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FAVOURITE WORKERS: Finlay, Rey Mysterio, Cassandro, El Hijo del Santo

FAVOURITE PROMOTIONS: WWE 2000 & WWE Smackdown '02-'09. AAA '06-'08, CMLL '01-'03, IWRG '00-'01, Arena Coliseo de Monterrey '00-'01, IWAMS '01-'03

FAVOURITE MATCHES: Rock vs Benoit feud (especially the SD broken ribs match), Flair vs Michaels WM, Michaels vs Taker WM, Joe vs Kobashi, lots of Finlay, Navarro vs Dandy, Perro Jr vs Universo 2000, Blue Panther vs Santo series, Shocker vs Santo, Caifanes Rockeros vs Orientales, the IWRG trios match with the farthest tope contest, Hashimoto vs Corino vs Steele vs Knight, KENTA vs Danielson I, Marufuji vs McGuinness, Kobashi/KENTA vs Ohtani/Tanaka, Kobashi/Honda vs Akiyama/Saito, Kobashi/Shiga vs Akiyama/Saito, Morishima/Marufuji vs Kobashi/Honda, Lawler-Funk JAPW, and lots more I'd have to think about.

BEST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: The best stuff was often on free TV.

WORST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: 2 of the Radicals die (one by his own hand after massacring his family), 1 disappears for several years to dodge child support after making up a story about getting shot while stopping an attempted rape, and the other dealt drugs to the first of the dead Radicals and then prostituted his name post-mortem. Not involving death: The end of non-WWE major league wrestling.

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1 disappears for several years to dodge child support after making up a story about getting shot while stopping an attempted rape,

That is really was Saturn was all about ? The rape story was a work ?


Well, at least one ex-wife was looking for him mentioned that he (obviously since he disappeared) hadn't paid child support and/or alimony in a long time. It's been mentioned that the police in the jurisdiction told people who called that it wasn't true, and even if whoever said that is lying, it never got any mainstream coverage, which seems unlikely since it involved someone who was a regular on WWF TV during the company's peak. 1Wrestling was the original source for the story (Posted 7/23/04 on CRZ's forum so it was from then or at most a few days earlier):


Former WWE , WCW and ECW wrestler Perry Saturn will make his wrestling return after suffering a very serious injury this past April. This was a very serious, and private situation, which he did not want public until he was able to recover.


We are proud to announce that he has recovered, and will return to the wrestling ring on Sept 17th for USA Pro (Jamaica, NY @ The Amazura Concert Hall).


In April of 2004 Perry Saturn was driving his girlfriend to work when he heard what he thought was an argument next to a vehicle. When he approached the vehicle, he saw two men trying to restrain a woman as they were raping her. Without hesitation, he grabbed both men off her, and started fighting with them. As he was able to get the woman free from her attackers, he felt a burning sensation in his neck. He thought originally it was a cut stemming from a punch. However, he learned soonafter he was shot three times in the neck with a 25 caliber handgun.


Perry Saturn now has a steel plate and 3 stainless steel screws where his C-5, C-6 and C-7 vertebra in his neck were badly injured. The good news is that after a very tough and extensive amount of physical therapy and training, he is able to return to wrestling. When you think about it, it's amazing he is even alive, or even able to walk!


Unfortunately, we learned that he did not have medical insurance, and has incurred quite a bit of medical expenses. I'm sure if needed, the wrestling community will open up their arms and assist if the expenses become overwhelming.


As far as his attackers, one man was arrested for attempted murder and rape. That case is still ongoing. No word if the other individual was arrested as well.

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Give it a shot.


FAVOURITE WORKERS: Bryan Danielson, AJ Styles, Eddie Guerrero


FAVOURITE PROMOTIONS: WWE (2000-2002), ROH (2002, 2005-2007), NOAH (2004-2005)


FAVOURITE MATCHES: Cactus Jack Vs. HHH (Streetfight 2000), Misawa Vs. Kobashi (2003), Team ROH Vs. Team CZW (2006)



Benoit & Guerero win World titles.



Deaths of Guerrero, Benoit and Misawa along with others.

WWE buying up ECW and WCW.

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FAVOURITE WORKERS: Benoit, Danielson, McGuinness, Kobashi, KENTA


FAVOURITE PROMOTIONS: WWF (00-03), NOAH (00-09), ROH (02-09)


FAVOURITE MATCHES: Angle/Benoit RR '03, Kobashi/Misawa Mar '03, Danielson vs. KENTA/Joe/McGuinness/Morishima, Benoit vs. HHH vs. HBK, Orton vs. Foley, Cena/Umaga RR '07


BEST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: Introduction of Ring of Honor, Flair retiring and not dying in the ring, Benoit & Guerrero becoming World champions, Kobashi returning from countless "career ending" injuries


WORST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: Too many workers dying, drugs in professional wrestling, NWATNA, Feinstein

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Let's see:


FAVOURITE WORKERS: Chris Jericho, C.M. Punk, John Cena, Eddie Guerrero




FAVOURITE MATCHES: Cactus/HHH Rumble match, Cena/Umaga Last Man Standing, Lesnar/Undertaker Hell in a Cell


BEST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: Explosion of media. Wrestling footage has never been more accessable.


WORST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: Lack of truly viable second national company.

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Guest tomelliott

I guess I'll give this a shot.



FAVOURITE WORKERS: Undertaker, Foley/Cactus, Shawn Michaels, Kenta Kobashi, American Dragon




FAVOURITE MATCHES: Cactus/HHH Rumble match, Undertaker/Shawn, Shawn/Triple H (Summerslam '02), Ibushi/Marufuji vs. KENTA/Ishimori (NOAH '07)


BEST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: Much improved access to a wider variety of wrestling in a more timely manner.


WORST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: The disproportionate number of wrestling-related deaths.

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Guest DietSoda

FAVOURITE WORKERS: Rey Mysterio, Bryan Danielson, John Cena, CM Punk

FAVOURITE PROMOTIONS: ROH (03-07), WWE, NOAH (beginning of the decade).

FAVOURITE MATCHES: Joe vs. Kobashi, Mysterio vs. Guerrero, Cena vs. Umaga

BEST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: A lot of great wrestling on free tv.

WORST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: Exploitation of deaths in wrestling; No rival promotions.

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FAVORITE WORKERS: Edge, CM Punk, Eddie Guerrero, Bryan Danielson, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, Shuji Kondo, SUWA.




FAVORITE MATCHES: KENTA vs. SUWA, AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe, Hero vs. Claudio from CHIKARA, Danielson vs. Roderick Strong, Guerrero vs. Lesnar,


BEST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: The advent of DVDs and DVDRs making it more affordable for footage collectors to obtain footage.


WORST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: The staggering number of premature deaths in the business.

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Being way out of the loop as far as this decade goes, it's pretty hard for me to answer this...


BEST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: amazing availability of wrestling footage online.

WORST THING ABOUT THIS DECADE: so many premature death, WWE monopoly in the US, forearm shots exchange in every puroresu match

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Better late than never...



Kobashi, KENTA, Eddy, Benoit, Austin, Jericho, Rey, Undertaker.



WWF/E have had a fairly consistent product, certainly a much improved on in the ring, and a strong one at that early in the decade.


NOAH, especially during Kobashi's run, had a lot of great epic main events and in KENTA/company some very spectacular junior matches which is one strength it has over the former All Japan.


Toryumon/Dragon Gate, is always a fun, entertaining product short of over-saturating yourself on it.


AJPW, in fairness to Mutoh, have had a much improved second half of the decade than one would've expected before. In Suwama and others (and I like Seiya Sanada from the bits and pieces I've seen in particular) they've got a nice base for the future and the Carnival final of '08 was one of the best moments of the decade; one of the strongest Korakuen Hall reactions I've recalled in recent years.



Kobashi vs. Misawa, Akiyama, Sasaki (you know which ones).


KENTA/Ishimori vs. Marufuji/Ibushi, Kobashi/Go (/KENTA) vs. Sasaki/Nakajima.


Austin/Rock, WM17. Rock/Jericho, No Mercy 01. Benoit/Austin, Smackdown. Eddy/Lesnar, NWO 04. Eddy/Rey, Smackdown 6/05.


Toryumon 4-Way Trios, August '03.


There's quite a few in fairness, more than I initially thought.



Wrestling online, and the convenience and improved download speeds and such like too. Nothing like a 300MB match, great quality, good length, in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes.





In fairness the '90s were always going to be such a hard act to follow in the ring.


But looking at the state of Joshi in particular as well as the business in Japan in general (doing OK but when 25,000 for NJ in the dome is considered a success, I mean comparatively speaking)... WWF/E has been much improved this decade (although all the "WWE Universe" and general corporisation does leave a bitter taste; overall the '90s with two major companies (TNA is fucking atrocious really, you feel sorry for anyone with genuine talent stuck there) in particular... I don't know.

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