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It's been an eventful couple of days in the offices of Can-Am Pro Wrestling. After securing syndicated TV deals both in Canada and in the United States, CAPW is proud to announce the nomination of the legendary "Bullet" Bob Armstrong as law and order's representative within the promotion. And the Bullet has been hard at work to make things happen right away as we can now announce our first dates.

Can-Am Pro will make its debut on Saturday, August 1st live from the Multiplex in Warrensville Heights, OH and for the occasion, Bullet Bob has announced that there will be a one night 8-team tournament to be contested under Lethal Lottery Rules! The entrants aren't known yet but there will be 4 qualifiers during the night with the winners facing each other in a 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Dance to crown the first Can-Am Tag Team Championship

Armstrong also confirmed that the first TV tapings will take place the next night, August 2nd, at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, ON. During the tapings, CAPW will crown its first Can-Am TV Champion in a 5-Way Elimination Match. 4 of the 5 have already been appointed: "No Gimmicks Needed" Chris Candido, Genichiro Tenryu, Joey Matthews and "The Bad Man from Borger, TX", "The Lariat" Stan Hansen! Whoever the final entrant is, he better be ready because it won't be easy!

So, come join us next week for the beginning of a new adventure!

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Can-Am is really getting off to a fast start!  Armstrong is stepping right in to the deep end, and we'll have ready made champs in the first week.  I love that the matches are going to be of the fast-paced, exciting kind.  I normally prefer slower builds (as you'll see in my writing) but we are each unique and with these types of matches, the champs will have definitely earned their belts.

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August 1st, 2000

Multiplex, Warrensville Heights, OH


-To open the show, the commissioner of Can-Am Pro Wrestling, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong presents the Can-Am Tag Team Championship that will be awarded to the winners of the main event tonight. He reminds the fans in attendance that no one knows who they'll be paired with and who they'll face.

Can-Am Pro Tag Team Tournament Round 1: Mohammed Yone & Mike Awesome beat Axl Rotten & Bruce Hart in 13:03 after an Awesome Bomb on Rotten. Postmatch, Rotten demands for 5 more minutes to get another shot at Awesome & Yone but the only response he gets is a 2nd Awesome Bomb!

Before the next match starts, Joey Styles from his announce position tells the viewers watching on tape that "The Franchise" Shane Douglas was supposed to team with Francine in a mixed tag match against Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty but he isn't here yet. Bullet Bob has appointed Crash Holly to replace him!

-Beulah McGillicutty & Tommy Dreamer beat Crash Holly & Francine in 10:24 when Beulah pinned Crash following a Dreamer DDT! Of course, we had the mandatory cat fight portion of the match between Beulah and Francine!

Can-Am Pro Tag Team Tournament Round 1: "The Model" Rick Martel & "Séduisant" Sylvain Grenier beat Marty Jannetty & Perro Aguayo Jr in 11:44 after Martel submitted Aguayo Jr to the Québec Crab. Ted Dibiase came out during the match and took a closer look at the action...

Can Am Pro Tag Team Tournament Round 1: Bob Backlund & Kamala (w/Kimchee) beat Adam Flash & Dr. Wagner Jr in 16:37 after Backlund submitted Wagner with the Crossface Chicken Wing. Wagner suffered a back injury during the match but will be reevaluated in the next 24 hours.

In the ring

Joey Styles has left his ringside position to come to the ring.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, earlier tonight we were supposed to have "The Franchise" Shane Douglas team with Francine to face The Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer and Beulah in a mixed tag team match but conspicuous by his absence was The Franchise. Obviously, we all want to get to the bottom of this so hopefully, maybe that my next guests could provide us with some clarity. Triple Threat members, Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido!

(Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Candido and Francine make their way to the ring, Francine still a bit banged up from her match a few moments ago. Candido holds the rope for Francine and the rest of the trio enters the ring.)

Joey Styles: Now, Chris, we've known each other for years and we've known The Franchise for the same amount of time and we both know that whenever he has the opportunity to make a statement, he never fails to do so....except tonight. So, do you have any knowledge of Shane Douglas' whereabouts?

Chris Candido: Wait, who do you think I am, Nostradamus? Do I look like I know everything? Shane doesn't tell me everything he does, neither does he tell Bammer or Francine! Besides, I had a bit of a flu earlier this week so I wasn't even in shape to ask around!

Joey Styles: It's August, for Christ' sakes! How do you catch the flu in August?

Chris Candido: Hey, I have a fragile immune system, OK?

(Bam Bam tries to calm down Candido and sets him aside. Bam Bam takes a step to speak to Joey Styles)

Bam Bam Bigelow: I'll handle this, Chris. To answer your question, Joey Styles, no, I don't know where Shane was tonight and I wish I knew about it but that's another story for another time. One thing is for sure and it's that we all have the same goal in mind and that's to rid Tommy Dreamer of professional wrestling. In fact, I have an offer for him if he shows up right now.

(Tommy Dreamer doesn't wait around as he makes his way to the ring with Beulah, still in her fighting gear from earlier tonight. Dreamer remains cautious and makes sure that Beulah stays as much out of harm's way as possible.)

Tommy Dreamer: Bam Bam, first, I'm gonna call you out on your bullshit. Not about that so-called offer that you're about to make me but about Shane Douglas' whereabouts. We both know he's here somewhere and I'm seeing through whatever you guys are trying to pull. So cut the crap and get him here right now!

Bam Bam Bigelow: Look, man, I swear that I don't know where Shane is. But if he were here, we would agree on the same thing and it's that this promotion....no...pro wrestling in general isn't big enough for all of us. I'll be damned if I let you hog the spotlight any more than you did in your entire career. Better yet, if I can't beat you, then, I don't deserve to wrestle anymore, period.

Joey Styles: Wait a second, Bam Bam Bigelow, are you suggesting that you would put your illustrious career on the line against Tommy Dreamer?

Bam Bam Bigelow: You damn right, that's exactly what I said, Joey. Like I just said, Can-Am Pro isn't big enough for the Triple Threat and Tommy Dreamer so one of us has to go! Dreamer, I'm not joking here.

Tommy Dreamer: Well, guess what, Bam Bam, I'm not joking either when it comes to this business. I've put my blood, sweat and tears for 10 years now; I've been given the opportunity by Bob Armstrong to carry this company as far as my body can possibly allow me to so trust me when I say this, there'll be a cold day in hell before I let you, Candido and Shane Doug--- AAAAAAAAAAH!

The Franchise Shane Douglas Tribute Site

(IT'S "THE FRANCHISE" SHANE DOUGLAS JUMPING TOMMY DREAMER FROM BEHIND! The Triple Threat are putting the boots to Dreamer as the crowd loudly boos them. Bam Bam picks up Dreamer and his Greetings From Asbury Park on him. Shane Douglas grabs Dreamer by the hair and motions for Joey Styles to toss him the mic.)

Shane Douglas: Joey Styles was right about one thing; The Franchise always finds a way to make a statement when the bright lights shine on him. Don't worry, Dreamer, Bam Bam won't need to put his career on the line against you because we're gonna make sure that you don't have one anymore. Consider this your first and last warning; and this goes for you too, Bullet Bob Armstrong; The Franchise is a patient man but I won't wait for too long before you hand me what I deserve and that's the honor of being the first Can-Am Pro Heavyweight Champion! I trust that you'll make the right choice, old man and be a bit less overzealous as Tommy Boy was!

(Shane Douglas delivers a couple of right hands on Dreamer before exiting the ring with the rest of The Triple Threat. Beulah checks on Tommy as he struggles to get up and leave the ring on his own...)

-Terry Funk beats Hardcore Holly in 10:28 with the Spinning Toe Hold

(From his announce position, we join Joey Styles)

Joey Styles: We're about to get to our final first round match in the Can-Am Pro Tag Team Tournament and we received footage from Mikey Whipwreck who seems to have a few things on his mind.

(Cut to a zoom-in of a Mikey Whipwreck picture from when he won the ECW World Heavyweight championship in 1995. The camera pans back and Mikey holds the picture in one hand and he has a lighter on the other.)

Mikey Whipwreck: Memories. We hold them dear to our hearts. We cherish them. They make us smile. But sometimes, they hurt. They hurt bad. This was supposed to be the greatest moment of my life. That night, I walked out a World champion. But at the end of the day, it didn't change anyone's perception about me. Not a damn bit. They still saw me as the crash test dummy they could pummel on mercilessly for the hell of it. And I know that some people will say "But Mikey, why does it matter? You did accomplish something great. You're a Triple Crown champion. How many can say that, right?" The old Mikey would've said "You're right, sir. Thanks for cheering me up." But the new Mikey would've punched you in the mouth and snap your freaking neck! You don't have to live with that perception of myself, the way I did for so long! I'm no one's punching bag! NO ONE'S PUNCHING BAG, DO YOU HEAR ME? So, this is why I need to turn the page and let the new Mikey Whipwreck speak and act for himself. I will let the old Mikey burn in hell and let the new Mikey make everyone else my punching bags. I've entered this tag team tournament and I'll be damned if I don't win it!

(Mikey lights up the picture and throws it on the floor before walking away)

Can-Am Pro Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1: "The Rookie Monster" Rhino (w/Stephanie McMahon) & "The Jersey City Dragon" Dixie beat Mikey Whipwreck & "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton (Pro Wrestling International) in 16:25 when Rhino pinned Bobby Eaton after the Gore!

No time to celebrate because "Bullet" Bob Armstrong comes out and announces that the Finals start RIGHT NOW: 4-Way Elimination Tag Match to crown the winners and first tag team champions!

Can-Am Tag Team Championship Finals: Mohammed Yone & Mike Awesome beat "The Model" Rick Martel & "Séduisant" Sylvain Grenier, Bob Backlund & Kamala (w/Kimchee) and "The Rookie Monster" Rhino (w/Stephanie McMahon) & "The Jersey City Dragon" Dixie in 43:23

Order of Elimination:

-Sylvain Grenier by submission from Bob Backlund at 19:16

-Dixie by Mike Awesome at 31:02 following an Awesome Bomb. After the match, Rhino attacked Awesome and Gored him through a table, forcing Awesome to be out of the match, leaving Mohammed Yone to fend for himself.

-Kamala by Mohammed Yone at 43:23 after a small package

After the match, Bullet Bob Armstrong presented Mohammed Yone with both Can-Am Pro Tag Team Championship belts with Joey Styles saying on commentary he was hoping to get an update on Mike Awesome's condition as soon as possible! Yone celebrates with fans at ringside to close this opening Can-Am Pro event!


PUROLOVE.comMike Awesome | WWE Wiki | Fandom

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In an attempt to bring more unpredictability and excitement to the promotion, Can-Am Pro Commisionner "Bullet" Bob Armstrong has announced the birth of special events called Open Borders, with the first chapter to take place on August 11th from the London Gardens in London, Ontario. The concept is simple; Bob Armstrong will be waiting phone calls from various wrestlers from all promotions (OOC; basically, DM me!) to take part in the event. The caveat? Until bell time, none of the invitees will actually know in which match he will take part! For the first Open Borders, Bob Armstrong only hinted at this:

-There will be 5 spots available on the card.

-3 of them will be for a 4-Way Dance for the Can-Am Pro Tag Team Championship; with 1 entrant being Hayabusa's tag team partner in the match

-One slot will be reserved for the main event, with this invitee being Stan "The Lariat" Hansen's tag team partner against Donovan Morgan & Axl Rotten

-The final slot will be awarded to a match against "the Jersey City Dragon", Dixie.

Who will be the lucky draws? Only Bullet Bob knows! Join us on August 11th!

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Finally getting around to reading all the other promotions now and I'm way into your concept for the opening show. I love lethal lotteries and some of those teams should definitely be sticking around in the future (looking at Martel and Grenier which feels like a great midcard heel team) and you had a hot angle to establish Triple Threat in the middle of the show. Good stuff leading into your TV.

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August 2nd, Hershey Centre, Mississauga, ON

Attendance: 2,839


CAN-AM TV Episode #1

Airing on August 8th

Most of the show featured clips from the Can-Am Pro Tag Tournament that took place in Warrensville Heights, OH in which Mohammed Yone & Mike Awesome became the first ever Can-Am Pro Tag Team Championship. Much emphasis was also put on Rhino Goring Mike Awesome through a table, with his business manager Stephanie McMahon cheering him on.

A vignette hyping the debut of "Can-Am's hottest new idem", Erik Watts & Simply Luscious was aired. Joey Styles announced that Watts would be making his first appearance with Can-Am Pro when the promotion debuts at the Colisée Jean-Béliveau in Longueuil, QC on August 9th

-Joey Matthews beat Ulf Hermann in 9:59 with the Virginia Necktie


CAN-AM TV Episode #2

Airing on August 15th

The show started with a mock funeral for Mike Awesome with Stephanie McMahon, playing the fake sorrowed widow, and her client, "The Rookie Monster" Rhino. Stephanie saying it was a shame that Awesome's run - and career - in Can-Am Pro was as short as it did but that's what happens when you cross paths with a war machine like her Rookie Monster and meal ticket that is Rhino. She and Rhino are thinking like one and they're all about destroying the competition in this company and this is what they'll do with Bruce Hart on next week's episode!

-Hardcore Holly defeated Negro Casas (Pro Wrestling OUTLAW) in 11:25 with the Alabama Slam

-Terry Funk defeated Winston Jephson in 7:54 with the Spinning Toe Hold. Funk was supposed to wrestle Dr. Wagner Jr but because of his back injury suffered on August 1st, he wasn't cleared to compete in time for the TV tapings.

Can-Am Pro TV Championship: Carl Ouellet (mystery entrant) wins the 5-Way Elimination Dance to become the first Can-Am Pro TV Champion in 15:53

Order of Elimination:

Genichiro Tenryu by Stan Hansen with a Lariat

Joey Matthews by Chris Candido with the Blonde Bombshell

Chris Candido by Stan Hansen with a Lariat

Stan Hansen was eliminated after interference from a hooded man, who used the Can-Am Pro TV Championship belt to knock out Hansen, allowing Ouellet to score the pinfall upset victory. Who was that mystery man?


CAN-AM TV Episode 3

Airing on August 22nd

The show started with Joey Styles in the ring, interviewing Hardcore Holly

Joey Styles: At this time, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring, Hardcore Holly!

(Hardcore Holly makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction, with more boos than cheers. That doesn't seem to phase Holly whatsoever; in fact, he feels very confident.)

Joey Styles: Alright, Hardcore Holly, you certainly made quite an impression last week on this program by defeating the figurehead of our sister promotion, Pro Wrestling OUTLAW in Negro Casas and I don't think there's a doubt in your mind that your abilities can bring you to the top here in Can-Am Pro Wrestling.

Hardcore Holly: Well, Joey Styles, if I had any doubt, I wouldn't be here. Hell, I wouldn't be wrestling, period. When you got confidence in yourself and you know all the right people, it makes al the difference in the world. This is what it takes to ensure your way to the top of the mountain. It's all about who you know.

Joey Styles: All about who you know?

Hardcore Holly: C'mon, Joey, don't play dumb. You know exactly what I mean. You're a wrestling nerd, you should know about the history between myself and our esteemed Commissioner, the one and only "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. He and I go way back. He gave me a big break in the business and I got to thank him for that. But now, it soon gonna be his turn to thank me when he makes me the first Can-Am Heavyweight Champion and that I make this promotion go international.

Joey Styles: Do you honestly believe that Bob Armstrong will hand you that championship like you're over everybody else? You know this isn't how it works here!

Hardcore Holly: See, that's where you're wrong, Joey Styles. YOU don't know how it works. Bob Armstrong has been like a father to me for so long; he loves me like I was one of his own sons and he's treating me like one of them so I'm gonna make him even prouder when he makes me the Can-Am Heavyweight Champion and I'll carry this title with pride. And maybe I'll get to defend it as you said, in our sister promotion OUTLAW and show them who's the best wrestler on the whole damn planet. Now, I know that Bullet Bob doesn't want me to steal his thunder so I'm gonna let him make that announcement himself. Bob, I'll be waiting with open arms and a big smile on my face, my man!

(Hardcore Holly leaves the ring to a chorus of boos as Joey Styles runs the card for tonight's episode.)

-Bruce Hart upsets Rhino in 14:24 after Rhino accidentally missing a Gore and knocking himself out by hitting a chair positioned between 2 turnbuckles that Stephanie McMahon had inserted there. With a segment airing after the next commercial break, Stephanie and Rhino get into a huge fight with Rhino blaming Stephanie for his loss and says that this isn't gonna work at all. Rhino says he's gonna go to Bullet Bob's office and give him his notice! Stephanie is completely devastated...

-In the TV main event, Adam Flash & Tommy Dreamer (w/Beulah McGillicutty) beat "The Prospect" Donovan Morgan & Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Francine) in 28:42 after a Dreamer DDT on Bigelow. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas was at commentary for the match with Joey Styles and it was mentioned that Donovan Morgan was a prospect for The Triple Threat. After the match, there was a staredown between Douglas and Dreamer from the ring area but no physical confrontation.... 

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Wow, a lot happened since my last check-in with Can-Am Pro.  The tag title tournament was fun and I am curious to see how many of these teams stay together, if any (outside of the champs, of course!) 

I find the Hardcore Holly stuff intriguing, since he lost his match against Terry Funk amidst the tag title tournament.  So to my thinking, if he does get favorable treatment, Funk might not be too thrilled about that.  It seems like you are subtly positioning Terry Funk as a top guy as he has been doing a lot of winning so far.

Stephanie is also someone being positioned pretty prominently.  But has she lost her meal ticket?  I am really interested to see if Rhino is serious or if this is part of a bigger plan of some sort.

And of course, perhaps most importantly, I can't wait to see Dreamer and Douglas explode.  I hope you slow build this, it could be a major event.

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August 5th, Brooks Stadium, Paducah, KY

Attendance: 903

-Sylvain Grenier (w/Rick Martel) beat Can-Am Tag Team Champion Mike Awesome in 8:20 after a distraction from Rick Martel

-Crash Holly beat Donovan Morgan in 14:34

Pro Wrestling OUTLAW Special Attraction, 1st Round Match in PWO Title Tournament: Super Crazy beat Blue Panther in 15:20 with the Triple Moonsault

Can-Am Pro vs PWO: The Hardy Boyz beat The Triple Threat (Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido) in 37:07 after a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy to Bam Bam Bigelow

3-Way Tag Match: Money International (Marty Jannetty & Perro Aguayo Jr, w/Ted Dibiase) beat Badd Company & Kai En Tai (Dick Togo & Shiryu) in 16:57 after Jannetty pinned Tanaka

-Tommy Dreamer & Kamala (w/Beulah McGillicutty & Kimchee) beat Terry Funk & Sabu (PWO) in 19:06 after a Dreamer DDT by Dreamer on Sabu.

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This sounds like a fun show to watch, with our first interpromotional event.

Money International really intrigues me as a tag team.  Aguayo and Jannetty would be a fun combination to watch, and once they developed some chemistry, might just be the dark horse team in Can-Am to carry the division.  Speaking of tag teams, 37 minutes of Hardyz vs. Triple Threat sounds kind of epic.

Quick RIP shout-out to Kamala!  And it seems like Tommy Dreamer is really being positioned as a top guy in Can-Am, winning the main event at this show against worthy competition.

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Glad to take part in the first joint show, and it seems like it would be a super fun card overall. Martel and Grenier is a super fun heel team at this era with a cool mentor/student feel to it, and them as threads to Yone and Awesome is a good play. The Hardys/Triple Threat match would be quite a spectacle, and good to see my boys scoring a big win. Also nice to see Togo and Shiryu get a good showing, while building up the interesting Jannetty/Aguayo team. And I imagine that main event would be an absolutely crazy brawl that would be awesome fun.

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I would love to see that main event tag team match with dreamer and Kamala teaming up. I always thought there was a little bit of flare in Kamala working baby face.I have a good appreciation for how you're trying to get some of the promotions together here and I like the quick hit to keep your things going forward. your things going forward.

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August 9th, Colisée Jean-Béliveau, Longueuil, QC 

Attendance: 1870

-Kamala (w/Kimchee) beat Adam Flash in 12:39

-Badd Company beat "The Prospect" Donovan Morgan & Bam Bam Bigelow in 22:13 after Tanaka pinned Morgan after a Stun Gun.

-"Séduisant" Sylvain Grenier (w/Rick "The Model" Martel) beat Marty Jannetty in 13:38. After the match, Grenier & Martel are attacked by Perro Aguayo & Ulf Hermann, as Ted Dibiase looks on. Ted Dibiase takes the house mic and introduces the Can-Am Pro faithfuls to his newest enterprise, Money International. Jannetty doesn't seem too thrilled about it but he looks to follow Dibiase's stable anyway...

-Joey Styles comes in the ring to interview Can-Am Pro's newest acquisitions, Erik Watts and his valet, Simply Luscious

Joey Styles: Erik Watts, it certainly is interesting to see you here in Can-Am Pro as a lot of questions have always been asked about your true potential in this business. A lot of people are saying that you only got your break because you were the son of "Cowboy" Bill Watts. Some say that you just couldn't live up to the pressure that walking in the shoes of your father. What are you saying to those people?

Erik Watts: Well, first, thanking me for being here wouldn't have killed you, Joey Styles. Second of all, I couldn't care less what those people are saying. Those basement dwelling geeks have no idea what it is like to be growing up around the pro wrestling industry. So they can keep on drinking their Coca-Cola and their Doritos all they want. The fact is they'll never be me. I need very few people to believe in me. I don't need you. I don't need those idiots here or watching this tape, whenever they will do so. Hell, I don't even need my old man's approval. I - COULDN'T - CARE - LESS. I need only 2 people; myself and this lovely lady here, Simply Luscious. This right here is the most beautiful woman in the world. So Francine and Beulah can kiss her ass, for all we care.

Joey Styles: Wow, you're confident considering --

Erik Watts: Considering what, Joey Styles? That I haven't accomplished anything in the business, is that what you were about to say? Well trust me when I say this, you're all gonna wish I never entered the business once I'm through with this promotion because I'm gonna make everyone's life a living hell around here. Just watch me!

(Watts & Luscious abruptly end the interview and they head to the back)

-Terry Funk beat Bob Backlund in 10:25

-Hardcore Holly beat Hayabusa in 17:08

-In the main event, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas beat Stan "The Lariat" Hansen in 8:18 after interference from Bam Bam Bigelow & Donovan Morgan.


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*Most of the card was untaped matches for the crowd specifically featuring Tommy Dreamer, Can-Am Tag Champs Mike Awesome & Mohammed Yone & The Triple Threat among others. During the TV show, the 3-Way Tag from Basebrawl (Jannetty/Aguayo vs Badd Company vs Hardy Boyz) was shown in its entirety

-Before the exclusive match taped in Flint, Terry Funk comes out for the match and talks about how he has done about everything that you can think of in pro wrestling, and some of those, he hasn't done in a while. Funk says that the crowd probably doesn't know this but he took part in 2 Hair vs Hair matches in his life and won them both (against Gary Hart in 1966 and Shoji Nakamaki in 1994) and he feels like he wants to tempt the devil again. Funk says he's got an open contract for the supercard at the Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City on August 29th and he's challenging anyone to put their hair on the line against him. Funk says he doesn't know if he'd look good bald but he wants to add another accolade to his career.

10-Person Tag Team Match: Kamala, Elektra, Terry Funk, "Séduisant" Sylvain Grenier & "The Model" Rick Martel (w/Kimchee) beat Braith Chapman, Isaac Lukeson, Drummond Chambers, Jackie Scriven & Theo Hughes.

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I have never heard of someone putting their hair up in an open challenge, but Terry Funk is middle aged and crazy and showing it.  I love it!

I like that you are pushing Kamala, and your use of Marty Jannetty so far has intrigued me, too.  His tag team and now reluctantly joining Money International.  Be curious to see where his character arc is going.

I think someone is going to shut Erik Watts up, but he certainly is oozing arrogance.

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August 11th, London Gardens, London, ON

Attendance: 3939

Opening up the show, Can-Am Pro commissioner "Bullet" Bob Armstrong comes to the ring. Tonight was supposed to be the first Open Borders event for the promotion but Armstrong announces that unfortunately, no promoter or wrestler had offered to participate in the event so it is being postponed to an undetermined date. There's a bit of shuffling on the card that is being made because of this; what was supposed to be a 4-Way Elimination Tag Match will now be a straight up tag match for the Can-Am Pro Tag Team Championship between Mohammed Yone & Mike Awesome and the team of Terry Funk & Masato Tanaka. Hayabusa who was supposed to be in that 4-way tag is being moved to the main event slot as he'll team with Stan "The Lariat" Hansen in the main event against the team of "The Prospect" Donovan Morgan and Axl Rotten. And finally, Dixie will still face an opponent to be determined a bit later in the show.

-"The Franchise" Shane Douglas (w/Francine) beat Perro Aguayo Jr (w/Ted Dibiase) in 15:44 with the Belly-to-Belly Suplex

-In an open challenge, Mike Barton defeated Dixie in 7:37. Erik Watts made his way to the ring during the match with his valet, Simply Luscious, but only observed from afar.

-Hardcore Holly beat Mikey Whipwreck in 8:45

Can-Am Pro Tag Team Championship: Mohammed Yone & Mike Awesome beat Terry Funk & Masato Tanaka in 22:48 to retain after a Super Awesome Bomb from Awesome to Tanaka

-Marty Jannetty (w/Ted Dibiase) beat Carl Ouellet in 10:48

-Stan "The Lariat" Hansen & Hayabusa beat "The Prospect" Donovan Morgan & Axl Rotten in 9:03 after a Lariat from Hansen to Morgan

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Another solid show, which is impressive considering the card reshuffling.  

Interesting match for Erik Watts to want to get a peek at.  I still want to see where you are going with Jannetty.  In a previous fed I ran, I was going to give him a pretty big push but it never materialized.

I like the dichotomy between the two tag matches.  Completely different styles in each.  And I think both would be really fun to watch.

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Sidenote: the reason it took so long to post that show is because with the Open Borders concept, I had been waiting for other writers to volunteer some guys to fill in the slots that I had mentioned in the previous press release. I waited longer than I should've but I wanted to wait as long as possible, in case that some slots would get filled in. But didn't get anything so I scrapped that and went with a re-tooled card.

Might revisit the concept down the road, if the occasions presents itself.

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