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WWE TV 01/23 - 01/29 Fist of the North Star turns 40 this year


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I wish a few legends actually got to wrestle like they used to do with RAW's 15th anniversary, just to give something different. 

"DX can't wrestle anymore, so you're just gonna get the guys you see every week instead" sucks. But Teddy saved that seg with the best way to announce a match at least.

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A racist, a sexual assailant, and a rapist walk into a Raw taping…..


Seriously! All things considered, I can aaaaaalmost grok inviting Lawler because the accusation against him is a lot murkier and less publicized, maybe it’s a flimsier charge than we on the internet know (has it been studied by an investigative journalist? Serious question), but Hulk Hogan is literally on tape, in a moment of post-nut clarity, saying the man his daughter is dating is an n-word and that her dating him is galling to him, and Ric Flair is just a total degenerate, in the non-reactionary sense of the word. We don’t need to see these tanner’s shop mummies putzing around and doing Vegas impersonator versions of the shit they did 40 years ago.

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