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Triple H DVD Matchlist


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From WO.com:


HHH vs. John Crystal (5/22/95 - first match ever on Raw)

HHH vs. Marc Mero (10/21/96 - and to think at the time they saw Mero as the bigger potential star, particularly now that's likely a sore subject)

HHH vs. Mankind (6/8/97 - King of the Ring final)

HHH vs. Owen Hart (3/29/98 Wrestlemania match)

HHH vs. Mankind (8/23/99 WWF title match)

HHH vs. Steve Austin (10/17/99 WWF title match)

HHH vs Cactus Jack (2/27/00 Hell in a Cell for WWE title, match Foley retired for the first time after)

2002 Royal Rumble where he was the star of the match after his first injury comeback

HHH vs. Shawn Michaels 2/3 falls (12/15/02 for World title)

HHH vs. Batista Hell in a Cell (6/26/05 for World title)

HHH vs. Ric Flair (11/27/05)

HHH vs. Edge vs. John Cena (4/30/06 for WWE title)

Plus they air his first pro match on January 11, 1992 in Burlington, VT as Terra Ryzing faced Tony Roy (thanks to Stephen Lyon)

I find it hilarious that there's no sign of the Rock on here due to Hunter's ridiculous hate/jealousy of him. I guess once Vince finally kicks it, Rock will end up being the next generation Bruno Sammartino in the sense of a major draw from a previous era practically erased from history due to a dispute with the owner of the company.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Hunter specifically chose the Mero match so he could have a reason to bury him on the interview portion of the DVD. You know, how he was a joke of a worker who Hunter was relied, as the workhorse of the company, to carry while he was getting his wholly undeserved push to the moon, which he knew was bound to fail; how he only got over because he paid for his wife to have ridiculous breast implants and encouraged her to flaunt them every chance she got; how he ultimately became jealous and resentful over his wife being the biggest star of the two; and how he wrongly blames wrestling for the break up of his marriage and the wrong choices he made in his life.

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What Bix said. I'll add though that Mero being overrated, overpushed and overpaid in 1996 was the general feeling of the lockerroom at the time. He was really loathed, because he had the audacity to negotiate a really sweet deal with McMahon when he jumped ship from WCW. It's probably one thing Mick Foley and Triple H can see eye to eye on! :lol:

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I thought Mero was one of the better workers in 96 WWF. He had some great matches with Austin, one at IYH8 I believe was awesome.


The matchlist looks rather strange. The 2/3 Falls must be on there because Trips wins; there's no other reason to include it over their Summerslam match, althought thank fuck the Hell In The Cell didn't make it.

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This seems to downplay a lot of his major rivals, actually, and I'm surprised the worst Michaels match was picked.

Which one is this?


I know they had one on Raw which was really good at the end of the year which might've been their best match ever. Maybe 2003?




And yeah, Mero was underrated. He was better than most of the WWF roster back than.

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Only one Austin match two years before the feud hit its peak, no Rock matches, only one Foley match when both probably should have been there, no Jericho matches, no 2003-2004 Shawn matches.

I think a lot of it is because they've released those matches on other DVDs. Well, maybe that's not the reason for the Rock and Jericho stuff, but the famous Foley match is on Foley's DVD, the two best Shawn matches are on his DVDs and the long 2/3 falls Austin match is on the Austin DVD that just came out. I'm also guessing that they don't view this as the definitive career-spanner for the great son-in-law.

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