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[1992-02-15-USWA-TV] The Moondogs vs Brian Collins & Ricky Hutchens


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Before the match, we get a promo from the Moondogs in the locker room of Mid South Coliseum. Richard Lee cracks me up by doing the WWE writer promo. "Comment? You want a COMMENT?"


There's focus on a wound on one of the Moondogs' heads. Had he used the word "skull", I would have asked when Brian Gewirtz worked Memphis.


Anyway, the Moondogs are pissed and just destroy these guys. Blood and stiff chairshots and again, FMW fans should seriously check this stuff out.

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The image of the blood on Spotty's head during the MSC clip alone makes this segment worthy of inclusion. Lee's on a personal revenge kick after being burned by Lawler's fireball and having his arm broken by Jeff, so two poor jobbers pay a stiffer price than usual. For what seems like the fourth week in a row, Eddie Marlin's out to stop the carnage, and Lee gives him the usual argument as we fade to black.


I'd comment on Lee's promos, but they were barely understandable, either of them. They were what non-fans believe every promo on a wrestling show sounds like, and that needs to change if he's going to remain an effective mouthpiece.


Another hallmark of Memphis TV: They seem to believe that taking a commercial break will stop whatever illegal or immoral stuff is going on in the ring at a given time. Actually, the psychology isn't bad; a heel can't make his point to the audience if there is no audience, and most heels are egotistical enough to not want to do anything unless someone's watching. The problem is, they never tell the heels that they're going to break, so the heels don't know that they've lost their audience. Maybe that's what Eddie needs to do with the Dogs instead of just warning Lee: "Okay, you in the ring, we're gonna go to break now. Even if you beat those poor kids to within a half-inch of their lives, no one's ever gonna know it, so just save yourselves the workout and leave the ring now." (Of course, that doesn't take into account the studio audience, but if you were Lee and the Dogs, would you rather have an audience of three hundred or hundreds of thousands?)


I don't blame the jobbers who refused to take chair shots, bone shots and worse for just $25 a week. I'm sure quite a few of them walked away mumbling in the direction of Eddie: "If you think we're such pussies, then you get your head split down the middle by a chair or a bone and see how much you think it's worth."

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-02-15-USWA-TV] The Moondogs vs Brian Collins & Ricky Hutchens

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