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DVDVR - is it down?


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From what I know about how forum hosting works, likely it's an issue where DVDVR is eating more of the host's resources than allowed. I assume it's that and not something like not paying the bills, as they haven't been with the new hosts that long so that seems unlikely. Also seems doubtful it's content (AKA the download section) as that would have been an issue almost right away.

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The current main page:


Hi There


Yes - nothing else but this page is working. It has been nothing but a comedy of errors. We aren't dead. We are stubborn so we are keeping this most unlikely party going (as long continue to ignore how long I have known some of you fuckers now).


There have been a lot of expenses paid out in a short period of time so if anyone is feeling frisky and wants to throw some shine our way (is that what the kids say? shine? I have no idea. I am old and white) find me the way you have already been stalking me (Facebook, Twitter (@philrippa - shockingly creative I know), E-mail) and I can shoot you a paypal account. We will reward folks with something. What? I have no idea. It won't be porn. Don't get your hopes up. And if you don't - that's cool. We rarely ask since it kinda makes our skin crawl but times are a changing...


Long story short. Apparently old host couldn't handle the traffic the site/board generated. We have switched to a new host company and have upgraded the type of server we are using (VPS for those who are nerdy and really really want to know.) The process of moving has been a fiasco mainly since old host company is... not the easiest to work with. However - these changes should make it so that the constant downtime is no more. Plus we are trying to build in some flexibility in case we need to expand again.


In regards to the actual main site - everything is currently missing because it might have been deleted for reasons I can't explain by our exes (or the possibility exists that we broke our own website. Are you really surprised by this idea?). I have a lot of stuff spread across countless computers and flash drives. I am just trying to avoid that headache so we are waiting to see if the Anna Benson of web hosts can find our stuff.


In regards to the board - we appear to have all the old posts. We just have to purchase an actual new board to house everything. So the possibility that we will start fresh exists. Right now our goal is to just get everything up and running since I can assure you Dean and I are tired of dealing with it.


And, yes I am getting a kick out of the fact that my Norton's keeps trying to block the site despite there being no content on it whatsoever. Stupid Technology.


I will posts updates when I have them or the board will just start working. Who the fuck knows? - Rippa

Also my favourite tweet:


PhilRippa @PhilRippa


If we had a live stream of me and Dean trying to install the new board we would get a trillion hits. #dvdvr

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