that the two teams are all that interested in talking to one another.

Hugo: They could be trying to fool the Battens and the Express!

Rickin: It is possible.

Hugo: But I doubt that Barrabas would work with allies of Chicky Starr very closely.

Rickin: As do I. I may now like either, but I think Barrabas dislikes Chicky Starr more than I do.

Hugo: He hates that Chicky gets more attention than he does.

Rickin: He hates if anyone gets more attention than he does.

Hugo: There is that...

Rickin: Ring announcer Eliud Gonzalez has finished his introductions, there is the bell.

The Batten Twins & The Caribbean Express vs. Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher & los Mercenarios

The match starts with teamwork by the babyfaces and missed opportunities for the heels. The Mercs accidentally hit both Boyd and the Crusher at different points. It breaks down into a 4 on 4 brawl outside the ring and things are vened up with the Battens squaring off with Boyd and the Crusher as the Express and los Mercenarios brawl. Bart Batten is hit with a chair and rolled into the ring where Boyd and the Crusher work him over. Los Mercenarios get involved, but a miscommunication allows a tag to Perez, who starts cleaning house. Merc 1 ends up accidentally hitting the Crusher with a clothesline. Boyd goes after Mercenario 1 and ends up targeted by Merc 2. Perez holds up the dazed Crusher for a missile dropkick by Castillo. Castillo covers and gets the 3 count.

The Batten Twins and The Caribbean Express by pinfall in 12:41 with an assisted missile dropkick.

Barrabas peels Boyd away from los Mercenarios and they start to gt the Crusher out of the ring. Los Mercenarios immediately hit the ring to attack the Caribbean Express from behind. The Battens are quick to intervene, despite already heading for the back. Los Mercenarios retreat and head for the back with no regard for Boyd and the Crusher.

Rickin: It seems the Battens are now even with the Caribbean Express. Both have saved the other from an ambush.

Hugo: Los Mercenarios really had no intention of working together with Boyd and the Crusher!

Rickin: I wonder where that came from.

Hugo: You might be right!

Rickin: We'll never know. We're almost out of time fans. Be sure to tune in next week for another big main event. Owen Hart and los Mercenarios will be taking on Ricky Santana and the Caribbean Express. On our way off the air we will be showing you all of the signed matches that we know will take place on the big July 5th card in Hiram Bathorn Stadium.

Los Invaders vs. Los Pastores in a Street Fight

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Champion Hercules Ayala

Invader 3 vs. Chris Benoit for the NWA Light Heavyweight Championship

Los Super Medicos vs. WWC Caribbean Tag Team Champions los Primos Starr

Dutch Mantell vs. Hangman Bobby Jaggers in a First Blood match

Owen Hart vs. WWC Light Heavyweight Champion Ricky Santana

Gama Singh vs. TNT with El Profe suspended above the ring, if Singh wins he gets 5 minutes with Profe

The Caribbean Express vs. Los Mercenarios

The Batten Twins vs. Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher w/Barrabas

From WCCW Kevin & Kerry Von Erich vs. Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk

From MACW British technician Tony St. Clair vs. Indian wildman Tiger Jeet Singh

From Lutte Jacques Rougeau vs. Keith Hart w/Don Kernodle

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I think it would be pretty cool if Benoit and Owen crossed paths in San Juan...

It's always entertaining when good guy wrestlers go on the Sports Shop.


"...I think both the battery and the rock missed!" :lol:


As always, your patience in letting angles develop is one of the things that makes your booking stand out. Reading this really feels like watching a well-booked 1980s wrestling TV show.

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I really love the old school build to a Supercard. I miss those days where there would be 3 months of anticipation to a huge event, so it's great to see you doing it here in WWC. Batteries and Rocks, being a heel in WWC is not an easy job LOL. Colon seems to be making progress, I wonder if he will be ready by July 5th? The Batten Twins on the Sports Shop was hilarious. Man, I cant wait for TNT/Singh, I have a feeling something big is going to happen there. Invaders/Los Pastores will be one heck of a brawl. Santana defending against Owen is a great addition. Another wild and chaotic end to the main event, adding more heat to the feuds. The tag team scene here is top notch.

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I really love the old school build to a Supercard. I miss those days where there would be 3 months of anticipation to a huge event, so it's great to see you doing it here in WWC. Batteries and Rocks, being a heel in WWC is not an easy job LOL.


On the Back to the Territories with Savio Vega he talks about how young kids would gather up a bunch of rocks and sell them to people going into the shows. I can't tell you how much I loved that little detail and how much it added to my appreciation of the crazy PR fans.

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It is going to be a fun and hot summer in PR in 1986 and it is going to really explode on July the 5th. I said it before but I am really looking forward to the Von Erich vs Funks event... it is going to be something special in PR where the rules may be a bit more laxed than in Texas which is saying something. In regards to PR specific... you've got Bam Bam in a big spot along with Owen in a big spot... then the Invaders and Patores on top. July is going to be a huge month for pro wrestling in 1986.

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I really love the old school build to a Supercard. I miss those days where there would be 3 months of anticipation to a huge event, so it's great to see you doing it here in WWC. Batteries and Rocks, being a heel in WWC is not an easy job LOL.


On the Back to the Territories with Savio Vega he talks about how young kids would gather up a bunch of rocks and sell them to people going into the shows. I can't tell you how much I loved that little detail and how much it added to my appreciation of the crazy PR fans.



Holy crap what a great anecdote that is! It lets the imagination paint such a vivid picture from one specific detail.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Sorry guys, didn't get this done the weekend before and last weekend filled up fast.

Original Airdate: June 13th, 1986

TNT beat Armandito Salgado with the cobra dinamita (cobra clutch).

Los Super Medicos came out to the desk and talked about taking the Caribbean Tag Titles away from the Starrs for the fans.

Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher beat los Tejanos when Boyd hit his three point clothesline whle the Crusher held Tejano 1.

Bobby Jaggers stopped by the Sports Shop and had a lighthearted conversation with Chicky Starr about helping injure Dutch Mantell, the way money can change things for the better and the possibility of joining the Starr Corporation. Chicky Starr also dismissed the chances of los Super Medicos beating him and his cousin Ronnie.

Gama Singh beat Mr. X with a camel clutch while El Profe and TNT watched from the entrance. No post-match activities.

Hercules Ayala came to the desk and talked about respecting Bam Bam Bigelow's actions towards Barrabas. Ayala also talked about the challenges of facing Bam Bam Bigelow when Bigelow didn't have a manager he was disagreeing with distracting him.

Ayala beat El Vikingo with the figure four.

Dutch Mantell came to the desk and talked about Bobby Jaggers being a coward. Dutch talked about Jaggers trying to use Owen Hart to attack him with a foreign object in a match. He knew Jaggers had something planned for July 5th but vowed to be ready for it.

In the main, Owen Hart and los Mercenarios took on Ricky Santana and the Caribbean Express. Santana, Castillo and Perez were hot right away, but Owen went to the eyes and tossed Santana to the floor where los Mercenarios were in their element. Santana eventually got the tag to Castillo, who also got roughed up. Perez got the same after some heel shenanigans, but Santana took the big hot tag and cleared the ring. Santana had Mercenario 2 down with the flying crossbody when Owen and Merc 1 hit the ring and a 6-man brawl started. Abdullah Tamba came to the ring and attacked Santana, leading to a DQ.

Santana was clearly the target of the attack, but Invaders 1, 2 and 3 as well as Hercules Ayala were out to make the save.
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Hey life happens and gets busy. You hit all the highlights here, TNT and Gama both look tuned up for their showdown. I liked the stare down by TNT and El Profe, nice little mind game there. Jaggers and Mantell have strong words for each other. Jaggers joining Starr Corporation could be very interesting. Boyd and Crusher have a strong showing. Fun main event, ending in a brawl. Man I cant wait for Owen/Santana on July 5th!

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Shorter format again, with a highlight and some big stuff in there.

Original Airdate June 20th, 1986

The show opens with the announcement that Carlitos Colon has been cleared to wrestle and his training has begun for the big rematch with Abdullah the Butcher.

Los Super Medicos beat Mr. X & Y with an assisted senton (Medico 1, slamming 2 on top of Mr. Y).

Ricky Santana came out with a Jos LeDuc in a lumberjack outfit.   Jacques Rougeau had recommended this man, Santana said, if any kind of trouble with big men came up.  Since Owen Hart was going to rely on Chicky Starr to supply muscle, Santana went to Canada to find his muscle.  LeDuc said he was impressed with Tamba's agility, but wondered if it would be enough to beat a bigger, stronger, more experienced wrestler.  And if Chicky Starr would have the guts to sign the match.

Santana went to the ring with LeDuc backing him up at ringside.  Ricky Santana beat Armandito Salgado with a flying crossbody and no sign of Owen Hart or Abdullah Tamba was seen. 

(Sports Shop)

The Sports Shop intro plays and we cut to Victor the Bodyguard and Abdullah Tamba on the Sports Shop set.  A voice-over by Hugo Savinovich plays.

Hugo: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the most watched wrestling program in Puerto Rico!!  This is Chicky's Sports Shop and I'm pleased to announce your host, the most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico today, Chicky Starr!!

Chicky walks in wearing his custom suit and his WWC Caribbean Tag Team Title over his shoulder.  He picks up a microphone and sits down.

Chicky: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the most watched program in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr's Sports Shop.  I know my fans are waiting for me to give them news about a certain match being signed, but this week my guest is a man I respect very much.  A man who taught me a lot, Dutch Mantell.

Dutch walks out in a button-up shirt and cowboy hat.  Chicky Starr offers his hand and Dutch hesitates, but shakes.  Dutch sits and picks up a microphone.

Chicky (English): Dirty Dutch Mantell!  It's an honor to have you in my Sports Shop.

Dutch: Can't say I understand.  You know damn well what Bobby Jaggers done to me and you were buddies with him last week.

Chicky: Bobby and I are friends.  I know the two of you are fighting and you've got your reasons.  I respect that.  I don't need to be involved.

Dutch: My recollection is you wanted him to join yer...what'd you call it...corporation?

Chicky: The Starr Corporation, yes.  And I would gladly have both of you, but that's not going to happen.

Dutch: Damn right it ain't. 

Chicky: I just want you to know that I will not come after you, nor will I send anyone to hurt you.

Dutch: And I want you to know that if we end up on opposite sides of the ring, you get no special treatment because of it.

Chicky: I wouldn't expect any.  Now that we have established that I in no way want a fight with you, I want to go back a few years.  I had just broken away from Invader 1 and was very unsure of myself.  You were around and you took me under your wing.

Dutch: I don't know that it went that far.  But you were a young kid and showing you the ropes as much as I could seemed like the right thing to do.

Chicky: And you never kept me away from anyone just so you could steal all the glory.

Dutch: You were too big for yer britches, I'll give you that.  I'm not convinced you ain't still a little too big for yer britches.  But a man's got to learn that on his own.  Ain't my job to hold yer hand.

Chicky: I always liked that about you.  You were honest even when it might come across as mean.  Another thing I always liked, you do what it takes to win.

Dutch: That's the name of the game.  End of the day it don't matter how you get there.

Chicky: Exactly!  Something the Invader 1s and Carlitos Colons of the world won't tell you no matter how much they are willing to live by it!  It's one of the reasons I've always respected you.

Dutch: Y'know, I've been watchin' how you handle yourself since I came back.  You have learned a lot for sure.  But I can't help but think you didn't learn the most important lesson of all.

Chicky: Which is?

Dutch: You paid the Rock'n'Roll RPMs for something them other boys did.  You still got that debt out there.  A man pays his debts, Chicky Starr.  Bobby Jaggers come out here and tells me he had somethin' to do with breakin' my arm.  So I'm gonna take it out of his hide before I do anything else.  And if that yellow coward Austin Idol shows his face I'll be makin' damn sure he pays too.  And just so you know, those buddies of yours, los Mercenarios, they get theirs too.  I ain't comin after you 'cause yer associated with 'em.  Always remember that.  A man pays his debts.  And you got some unpaid debts that you don't know much about yet, but one day you'll figure it out.  G'day.

Dutch gets up and walks off after tipping his hat to Chicky.  Chicky looks thoughtful and gets a dark look on his face.

Chicky: Oh, I mean to repay my debts.  With interest.  Well fans, you're welcome for another great edition of Chicky's Sports Shop!  It was a real treat for me to catch up with one of my first real mentors.  Next week I'll be talking about the most recent challenge I received and my guest will be none other than Abdullah Tamba.  I want to address the news that Carlitos Colon has been cleared to wrestle and the rematch with Abdullah the Butcher is official.  I am in no way responsible for whatever might happen to Carlitos Colon in this match.  He goes in knowing that Abdullah the Butcher intends to maim him in whatever way possible and take Carlitos Colon out of wrestling.  That's all for the Sports Shop this week, please don't be too disappointed by the rest of the show.

(End Sports Shop)

The Caribbean Express beat los Assassins with a Perez suplex/Castillo crossbody off the top combo.

Barrabas was at the desk talking about how Boyd and the Crusher were firing on all cylinders and the Batten Twins couldn't hope to beat a team that good.  Rickin questioned whether or not Barrabas might be underestimating the Battens.  Barrabas then proceeded to tell Rickin how much he hated the disrespectful tone he was spoken to in interviews before storming off.

Abdullah Tamba destroyed Tejano 1 before winning by countout after a tope in just over 2 minutes.

Owen Hart and Bobby Jaggers stopped by the desk to talk about how Dutch Mantell was a crybaby and Ricky Santana was a coward who needed to hide behind a 280 pound lumberjack.  Both went on to describe themselves as "the toughest man ever to wrestle in Puerto Rico" (Jaggers) and "the best technical wrestler in Puerto Rico today" (Owen).

Hart, Jaggers and TNT with El Profe were on one side of the main event with Ricky Santana, Gama Singh and Dutch Mantell on the other.  Profe handed Owen something early on and he went after Dutch with it, which led to Santana hitting the ring and a 6-man brawl breaking out.  Referee Victor Quinonez was close to calling the match when TNT and Gama Singh ended up back in the ring.  The brawl continued on in the ring with all six men tagging in and out.  Owen and Santana ended up in the ring and traded a few nearfalls on roll-ups.  Santana, who had slammed Owen on the outside to great reaction earlier, hit a dropkick and was setting up a fisherman's suplex.  Owen got an inside cradle with a generous handful of tights for the 3 count.  

Owen, Jaggers and TNT all left ringside without any further fighting.  Jaggers held up Owen's arm in victory in the aisle as Santana fumed in the ring, Dutch trying to calm him down.

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Colon has been cleared! Watch out Abdullah because I'm sure Colon will be a man focused on sheer revenge. Santana bringing in Leduc is a very smart move. Really enjoyed the Sports Shop and the history there. Good TV wins for the Caribbean Express and Tamba. Another fun main event with Owen pulling out a pin on Santana. This gives Owen some good momentum heading into the big event. 

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LeDuc had a championship run in the WWC in 1986 in real life, so it's extra cool to see him turning up here now. 

 I also enjoyed the conversation between Dutch and Chicky. Nobody is yelling. Nobody is getting belligerent. But: It's clear that some violent stuff is about to go down. 



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Haven't been feeling up to all of the dialogue the last few weeks.  It will come back eventually.

Original Airdate June 27th, 1986

Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher beat los Assassins with an assisted three point clothesline.

Owen Hart came to the desk for an interview, calling Ricky Santana a coward again for bringing in Jos LeDuc.  Rickin pointed out that Owen had first had Abdullah Tamba attck Santana, which Owen denied having any involvement in.  Owen said he was going to show the world that he was the better wrestler than Ricky Santana on July 5th.

TNT beat Mr. Z with the cobra dinamita (cobra clutch).  Gama Singh came to the entrance during the match.  Singh made a move towards the ring when El Profe had TNT keep the hold on after the bell, but the hold was released before he got halfway to the ring.

Abdullah Tamba was in the Sports Shop.  Chicky talked about how he and his cousin Ronnie were going to embarass los Super Medicos in the main event tonight so badly they wouldn't bother showing up on July 5th, Owen Hart's innocence in Abdullah Tamba's attack on Ricky Santana, and Carlitos Colon's idiocy for challenging ABdullah the Butcher.  He also talked about how tonight Abdullah Tamba would show all of the fans how superior he was to an old Canadian lumberjack whose time had passed years ago.   The match between LeDuc and Tamba has been signed for July 5th.

The Caribbean Express beat Armandito Salgado & Domingo Robles with a vertical suplex/flying crossbody combination.

The Batten Twins came to the desk and talked about how they were going to prove to Barrabas and all of the great fans that they belonged in the WWC on July 5th.  

Hangman Bobby Jaggers beat Tejano with a hangman's neckbreaker.  Dutch Mantell came running out after the bell sounded and the two men brawled around the ring, avoiding foreign objects.  Victor the Bodyguard ran out with a baseball bat and hit Dutch from behind, setting up a two on one beating of Dutch.

Los Super Medicos were at the desk talking about how they felt ready for the Starrs.  The Starrs are taking them for granted and that will work in their favor.

In the main event, Jos LeDuc and los Super Medicos took on Abdullah Tamba and los Primos Starr, the WWC Caribbean Tag Champs.  LeDuc and the Medicos started hot, but Medico 1 fell victim to a tumble to the floor when Chicky pulled the top rope down as he was about to hit the ropes.  He took quite a beating but managed to tag in LeDuc, who cleaned house (including Tamba).  Things broke down when LeDuc followed Tamba outside and the Starrs started in on him.  Los Super Medicos evened the odds on the floor and the match ended when Chicky Starr took a chair shot from Super Medico 2 before being rolled into the ring by 1 and pinned for the 1, 2, 3.  LeDuc and Tamba brawled to the back as a bloody Chicky Starr shouted angrily at los Super Medicos from the ring.

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Great brawl between Dutch and Jaggers. I also loved the avoided foreign objects line. Good tension building between TNT and Gama. I'm really looking forward to Owen and Santana. Wow, Chicky takes a chair shot and gets pinned. Perfect set up for the Starr's title match against Medicos. The build to July 5th has been a wild ride! 

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