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[1996-04-06-WWF-Superstars] Jerry Lawler vs Greg Davis


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Jerry Lawler does his own commentary while wrestling, holding a mic while wrestling the match. Lawler got in some great lines:


* "Dr. Isaac Yankem has me taking Flinstone vitamins. I don't feel any better, but I can stop my car with my feet."

* "I heard you're so ugly that you went to your proctologist and he stuck his finger in your mouth."

* "Would the owner of a 1973 Ford Pinto please remove it from the lot? It's not blocking anybody, it's just a complete piece of crap."


Lawler screaming into the mic while taking a hiptoss and back body drop is great too. Funny!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-04-06-WWF-Superstars] Jerry Lawler vs Greg Davis

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