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[1992-06-06-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Papa Shango


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This is some freaky stuff. Shango curses Gene Okerlund, who loses control of the mic and ooze starts dripping down his hand. Gene does a great job in this segment. If the guy in the role could have performed in the ring, this would have been a great gimmick.

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"Mmmm...evil goo."


Okerlund recites the recent history of Papa Shango, including the angle I loved from the previous week--"HIS OPPONENT'S FEET ARE ON FIRE!!!" Shango doesn't say much of note but just when Mean Gene thinks the interview's over, Shango casts another spell and that goo comes down Okerlund's hand.

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I disagree completely with Kevin here. Gene was just fine; I've never been a fan of announcers showing too much fear around wrestlers, no matter who they were. If a guy's going to be overly scared by the various strange things he'll see or experience in the wrestling business, he should find another profession immediately. An "Oh, my God, what is this?" while the ooze dripped down his hand was exactly what was called for. If anything, I think Curt looks like a damn fool for believing so thoroughly in Shango's curse. Vince I can see selling the hell out of it; Curt should be chuckling coolly and saying, "Mind games, McMahon. It's all mind games, and the Ultimate Sucker's falling for them!" In other words, downplaying the voodoo and keeping the focus on Shango the athlete.


I'd never seen the guy with his feet on fire and the ooze all over his face before. I'll say this for Vince; he and his people went all out for goofy bullshit like this.


Shango himself isn't bad on the mic, especially for his character. It's a matter of how much of this stuff you can take without running for the other channel.

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