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Charles (Loss)

[1992-04-11-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher vs Tom Prichard

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They did it at the Arenas too but they just never showed it. The Moondogs here reminds me of Jim Neidhart's run in 1984 when he interfered in about 5 matches in a row.

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They've beaten this into the ground since the Dogs got here, Pete. It's beyond ridiculous now.


This looked like a pretty good match before the run-in, and Brian has really impressed me. He may look and talk like his dad, but he has his own style, and he looks very good for someone as young as he is. Dr. Tom is his usual thoroughly professional self, and he's every bit as effective here as he is as part of the Bodies in SMW.


Nice to see Jackie, and she's looking good.


I'm surprised Embry didn't call on Dr. Tom to team with him one more time to prove to Lawler and Jeff that his intentions are good. I guess they didn't want to involve Tom in the feud any more than necessary since he was also in SMW.


How was Brian spared a beating? If you're the Dogs and you're out to attack every wrestler in the building, shouldn't he be on the list? I would have laughed my guts out if they'd attacked him and Lee had said, "We're givin' him the whoopin' his daddy shoulda long ago!"

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