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Portland Wrestling August 1986


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Summer Gold 1986

Live August 3rd from Veterans Memorial Coliseum 

Attendance 12,000

Los Villanos (Villano 3,4,5) (Mexico) vs. Masahiro Chono, Hiroshi Hase, Kensuke Sasaki (Japan)


Chono and Villano 4 start us off. Hase comes in and hooks a sleeper. Villano 4 reaches for the ropes but when that fails he twists and turns it in to a side suplex. Villano 3 comes in and gets a small reaction but it’s more than anyone else has gotten. He cleans house but Chono stops him cold. Chono and Sasaki make quick tags keeping Villano 3 from his corner. Villano 3 hits Rolling Kick allows him to get the tag. Villano 5 comes in but gets cut off quickly as Sasaki and company work on Villano 5’s leg as the tagging gets quicker. All three work over Villano 5 and he’s in trouble. He gets a nice dropkick though to bring in Villano 3 who hits a middle rope moonsault to Chono gets two for Villano 3. The Villano’s take it to Chono until Chono turns the tide with a spinbuster. Hase gets a top rope Hart Attack style clothesline to take down Villano 3 for the 3

Winners; Chono, Hase, Sasaki (15.26)

Tiger Chung Lee vs. Mike Graham

The bell rings and Graham immediately takes it to the mat and puts on a leg lock. Off to a chinlock on Tiger but Tiger comes back with a top wristlock. Both men continue to work on arms. Tiger takes it to the corner and bends the arm around the ropes before being reversed into a drop toehold from Graham. Back up and we get a test of strength which literally goes on for two minutes. Graham takes over with another armbar before trying his Figure Four, sending Tiger into the ropes.

Tiger grabs a headlock as we’re somehow nine minutes into this match and still firmly in first gear. Both men continue trading headlocks and arm holds. Tiger puts on another headlock and shouts about Graham pulling his trunks. Graham fights out and goes for the knee. The Figure Four goes on in the middle of the ring but Tiger easily makes the rope. Mike tries an atomic drop and a rollup in the corner but Tiger throws his feet on the ropes for the pin to win the match. Graham jumps straight up and complains to the referee.

Winner; Tiger Chun Lee (11.43)

Pretty Young Things vs Zambuie Express

Koko and Akeem start things off as Koko tries to get the Akeem off his feet but can't find a way to match the strength of the Express who use frequent tags to work over Koko in their corner showing off some real tag team expertise. Koko is thrown to the corner and Kareem whips Akeem to the ropes but Koko moves and Akeem hits the corner! Koko crawls between the legs of the Kareem to make the tag and Norvell comes in with a pair of clotheslines for both Kareem and Akeem! Kareem is reeling and Norvell scoops him up and slams him! Akeem runs at Norvell who gives him a BELLY TO BELLY! Akeem is down and Norvell is looking strong as he throws Kareem to the ropes and hits a huge Powerslam! 1...2....3 The Crowd goes wild as the PYT’s celebrate.

Winners; Pretty Young Things (8.56)


Pacific Northwest Tag Title Tournament Final

Heavenly Bodies(w/Johnny V) vs Lighting Express

Match to air on August 4th Portland Wrestling.


Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title

30 Man Gauntlet for the Gold

Match to air on August 4th Portland Wrestling.


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I agree with Edger, love the show and easy to follow. Nice opener and strong finish as the Japanese team gets the win. Tiger Chung Lee gets a solid win over Graham with a classic heel tactic. PYT's literally get a huge win over the Zambuie Express. So far Summer Gold has been a lot of fun. The Heavenly Bodies/Lightning Express match should be an exciting one. Cant wait for the Gauntlet Match and find out who will be crowned Champion. 

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Really good 6-man tag opener with Japan vs. Mexico.  Despite the fact that nobody in your crowd knew who any of them were it would have had the crowd rolling.  I like the contrast that follows with the slow, deliberate pace of Lee and Graham.  Big, big win for the PYTs and I can't wait for the rest of the card.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the opening match. A solid match that you might expect to see in UWA Mexico or Japan. I wouldn't mind seeing more from these 6, in tag matches or singles mixing it up. Excellent group of talent to give the fans a taste of the international flavor.

Graham certainly has a good argument after Tiger stole the victory here. After the high impact opener it made sense to slow things down here in a more methodical style of match. 

I love me some PYT's as much as the next guy, but I just can't see Norvell power slamming the gargantuan Kareem Muhammad circa 86. Ray Candy was one big man by the mid 80's. 

Looking forward to reading the double main if you continue forward with this territory. Both matches sound exciting.

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