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2018 Project?


2018 Project?  

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  1. 1. Would people on the PWO board be interested into a 2018 Project

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As some of you know, I'm currently having a blast with the 1983 Project as we're having tons of fun with the stuff we're doing. But I was curious to know if some people here would be interested  - and believe it'd be feasible - to add a 2018 Project to the Armchair Booking section. Of course, we could modify the rules and guidelines to reflect the current state of wrestling today  but I'm just kicking rocks to gauge people's interest.

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1 minute ago, JHawk said:

This could be really interesting depending on how it's set up.

Like I said, that's why I'm posting the thread. To take people's suggestions and set it up as we can all be comfortable with it. The trickiest part would be rosters, given that indy talents are working several promotions at the same time, we could have to find a way to make this work. I'm definitely not excluding any part of the world, like if some people would like to book Japanese or English promotions for instance.

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As an indicator of how I was seeing things, if this comes to fruition, I would run Impact Wrestling. No draft to start. You take the current roster as it is and you tweak it the way you want it to. I'd definitely be encouraging special free agent bookings, legends appearances and working agreements. The objective would be to run it as smoothly as we could do it IRL.

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Yeah, that's why I went with 2018. There are lots of choices that'd be available for everyone everywhere: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Europe. For instance, I'm more comfortable running Impact Wrestling than I'd be with current WWE with the roster split and everything. You'd pick whatever promotion and start from there. You build your roster and schedule as you wish.

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9 minutes ago, JHawk said:

You could also split WWE into specific brands (if necessary) where one person does Raw, one does SmackDown, and one does NXT.  Unless someone is bold enough to do all three, in which case, I salute you, whoever you are.

That's was definitely one of the caveats we discussed. At least 2 people for the WWE with a third if they wanted NXT. I'd be up for doing a major brand and working with someone else on it for sure.

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I hadn't seen this thread for a while but looks like we could give it a go and have some people join in in the process later.

Should we do a roll call to see who'd be officially in? So far, it would be:




EDIT: LowBlow is starting up another project on another board (which I'll take a part of as well) so he's out. Right now, I suggest to wait again to see if it generates more sustained interest.

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