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WWE TV 03/28 - 04/03 Wrestlemania week, Wrestlemania weak


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1 minute ago, SirEdger said:

If only they had women cleared to compete in the ring that they could use instead of Hollywood Ronda.

We discussed their misuse of Sasha (although I think it's not the worst thing for her right now), but man there just ain't no other viable options. Their roster is so fucking thin as it is. Even someone who they kinda were using, Shotzi, is injured.

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1 hour ago, SirEdger said:

That would be the ultimate FU move by Vince to troll people and have Gable Steveson debut against Seth rather than Cody.

Or Veer.

Cody getting the Mania pop is probably the best thing for him though, better than showing up on Raw a week before, as the Mania pop could already get diluted if the WWE audience doesn't get excited about him.

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It's clear that they are trying to copy the Punk debut where they never came out and said he was coming but made it clear that he was showing up. 

It's also hilarious that a company who insists listening to the internet fans is stupid and dumb is building a major Wrestlemania program 50% based on internet rumors/speculation. 

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