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[1996-08-10-WCW-Hog Wild] Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs Sting & Lex Luger


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The idea of the NWO having a referee in their pocket is a good one, but man was that a lame ending. Heenan slipping up and saying "let's go Hall," playing it off awkwardly and Tony's reaction was really great, really effective at adding a sense of anyone's loyalty being at doubt. What we see of the match is decent with a good comeback from Sting and Luger.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-08-10-WCW-Hog Wild] Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs Sting & Lex Luger
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Sting & Lex Luger vs The Outsiders - WCW Hog Wild 1996

I dont think there was any way this could live up to the expectations after the Disney Backlot angle. I love three out of these four and the Stinger is growing on me. I knew it would be better than people would give it credit for, but it still wasnt an excellent match. Let me get this out the way, Heenan had been slowly deteriorating on commentary all night and this was the pits.  

Interesting structure, they started with a Clash of Titans opening rather than a hot babyface shine. I dont mind The Outsiders forcing Sting & Luger to earn their shine, but they milked every spot for everything. It felt big, but it was missing a little zip. Hall got one over on Luger twice. He really showed him up. Eventually Luger got the hiptoss out the corner and the kneelift to hit the signature flex. Hall tags in the Big Guy after being substantially embarrassed, now youre gonna get it, is the psychology. Luger cant stop titty bouncing. Big Sexy calls for the Stinger and spits at him. Sting spits back. Again Nash clobbers Sting. Making Sting look silly. Sting eventually revs up, tees off and hits the bodyslam/flex for the big pop. It is a great pop. They are milking every spot which I like. Nash did something, I cant remember and Hall slugs from the outside. They go to the heat segment. Hall hits a WICKED Discus Right. Great cutoff as Sting revs up, but Hall catches him in the Sack of Shit. Hall gets one more great clothesline, really decks him. Nash uses his usually effective corner offense. Except mistimed a big boot in the corner and went with his Left and just totally whiffed. They had some good cutoffs of the hot tag. Sting did that great spot he only busts out for big matches where, they knock heads and he collapses so that he headbutts Nash's balls. They take too long on the Razor's Edge and Sting backdrops out. Sting tags in Luger. Luger hits a vaulting dropkick in! He did that against the Nasties! It looks so cool! Stinger Splash on Nash! Luger is a House Afire! Scorpion Deathlock on the Outside on Nash. Luger tries to Rack Hall, hits Nick Patrick. Luger has a hard time Racking Hall, Luger has racked bigger men dont know what happened, Nick Patrick "accidentally" chop blocks Luger and fast counts Luger for three. Didnt love the finish, but an Evil Ref hits the NWO angle like a glove. I think there's a more compelling way to get there, then a ref chop blocking Luger and forcing Luger to have sell that. Didnt love the finish. The match itself was alright, decent Clash of Titans to start and a solid heat segment. ***

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