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[1992-06-20-WCW-Worldwide] Nikita Koloff and Madusa


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It doesn't do much for Nikita's aura for Jesse to be towering over him. Really odd timing to all this, as Nikita is just now giving his answer to an envelope he received from the Dangerous Alliance at WrestleWar. Nikita tells Madusa off, and says he's targetting Rick Rude's U.S. title to set up that program.

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Well, that takes care of Steamboat/Rude, doesn't it? I'm sure their match at Beach Blast will be tremendous, but I feel cheated already that it's not going to lead to anything. What happened to Steamer wanting the US title as a way to shut up Heyman and the DA? Why even have this feud instead of sending Rude after Sting and the World title? You're telling me that the best they could do instead for Beach Blast was Mick Foley? No offense to Mick, but his issue with Sting was settled months ago.


At any rate, I liked Nikita explaining why he's proud to be from Lithuania, and him talking about how he came to realize that men and women are equals as human beings through his marriage. I also liked him returning Jesse's compliment concerning his hairstyle. Jesse's letting his humor show through without being aggressively heelish like he sometimes was in the WWF.


The stuff I didn't like had to do with the meat of the angle. You're telling me that Heyman was so bent on recruiting Nikita for the DA that he waited a whole month to get his answer, and then sent Medusa out for it? Something was set up totally wrongly here. It seems like the DA is starting to fall through the cracks a bit, which doesn't surprise me if what I've heard about Watts and Ole not liking Paul is true. The Zbyszko breakup hasn't gone much of anywhere that we've seen, Arn's chasing Sting, and Bobby's gone AWOL. Rude and Austin are still front and center, but that's due to their own talent, not because of their ties to the DA.


Also, why would Watts not want Steamer as his next US champ? Why Nikita? He's not that much bigger than Ricky now, and the "noble Russian fights for America" stuff reached its peak five years before. Maybe he doesn't want to push a guy who's so openly family-oriented as opposed to living and dying for the business, but if that's true, why keep him at all? Why not send him back to Vince on his knees? (Actually, Steamer might have been more of a fit in SMW by now if Corny had had the money to pay him, since they ran cards on a regional loop which was close to Ricky's home in Charlotte.)


Finally, why did Medusa look so scared? I don't mean in the "big bad babyface is running me off" sense, either. She looked like she was having some sort of flashback or meltdown on camera. Maybe this was just the way she sold fright, but it was odd to say the least considering how brash she usually is. It's even odder that she didn't say a word the whole time. I hope there's some kind of storyline explanation for this in the coming weeks.

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