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[1992-04-11-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett and The Moondogs and Eric Embry


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AGAIN, The Moondogs run in and attack Lawler and Jarrett when they're having a squash. This time, Eric Embry comes in with "a big ol' sack of flour" and runs them off. Embry again states Lawler and Jarrett need him as a partner. Jarrett and Lawler finally agree to team with him, under the condition that if Embry screws them over, he'll never step foot in Memphis again.

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Well, you knew this run-in was happening. Lawler and Jarrett are helpless until Eric Embry makes the save with a sack of flour.


Embry still hates Lawler, but is willing to fight with him to get rid of the Moondogs--since Fuller and Idol couldn't do it. Lawler demands that Embry agree to a stipulation that he leave the USWA if he turns on the babyfaces.


I love Embry as a babyface as much as I love him as a heel, so I'm glad to see this.

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Finally, someone embraces the Moondog rules and gets the upper hand with them, as Embry finds a sack of flour and blinds not only the Dogs and Lee, but half of the studio audience. That's the kind of thing that someone should have done weeks ago, but I'll take it when I can get it.


Embry is at his psychotic best here, and Lawler and Jeff are finally sick enough of the Dogs and their lunacy that they agree to team with the self-styled "lowest of the low". I can accept the pairing on this basis; they're not even teasing an actual turn for Embry yet. This is just Lawler and Jeff turning to the biggest snake in the grass they know to get rid of someone they hate even more. Dave makes a point of saying how uncomfortable he is with the idea, and they really get over the stip that if Embry turns on Lawler and Jeff, he's out of the USWA for good. So we have half the fans expecting the Dogs to finally take a whoopin' and the other half expecting Embry to turn on Lawler and Jeff, which would force Embry out of town once and or all and possibly open the door for someone like Idol, Dundee, or even Jackie Fargo to come to the faces' aid. A brilliant piece of promoting.


By the way, since I've found out that "Moondog rules" are part of the angle, my opinion on this feud has changed. Now I see why most of you like it the way you do, as the faces are trapped, having to fight for their lives every time they step into the ring against the Dogs with the officials helpless to do much about it except try to limit the postmatch attacks as best they can. I still think having them run in on every match on a given show is overkill, and I still wish they'd decide to work regular matches on TV and save the hardcore stuff for the arenas, but those are relatively minor quibbles. On the other hand, Richard Lee has still regressed noticeably, and Corey's still annoying as hell. If he hasn't figured out by now that Lee and the Dogs aren't leaving ringside in a given situation just because he thinks they're goofy and stupid, then there's no hope for him.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-04-11-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett and The Moondogs and Eric Embry
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Embry should prove to be a valuable member of the team with that stip in place.  As much as I love how this thing hs brought along a lot of great brawling, it is almost time for the Moondogs to get run out of town.  You can only have this go on for so long before it gets to be too much.  And Embry would be the guy to finally make it happen.

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