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[1992-06-13-WWF-Superstars] WBF commercial / Randy Savage and Gene Okerlund


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First, we get a commercial hyping the WBF pay-per-view.


Then, we get Gene Okerlund interviewing Randy Savage in an empty arena. I like this interview, but I also tend to be a mark for interviews in empty arenas. I love when Savage does the thing where he emphasizes every third word.


I like that this promo is actually focused on wrestling and championships in regards to Flair instead of the stuff with Elizabeth.

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I don't get body building and the idea of people spending money to watch a PPV of it sure doesn't make sense to me. Vince does his hype job but the whole thing just seems silly.


Moving on from Elizabeth being part of the feud is good since she isn't on TV anymore. Randy will do whatever it takes including breaking the rules to keep his Title.

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I can't imagine many things less comfortable to watch than bodybuilding.


Unique setting for a syndie interview, which I approve of. We're back to focusing on Savage's tights pull--apparently this is officially it for Elizabeth. Reading between the lines doesn't HAPPEN to HELP Ric Flair.

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Randy does a very honest interview here, but this is what happens when the main reason for an angle or feud leaves a promotion. As I've said in other threads, the WWF title, while not exactly meaningless, was never the point of the Savage/Flair program; Flair's pursuit of Liz was. Now that she's gone, the feud hangs on Savage pulling the tights to win at Mania, which he did because he wanted to avenge his woman and take the belt away from the man who caused her so much heartache. Of course, that's officially out of bounds since Liz isn't here anymore, so now Savage did it simply because he was trying to be as dirty as Flair. Not exactly the most noble of sentiments, is it?


Vince was lucky that he had the guy to pull something like that off; you could buy Randy feeling the need to break the rules before Flair could, regardless of circumstances. But a tights pull, while certainly an act that a wrestler desperate to win a feud could and has engaged in, is a flimsy thing to base that feud on, which is why we got Warrior/Savage at SummerSlam instead of the blowoff this feud deserved.


I liked Gene's shocked tone of voice when he asked if Randy would actually (gasp) BREAK THE RULES to keep the title. No one can go back and forth between seasoned wrestling journalist and seemingly naïve "voice of the fan" as effortlessly as he can, and that's one of the many things today's WWE product presentation is sorely lacking.

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