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This is two weeks on the trot where we have had a good TV main event to close out the show (something that to be fair, has been a rarity all year so far). The Rock & Roll's get a ridiculous reaction, and the crowd are totally into them already with the Stud's getting the heat on Morton. As good as the action was, the finish came when Morton firstly shoves the official, then Fuller does and he ends up disqualifying both teams. This wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't done the exact same finish in the Paul Orndorff vs Ron Garvin main event from the week before! They could've easily achieved the same thing by having the two teams brawling at ringside and going to a double count out instead. The finish left me groaning and disappointed that they had to repeat what they had done on the previous show, and I'm starting to fear for the amount of screw job finishes that are in store.

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This felt like the first match in a long program, not a match that aired three weeks after a supercard. Actually, I'm intrigued to see their match at Fire on the Mountain to see what they can do when given a proper amount of time and a reason to truly work hard.


One sign that this match meant nothing in the grand scheme of things was that Bob and Dutch spent most of their time talking about the Fultons-Bodies main event the following week. My line of the segment was Dutch saying that Bullet Bob and the Fultons might just as well put duck costumes on the Bodies and Corny, then declare duck season. The man continues to impress as an analyst, an interviewer, and a storyteller in the booth, although he and Bob Caudle seemed to be a bit out of sorts with each other here. Caudle works best when he keeps things on an even keel, not when he tries to stick up for the faces in order to cancel out Dutch sticking up for the heels. Keep that in mind for future reference, Corny.


I liked Fuller trash-talking the fan who tried to shake his hand. He must have been from Memphis!


When did Golden start going by "Gorgeous" Jimmy? I've never heard of him being referred to that way before. Maybe Dutch just gave him the nickname for the hell of it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-29-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express vs Stud Stable
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Fun TV match with Fuller busting out some really cool offense.  It is RnR by the numbers, but those are numbers I have always liked.  Southern tags are basically comfort food for me when it comes to wrestling, so I'll never complain when they are executed well enough.

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