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[1992-06-20-USWA-TV] Eddie Gilbert Profile


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It's strange that they're in essence paying tribute to one of the top heels in Memphis wrestling history after Lawler has (presumably) run him out of town. This would have been more effective the previous week as a means to hype what could have been Eddie's final match. That said, the footage was a treat to see, especially for the appearances of people like Lance Russell and Jimmy Hart, who symbolize Memphis wrestling each in their own way as much as Lawler does. It was nice to see Missy too, in what I consider her best run ever.


Where did Eddie go next? I see by the match listings that he's back in the USWA by the end of the year fighting the Moondogs, of all people. It's too early for ECW, and we know he didn't show up in Smoky Mountain or either of the Big Two. I'm guessing he went to the indies for a while, since the GWF was probably still mad at him for taking their belt to Memphis without permission.

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Match 1 - Gilbert gives Lawler a back suplex, then lays flat on the mat and lets himself get pinned in a double-pin scenario while Lawler gets a shoulder up.

Match 2 - Gilbert lies with his back on Lawler in a pin attempt then gets rolled up and pinned.

Match 3 - Gilbert has Lawler down, then turns away and instead asks Missy Hyatt for a weapon, then gets hit with a fireball by a recovering Lawler.

Gilbert keeps ruining his opportunity to defeat Jerry Lawler and has been run out of town.  I feel like I am missing some context as to why this aired when it did, but it was well done.  Gilbert was an awesome heel.

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