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[1992-08-15-WWF-Superstars] Update: More Summerslam hype


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The Summerslam '92 Program gets hawked to start. Hey, I had that! During all this, they cut to a crying Diana Smith saying Bret is treating her like the enemy and she doesn't believe Bret and Davey Boy will ever be friends again. We also get comments from Bret and Bulldog. We also get hype for Natural Disasters/Beverly Brothers, with John Tenta on fire! There's also hype for Undertaker/Kamala and Michaels/Martel.

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PPV rundowns with Gene are always a welcomed segment on any Yearbook. Diana melodramatically talks about the growing resentment between Davey Boy and Bret--I'd hate to see what she was like when Owen turned. Sherri drops a bubbly promo announcing the special "no hitting in the face" stipulation for Shawn vs. Martel.

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I guess we've heard enough from Savage, Warrior, Flair and Curt for a while.


I see that Kamala's going by "Ugandan Giant" again now that Andre's gone. You could barely hear Bruno over his awful wailing. During his first run he didn't do it much, so when he did it was scary. Now it's just ear-splittingly annoying. Give that animal a tranquilizer, Kim Chee!


Nice to know that Bloom finally let Enos talk a little bit. How is being privileged/spoiled enough of a gimmick to get someone a tag team tile match? I don't remember these guys being too effective as the Beverlys. It was nice to see Lanny, even if he didn't say a lot, As for the Disasters, they're both really good here, and it's nice to hear Phoon talk without too many silly references to boats or that ridiculous honk.


I wish Martel-Michaels had made the set just so I could see what kind of a match can possibly be built around two guys who are trying not to hit each other in the face. Sherri looked witchy and sounded loopy. Anyone know what Gene meant with his crack about the Republican National Convention?


Diana was actually better than Bret or Davey here, over-the-top or not. If all we were going to get was the standard promo from these guys, why bring up that they're brothers-in-law? In other words, they should have sold the family feud angle more instead of letting a novice like Diana do it. Either that or put the family stuff in the background and emphasize Davey the hometown hero, although that may have turned Bret full-fledged heel, at least until SummerSlam.


I guess Neidhart was on the outs for some reason, because this is the only Hart family feud angle that he wasn't a major part of.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-15-WWF-Superstars] Update: More Summerslam hype
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Not sure what the Beverly Brothers did to get a title shot.  Wonder how that match would play out with bruisers like Bloom and Enos against the big immovable objects.

The whole Hart family being torn apart thing is kinda overplayed.  You'd think with a family as involved in wrestling as theirs it would be old hat.  Also, is it really hard to tell Davey was on the roids?  No wonder the WWF got pinched.

Not sure on Martel/Michaels.  I suppose you need a heel/heel match given how all the big name babyfaces seem to be busy.

Bruno's screaming was necessary, but it took away from the promo for me.  As did Kamala. 

Honestly the tag match for curiosity and the Hart vs. Davey are all I would want to see on the card.

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