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[1992-08-07-GWF] Manuel Villalobos and Manny Fernandez


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Manuel Villalobos, who I've never seen or heard of before

Same here, checked luchawiki thinking/hoping he might be related to Martha but nothing on that front. Short google search all I could find is that he seemed to be a texas mainstay who previously worked in World Class and Tully Blanchard's fed.

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They did all sorts of stuff with Villalobos' poverty storyline. I remember Skandor Akbar bought the property and foreclosed on him. All sorts of goofy shit. GWF became rather notorious for wrestlecrap-worthy angles back then. Such as:


Manny Fernandez beating up announcer David Webb. Webb then is so knocked senseless that he thinks he's Elvis Presley


A new manager named Jackie Goldman, "Hollywood super agent" who takes the reigns of John Tatum. Tatum starts wrestling in a Spartacus costume to prove he can co-star in a new Spartacus pic starring Kevin Costner.


Tatum also fueding with Jack Victory over who ran their pizza place into the ground.


Rude Dog, a guy who thinks...well...that hes a dog.


Francis Crybaby Buxton.


A heel commissioner (who they imply strongly that he's a mobster) that fines Butch Reed for having fire thrown at him. Said commissioner later gets hit by the Feds and ends up a homeless man hanging around the Sportatorium.

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Not a bad angle, but it doesn't seem like we get the payoff, so what is it here for, except to possibly show that Fernandez is still alive and that there's still wrestling in Dallas?


I liked the announcer's slip of calling Gary Young Gary Hart. Believe me, if Gary Hart had been behind this it would have been Villalobos' head being smashed with Fernandez's ax, not his car.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-07-GWF] Manuel Villalobos and Manny Fernandez
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