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[1992-01-11-USWA-TV] Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs The Moondogs


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About 2 1/2 minutes of really good highlights of their recent Mid South Coliseum match, followed by a Jarrett/Fuller interview. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with Jarrett as an interview, but talking is just not his strong point. Fuller, on the other hand, is tremendous. How 'bout the R.I.P. Richard Lee customized chair?

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More crazy action from the Mid-South Coliseum--I really dig how intense the brawling is but also how structured the matches are. There are still comebacks, payback spots, and FIP work even amidst the chaos. No finish shown but it's presumably a DQ, setting up a no-DQ rematch for this coming Monday. Now wait a minute, didn't Richard Lee put "Moondog rules" into effect for every match? Even their squashes were filled with weapons shots and the referees didn't do anything about it. The first half of this match was nothing but chairs, tables, and bones. Regardless, I could see these two teams go at it quite a bit more. Robert Fuller has GOT YER GOPHER HOLE RIGHT HERE, SON. Another great Fuller interview.

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I don't think Jeff's weak on the mic; he's just straightforward and earnest, especially compared to guys like Fuller and Lawler, who can both get carried away with the best of them.


Explaining what a no-DQ match is is one of the things all promotions feel the need to do in case there's anyone out there tuning in for the first time. It's not meant for veteran watchers like us. I think Jeff played his part very well, quite frankly.


Fuller is a riot with the downhome barnyard stories, and that's a side of him you seldom see as a heel. I also thought Jeff's "Rest in pain" line was clever, at least for him.


The brawl was excellent as usual, although I really don't see how anyone could find any sort of structure in it. The commentary on MSC matches is usually completely irrelevant to me, but I loved Corey's "Those Moondogs! They make me so mad!"

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-01-11-USWA-TV] Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs The Moondogs

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