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  1. My guess would be Lashley/Lana. They didn't play off the limo at all after he came out, although it wasn't explicit.
  2. The bickering being gone was a big improvement, but man, Dio Maddin was just a frickin BLOB out there. I'm sure a lot of it was nerves, but he added fuck-all to the show, save the LARPing stuff, which wasn't exactly a positive.
  3. tallmike

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Yeah, there was one on March 6, 1994.
  4. tallmike


    I hated, hated, HATED that main event/aftermath. How to kill Kevin Owens as an act in 15 minutes. You didn't even give him his comeuppance moment at all! How do you fuck things up that badly? You can just do a reverse of this. It's not fucking hard. 4
  5. tallmike

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I'm hoping them doing this kind of stuff means we'll eventually see the WCW Japan Supershows, Collision in Korea, and When Worlds Collide on the Network. Not exactly hidden, but conspicuous by their absence,
  6. I thought Lacey was very good there. Her stuff looked crisp, the stalling came at the right points, and she's really good with the character. I found more negative out of Natty.Just no fire at all in her comebacks. So. robotic.
  7. Most of the commentary hasn't been updated in that time either.
  8. tallmike

    AEW All Out

    Definitely something where the women's match for TNT feels like really poor booking. First of all, I guess AEW's lucky that TNA had the reverse battle royal, so that the Casino Battle Royal is not the absolute worst designed battle royal in wrestling history... and that's still pretty close. Five people coming to the ring at once means that nobody looks special. Nobody looks like a star. But on the results... Nyla did not have a good night last night. Her stuff looked bad, lost grip on power spots, and there were definitely points where she was outshone by far by several other women in the ring. But even beyond that, if she was going to be one of the people you're putting in this situation, why the fuck was she booked like she was previously? Dinked out in one match and pinned in the other? Oh the Riho-Shida match, Shida's physical charisma carries her a lot further than Riho. She comes off like a star while the other stuff, like the language barrier, is coming across. I know that Riho is Kenny Omega's favorite or whatever, but Shida definitely comes off as more of a star to a casual audience. Britt Baker vs. Shida, Awesome Kong vs. Shida, (if they sign her) Mercedes Martinez vs. Shida... I 100% buy those as better choices for the first match. Fuck, you could do Brandi in that spot. Have Kong be the enforcer, Aja comes down, continues that program, scares her off, and Shida gets the win and the strap. This match beyond Riho pinning her last show, has no hook at all.
  9. tallmike

    AEW All Out

    Why is the title belt already so scratched up? They haven't done anything with it. Did somebody drop it backstage or something?
  10. tallmike

    AEW All Out

    I said this in a slack that I know a couple of people here are in, but I'll say it again. The chaos of the ladder match would have felt a lot more special had they not already done a car crash multi person match with a lot of weapons and dumb bumps earlier in the night.
  11. tallmike

    AEW All Out

    That honestly pissed me off. Send out someone from production and get him away from the noise/lights/whatever was freaking him out.
  12. tallmike

    AEW All Out

    Omega is so fucking corny.
  13. tallmike

    AEW All Out

    Wardlow is apparently a Pittsburgh guy. That's an awful name, though. It's one of the biggest things with AEW. Not every act can just be fucking imported as is. Doing a little editing/reshaping will only help you.
  14. tallmike

    AEW All Out

    I have to admit, it just absolutely drives me insane that the announcers are just billed as Excalibur and Goldenboy. It's not at ALL a knock on them as announcers, talent, what have you. Marc Letzmann and Alex Mendez would be more than fine. Or I could live, although it would bug me, if one of them had a goofy one name gimmick.. but BOTH? Ugh.
  15. tallmike

    NXT talk

    This Bate-WALTER match just will not. fucking. end.