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[1992-08-08-SMW-Fire on the Mountain] Brian Lee vs Dirty White Boy


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The Mongolian Mauler was a guy who had the craziest look I'd ever seen when just viewing him through the Apter mags (boy did those black eyes scare the shit out of me) but the act completely dies once you see him try to work (and also realize that he's about 5'9"). This is the beginning of the "Master" angle which I'm looking forward to and seems like it'd be a better way to get Lee over than what they've been doing. The Smoky Mountain title is now where it belongs.

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Ron Wright grabs Mark Curtis' leg (in the subsequent television interview he claims he was having a heart attack and wanted Curtis to ring an ambulance for him!) distracting him. Lee hits the cancellation fee on Anthony when the Mongolian Mauler runs out, clotheslines Lee and Anthony covers him for the belt.


Thought what aired looked decent and despite the complaints, I do think that Lee works hard but there is clearly something missing and he is not a top face who you can build your company around. Was this it for the Mauler?

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It seemed to me that Lee made up the loaded elbow stuff during the postmatch interview to cover up for the fact that he got coldcocked by someone smaller than he is. Seriously, if there was supposed to be a foreign object involved, they'd have made sure that the audience saw it even if Mark Curtis didn't.


Les Thatcher brought up the heart attack thing on commentary right after the match when he accused Ron of pulling a Fred Sanford, so Ron didn't think of it himself first. It sounds like something he'd try to run with, though.


I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed Les on commentary during the SMW set until I saw this match. His line describing the outside interference was a classic: "Clothesline by whoever, whatever, whyever, or if ever." I also liked him comparing the mystery man to a genie who's been let out of a bottle.


When people refer to the "Master" angle, is this when Kevin Sullivan comes in? He's another one I'm looking forward to seeing again in SMW.


"Cancellation" sounds like a name Vince would come up with for a finisher from someone nicknamed "Prime Time". I think I liked Lee better as a heel with Tammy Sytch in his corner in '93.

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