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  1. I don't think he is the clear babyface with Moxley, and that's what he should be using as his reason for a heel turn.
  2. Dewar

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    The Shane Taylor stuff sounds like a work.
  3. Dewar

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Well Buddy Rose is dead, which would seemingly make him hard to cancel.
  4. Dewar

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    The show doesn't air late night in all the markets. I used to get Fox Rochester, and it would air in the middle of the afternoon on weekends.
  5. Dewar

    All Elite Wrestling

    I agree with this. As much fun as a #1 contenders match is, it means someone who is supposedly worthy of a title shot eats a loss. Give title matches to guys on winning streaks, and people will pay attention to who is winning. The only complaint I have about the news release was them talking about how this is like strength of schedule format in college football. None of the opponents Cody has faced have won a singles match, so his strengh of schedule is comparable to beating two MAC teams and a FCS school to start your Big 10 season. Small complaint for sure, but something they can work on in the future.
  6. Dewar

    Current Lucha Talk

    The four guys who aren't the shits in that match could make it interesting. Big Daddy Yum Yum getting booked again out of the blue is bizarre. Cibernetico was never a workrate guy, but he was an over mother fucker during his peak in AAA. He's not nearly that guy anymore, which explains why him vs UG in a singles match is not the main event of the Anniversary Show.
  7. Dewar

    All Elite Wrestling

    Or it means that FS1 has college basketball scheduled every Wednesday night from November to March, and that NXT to FS1 on a Wedneday night was never actually a feasible plan.
  8. Dewar

    All Elite Wrestling

    Why would Cody give a payday to a woman his father was allegedly trying to cheat on his mother with?
  9. Dewar

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Anytime someone questions the ability of Mike Mizanin, just remind them how over he got Sandow as his stunt double. Absolute miracle worker.
  10. Dewar

    All Elite Wrestling

    They put him back on the show after people online complained.
  11. Dewar

    All Elite Wrestling

    Dashwood should have won the title tournament, but she also has not had a match in approximately nine months. Not entirely their fault.
  12. The graphic Fox uses for Smackdown moving to Fox has Roman, Becky, Charlotte and Cena on it. He can't be that far in their bad graces.
  13. Dewar

    All Elite Wrestling

    It's a stupid comment that makes little sense. He's a politican backed by a trust fund kid? Someone who doesn't care about balancing a budget?
  14. Dewar

    AEW Double or Nothing

    .He gave the battle royal three stars. It's like the "Plus one star for happening in Japan" rule has moved over to AEW.
  15. Dewar

    83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

    If I was going to give anyone Patreon money, it would either be Between the Sheets, or Easy E. The extra content he does sounds worth shelling out the money for. I liked Eric's part of the Souled Out 97 show. Conrad was terrible, but Eric had no issues taking blame for things he should take blame for.