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  1. Ryan Faulconer

    All Elite Wrestling

    Edit: I must have dreamed it
  2. Ryan Faulconer

    AEW Dynamite - January 19, 2022

    The other match like this was males fight, females fight, Don’t cross the streams. Wasn’t Statlander and OC in that Dynamite as well? They were originally put together as a couple. On BTE Kris sang a really nice song to him…while he was sleeping. That was retconned out which is fine because it was barely a thing on BTE. Plus she is with Caleb Konley(still?) and Orange is close to forty with a wife and kids(presumed from various scuttlebutt). We wrestling fans can’t make sense of that conundrum. So these fictional angles are impossible in 2022. Kris would get the worst of humanity on that app for twits calling her words they don’t even say in the bible….and then there is the wrestling problem where these angles END relationships.
  3. Ryan Faulconer

    AEW Dynamite - December 29, 2021

    The only Dynamite since July 2020 I haven’t had fun enjoying was the Dinner Debonair offering. There are definitely weeks better off than most and a few that were clearly the worst. The only wrestlers I really don’t enjoy much are Jericho for the men and Nyla with the women. Nyla also has Vicki. Vicki drags everything down to the lowest of the lows. Nyla has some good matches but even that is cancelled out by Vicki’s…everything. Jericho is nearly always the worst thing in AEW. He almost always has the most screentime. He is also usually the most out of shape bloated carcass that thinks he can do his Siuper J Cup 95 spots without almost breaking a neck or two. Nyla is just disappointing to me. I want her to be a good bully and push all the little girls around on the playground. At this point Kris Statlander and Jamie Hayter are more physically intimidating than Nyla usually.looks in the ring. Oh, Jade has got a completely different type of physical intimidation but she has IT before the bell rings. I never think that Stampede is skippable. The YouTube shows aren’t quite as good as when there was only one Dark. It’s still packed with AEW Easter eggs and the best commentary AEW can schedule together.
  4. Ryan Faulconer

    AEW Dynamite - December 1, 2021

    Was that Cody on fire tonight, or what?
  5. Ryan Faulconer

    AEW Dark Megathread

    I made a comment about tonight’s Elevation in the bigger AEW thread by mistake. It looks even more random in that thread than I thought it would in a Dark mega thread…which I couldn’t find…although that is probably more because of being legally blind…ugh my eyes suck. whoo! Dark Order vs The Acclaimed & 2point0 all in the same match.
  6. Ryan Faulconer

    All Elite Wrestling

    On Elevation just now it really looked like Chuck Taylor was actually very noticeably larger than The Blade. Going into this tag I never would have thought that was true in the slightest. The guy in the bruiser HEAVYWEIGHT tag team should probably be more physically imposing than the usually scrawny veteran of the indies CRUISERWEIGHT - who is most famous for hugging his partners after every match they win.
  7. Ryan Faulconer

    AEW Dynamite - October 27, 2021

    Excalibur with one from the back catalog tonight for sure. Only Darkness Dragon/k-ness fans from over twenty years ago care about a “Thunderbird” Brett Como reference in 2021. Yes, I KNOW that it wasn’t Brett Como under the mask. It was always MAKOTO~! We were a much less connected society online back then. It is awesome that my autocorrect thought that I was going to type COMOROTO by default. Autocorrect knows!
  8. Ryan Faulconer

    AEW Saturday Night Dynamite - October 23, 2021

    Anthony Nese is definitely a quality pickup…if this was August 2020. He is the definition of redundancy on the AEW roster at this point in AEW history. He would be a fine signing if AEW hadn’t already signed like thirtysomething MLW/Impact/WWE/Dark free agents INSTEAD of keeping folks like Matt Cardona - just because they were first to get looked at and thankfully not signed. The patient and smart move was waiting for Miro, FTR, Danielson Punk, Garcia, 2point0, Adam Cole, Moriarty, Wheeler and so on and so on and shooby-dooby-doo-da. I’m going to guess just who that was from the crowd in the Archer vs Kingston match. Was that infamous Pokémon known as Marcus Kross that Archer beat up in the crowd? He did some colourful jobs on Dark and Dark with Almonds in case some have never heard about him before.
  9. Ryan Faulconer

    AEW Rampage - Grand Slam - Sep 24 2021

    TSN picked today to screw Canada out of …a Very Special Rampage. Until tonight I have been watching all Rampage Epson their app. Of all days to change their schedule(?) they code tonight. Can any Canadians watch it on TSN or their app? I will now check to see if it is delayed until later broadcast/simulcast.. Edit: It doesn’t appear to be as such…
  10. Ryan Faulconer

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Nick Khan is maybe crowd sourcing new WWE slogans. WWE: Then. Now. Forever…just doesn’t fit WWE’s current creative direction. WWE: We’re Not Active Yeah, that fits the current situation alright.
  11. Ryan Faulconer

    All Elite Wrestling

    It is reassuring to know that AEW aren’t clueless on the matter. I’m not sure that editing the lines out was the right answer though. Now they just need to help Platinum Max to sharpen up his game…yo.
  12. Ryan Faulconer

    All Elite Wrestling

    It isn’t hard to do four rhymes and slip in a quick “Julia, drop these dorks and we can work on our tumbling…” . There’s no need at all to be topically edgey. Max is on a real cold stretch with his rap game, yo. I’m starting to think that this Max Caster isn’t much of a poet. They could morph into the evil jocks that feels like 8% of their current gimmick anyway. Until they get better in the ring they will be stuck with the rapper gimmick for some time. The Acclaimed should watch some of The Briscoes’ matches. Once they get more personality in the ring the less they need the rapping, intro and boom box. Whether they become wild brawlers or athletic heels with flashy offense.
  13. Ryan Faulconer

    All Elite Wrestling

    How can Dave not see the booking for the trees when it comes to Page challenging at All Out? The storylines in AEW are about to take a turn for the stupid if Dave’s idea is followed through on. I have no gripes with the WON or Meltzer…beyond his formatting and grammar. He isn’t the evil genius intent on stealing everyone’s clicks or whatever his vocal critics accuse him with. He should really stick with the facts or his history pieces that were always the highlight when I subbed. His star ratings or “takes” hot or otherwise, have been hit or miss for almost twenty years now. He used to be the unquestionable leader in wrestling journalism. After this past week with Danielson and Punk stories all over the net. Meltzer does seem a bit behind the curve here…possibly. I hate that he sits on news until often the booking lines up with the information. He will barely break a story that he could have broken long before he eventually does. I’m fairly certain Dave said that he knew Danielson had signed with AEW way back in May. That is so good to hear, Mr. Journalist Man. When were you planning on sharing it with the rest of the class? I reckon he would eventually write on September 22 from Arthur Ashe Stadium… ”It is expected that Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan in WWE) will make his long awaited much anticipated AEW debut tonight…in a match with Orange Cassidy to introduce him to this audience. Attendance is seriously stimulating me sexually right now. It is incredible…oh yeah, 2X,XXX paid for a new erec…er, record for AEW events. Time to ask Kenny for a raise!” - I took some liberties with Meltzer’s hypothetical “update” at Grand Slam. He probably wouldn’t ask for a raise directly - in an article in his WON. You get the gist of it I hope.
  14. Ryan Faulconer

    AEW Dynamite - July 21, 2021 - Fyter Fest Night 2

    Probably with one of the US Tag Team Titles.
  15. Ryan Faulconer

    All Elite Wrestling

    I don’t think Coach Tony K needs to be saving Bryan for some future surprise pop. AEW seems to want to TRY and break with the format of televised wrestling of the last twenty or more years. He tries…sometimes not succeeding at all at his preferred booking plan. There was the older way of introducing debutants through Coming Soon…vignettes over a few weeks period. Punk and Bryan don’t need to be built up for most AEW fans. All AEW needs to do is announce the signing(a) on Dynamite or possibly Dark and Dark Jr. They might even get more eyes on the Dark programs by announcing that a big announcement will be made on a Dark episode. Wrestling has baited fans with convoluted ideas for surprises since at least the 80s. The new signee(s) can still show up on a PPV but this anticipation can sell more tickets that a secret surprise could not. Unless it starts to build excitement before tickets are put on sale then a big surprise won’t make them any more money at the gate. They also aren’t inclined to counter-program opposite competing channels on the same night and theoretically at around the same 15 minute segment as their competitor. Without airing simultaneously competing shows Tony K can just stick to putting on the most captivating wrestling TV for AEW fans. He can still be concerned with netting new fans at the same time. He is only human after all. AEW has fallen into such a unique situation that they can experiment with two philosophies at the very same time. One can be a surprise at their assumed debuts - All Out for Punk and Grand Slam: The New Batch for Brya…I mean Danielson. Poor JR should be unofficially instructed to ALWAYS call “DBry” by his longtime nickname of “The Dazzler”… I mean long lost nickname “American Dragon”. JR will awkwardly accept those terms before thanking NICK Khan for his patience and understanding. Hell, he might call the boss Chaka for all we know about how well JR follows 2021 WWE business practices. NEXT…Murphy, Ruby Soho and Samuray del Sol, eventually.