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[1992-06-06-USWA-TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler


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As great as the Gilbert promo was, this was even better. Lawler relates a story from Missy Hyatt, from whom Gilbert is divorced by this point, that Missy once told him about a time she got all decked out for Eddie, then he crawled into bed and started watching Jerry Lawler videos. Lawler said there was something not quite right about that. He also says despite all his attempts to copy him, Gilbert has never been able to measure up. I really want to see this match.

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This is Lawler at his most intense. It's not the material that makes it; outside of the Missy story, there's really nothing new here. It's the style, the delivery, and the crowd reaction which makes this spellbinding. This man knows what his crowd wants to hear, and he delivers. As good as Eddie is, and as legitimate as his points may be, he can't touch Lawler's connection to his public. Neither can any other wrestler active at this time.


The Missy story may seem a bit out of school, and it's a pretty safe bet that it's not strictly true, at least not the way Lawler tells it here. But it's a picture-perfect illustration of Eddie's obsession with Lawler and becoming the king of Memphis at literally any cost. Could Lawler have gotten away with telling it on a larger stage? Probably not. But it fits here, and it's definitely believable in this context. Eddie can't possibly look good even if he denies it in his reply, which he apparently doesn't.


It's a bit much to call this one of the best promos ever, but it's probably one of the most perfect promos for the situation in which it's delivered, and if it didn't help to sell out the MSC. the USWA was in bigger trouble than anyone ever dreamed.

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I would fully agree with perfect for the time and place.  And I would add that Lawler's statement that he could be wrestling just about anywhere but chooses to be in Memphis was one of the most perfect parts of it.  That crowd (and the Tennessee audience) was going to buy that 100%.  And I don't know that he could be wrestling anywhere, but he definitely could be somewhere else making more money.

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