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[1992-05-23-WWF-Superstars] Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect


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Flair and Perfect are at a picnic with his boombox playing his theme music and a random woman. O ... kay.


They play a tape of Liz saying when Flair gets home she is going to give him an extra special homecoming. The highlight is we now know what Ric Flair's answering machine message sounds like, and it's funny.


Perfect says Savage got the cow, but Flair got the milk for free. Flair says she ain't comin' back, but the belt is.

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Hennig really had a great 92 as Superstars co-host. I don't think he was a great color commentator in getting over the matches but they were simply squashes, so he didn't have to be. He made a really good foil to Vince and the fact that he was in the central role at Summerslam meant that they could play it up all the time.


Amusingly, the one time he got annoyed by it was when Scott Hall was wrestling. "Watch the match, Vince!"

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So that's all there is, huh? I'm actually surprised Liz agreed to provide the voice for the message; it had to be one of her last acts as a WWF employee.


This would have worked better prior to Mania, when Flair had the title and the psychological advantage and the "mine before yours" stuff was fresh. Now, the whole thing just sounds desperate, though not quite to the level of the Precious debacle. The woman with Flair and Curt even looks a bit like Liz. Maybe stuff like this is why they stopped mentioning her; having your top heel portrayed as a lovesick psycho isn't a great thing for your preteen fanbase if you're Vince. A promo like this would definitely not have been out of place on TBS a few years before.


I loved Curt swatting the tape out of the recorder like it was his gum. I just hope someone rescued it!


Between Randy calling Flair "Nature Boy" in his promo after Mania and Curt and Bobby increasingly referring to Flair as "Slick Ric", it seems like Vince is starting to let more of the "old" Flair into his WWF character. So far that's been a good thing on the whole; we'll see if that trend continues as the year moves along.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-05-23-WWF-Superstars] Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect
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Strange promo for sure.  I agree the woman kind of looked like Liz, which is kind of creepy.  The entrance music playing on tape was strange.  Perfect swatting everything away like it was his gum was indeed great.  And that answering machine recording was soooooooo good.

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