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  1. You can justify it however you want, but it's still shitty. (and no, that's not a defense of the Vince or his awful shit because this isn't an A or B comparison).
  2. You realize that was a complete and total dog whistle, right? Here's him without the veneer of deniability.
  3. APPLE | GOOGLE | SPOTIFY | RSS We are days away from the Clash of the Champions: Dixie Dynamite, and they are pumping up the star power on WCW TV! 0:00 - Intros and housekeeping. Also we finally break the Friday Night Curse! 6:00 - Power Hour - SO MANY REPLAYS. We also talk about the comparison with Paul E. and Donald Trump, wrestler weights, and Leona Helmsley for some reason. 29:40 - World Championship Wrestling - We talk Nintendo, just how awesome Sid was, Michael’s theory on Dave Meltzer’s influence in wrestling, our proposed Kevin Sullivan sitcom, Cajun Predator, Sting Math, JR getting weirdly homophobic, and more! 1:46:10 - WCW Pro - Larry’s fit watch disappoints us. We get a World TV Title match, Sid being great again, and Tony Schiavone calling a move a “Sidewalk Slam” that isn’t anything close to a sidewalk slam. 2:19:20 - WCW Worldwide - With no Main Event this week due to the Super Bowl, this is the last show of the week. No Sullivan’s Saloon, but we do get a super fun Bobby Eaton vs. Arn Anderson match! We also get Michael Wallstreet, sadly. 2:50:20 - Wrestling vinyl talk, HOPEFULLY Michael Wallstreet is gone forever, personal socials, and signoff. https://podcastle.podiant.co/e/the-podcastle-of-fear-episode-4-weekend-of-1-26-91-3885be24cba082/
  4. https://podcastle.podiant.co/e/the-podcastle-of-fear-episode-3-weekend-of-1-19-91-3881fb181a434c/ This week, after a too-long delay brought on by technological issues, we battle technology to bring you Episode #3 of the Podcastle of Fear! We are a couple of weeks away from the Clash of the Champions, and so… there’s a card that needs to be built here. 00:00 - Intros, House Keeping, etc. 05:00 - WCW Power Hour - Another smash hit on the Z-Man TV Title defense tour, Konnan’s bacne, and the Freebirds with just… an awful insult in a wrestling promo. 26:00 - World Championship Wrestling - Although this aired on Sunday and not Saturday, we kept it in it’s normal spot. A total tease for a match that doesn’t happen on the show, Michael Hayes in an Atlanta Falcons sweatshirt, JR’s Walmart love, Homie Don’t Play That, we talk ZZ Top’s “La Grange” (and Michael’s personal attachment to it!) and more! 54:10 - WCW Pro - Larry Zbyszko is our fashion icon and our woke king. The Minotaur straight up bites a dude, Jack Brickhouse rambles about nothing, and a new awesome Horsemen video. 1:19:50 - Worldwide - Do you like stuff you’ve already seen? Then you’ll love Worldwide! Also, Sullivan’s Saloon fucking RULES. 1:32:20 - WCW Main Event. An AWESOME eight man tag finally happens! Missy works out! And in the main event, the Lighting Express take on the Fabulous Freebirds! 1:59:50 - Personal twitter shoutouts, vinyl talk, TEW mods, modern wrestling and how we feel about wrestling without crowds, lots of fun stuff.
  5. tallmike

    WWE TV 05/11 - 05/17 Becky got an announcement to make!

    Per this week's WON, they're not offering any talent any raises to resign. He was probably still on a 205 Live deal, where he wasn't making SHIT.
  6. It’s a big week this week in World Championship Wrestling! We have a new World Heavyweight Champion, the Four Horsemen have gone back to their roots. The Missy Hyatt vs. Paul E. Dangerously feud continues to escalate, and we get a blow off to Flyin’ Brian vs. Dutch Mantel! 00:00 Intros and Where to find the show. 04:35 Who is the new World Heavyweight Champion? Also the challenges with booking babyface champions vs. heel champions. And… could anyone have made the Black Scorpion work? We also go over the WCW/NWA split, talk about Sting’s heel runs in his career, and lots of fun stuff. 17:50 WCW Power Hour - Flyin’ Brian and Dutch Mantel blow off their feud, Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers, and Bobby Eaton is in action! 44:40 World Championship Wrestling (6:05) - An absolutely insane segment pushes Missy vs. Paul, Trucker Norm takes on Sid Vicious and concussions, an impromptu main event and more! 1:49:40 WCW Pro - The Horsemen do Horsemen shit in a junkyard, the Minotaur is going to fight women and children, and Z-Man defends the World TV Title against top contender Moondog Rex! 2:24:00 - WCW Worldwide - Sullivan’s Saloon debuts with the Freebirds and a LOT of replay content! 2:43:30 - WCW Main Event - Missy’s revenge, JR is horny as SHIT, and Doom make their first wrestling appearance in 1991! https://podcastle.podiant.co/e/the-podcastle-of-fear-episode-2-weekend-of-11291-38726069d20b52/
  7. So yeah, I had this nagging idea in the back of my mind to try this a few months ago. A WCW rewatch podcast that focused on TV matches (while not ignoring the bigger events obviously, but how many podcasts are out there watching fuckin' Power Hour?) I found a cohost, another friend recommended a nice pun of a name, and we are in business. Originally the thought was starting at the NWA/WCW '91 split, but considering that just cuts out one weekend of 1991, we decided to just start at the new year... which meant a lot of Starrcade '90 flashbacks. The podcast's site can be found here: https://podcastle.podiant.co/ with our first episode being found: https://podcastle.podiant.co/e/the-podcastle-of-fear-episode-1-weekend-of-1591-3868f726904e32/ Now, this behemoth (4:15!) has a lot of table setting in regards to where feuds were, and also us complaining about having to sit through 5 Michael Wallstreet squashes. That guy is the wooooorst. I will also apologize if there are any audio issues. I fixed what I could, but the mics were coming in at WAY different levels, which was very hard to correct in points.
  8. tallmike

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    In particular, the time from the NWA WCW split in 1991 through 1995. For podcast research purposes.
  9. tallmike

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    So looking for recommendations... Are there any books worthwhile that focus on or spend a large portion of their time on pre-Nitro WCW? Or is my best bet really just biographies and autobiographies from the talent that was there?
  10. I'd start betting on her being the Higher Power.
  11. tallmike

    All Elite Wrestling

    I might also be going to the Denver/Broomfield show, and the service charges completely put me off too. It looked like plenty were available, so I might take a little roadtrip to just go buy them at the box office. Even what I'd spend on gas would be cheaper than that service charge.
  12. tallmike

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I think Tessa takes it this time, largely because she's come up short twice against Sami already. I also don't think Sami particularly needs the title to kick shit up his way. However, it is definitely a situation, depending on Tessa's contract and what else they have planned, where Tessa's reign could be relatively short-lived, even going back to Sami in a few months.
  13. tallmike

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    This is such a great video package. It puts over who they both are as people, as well as characters and the storyline.
  14. tallmike

    AEW Dynamite - January 1, 2020

    Does Trent have blackmail photos of somebody? There is no reason Mox should have given this generic CAW so much this week... or that he should have beat Pentagon a few weeks ago.
  15. tallmike

    All Elite Wrestling

    Or at least making sure their talent was free for certain nights before making and promoting matches... I do appreciate that they are letting BAR have her and the booking, but again, something that should have been worked out before the match was announced. This feels like something not even Impact would fuck up.