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[1992-09-12-USWA-TV] Eddie Gilbert vs Jeff Jarrett


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Eddie brings out PWI and does a promo before the match. Gilbert takes exception to fans calling him Jerry Lawler Jr. Gilbert is proud to be ranked #5 in the world. He wants to be #1 though. Short match with Doug interfering liberally. Wild brawl that ends up involving Lawler, Reno Riggins and Mike Samples.

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Well, I would hope Hogan wouldn't be in the top 10.


Well-worked studio match with a predictable Doug Gilbert run-in finish. Lawler makes the save for Jarrett, and soon Mike Samples and Reno Riggins follow. Memphis went through a major depth problem toward the end of 1991 but now we've got a number of compelling programs all going on.

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Not much of a match at all. It looks like they might have been setting up a six-man for the following Monday night at the MSC: Lawler, Jeff and Riggins against the Gilberts and Samples. Who knew that Reno Riggins, whom I used to see get squashed on almost every WWF television show going in the late eighties, could actually fight?


What a fantastic heel performance out of Eddie. He does a promo bragging about his rankings and demanding respect from the announcers and fans, then he and Doug spend the entire match beating up on Jeff two against one. It has to be seen to be believed. Twenty more pounds and he'd have been dynamite at the IC level for Vince, provided he didn't try a hostile takeover of the booking office.


We didn't see below Sting in the PWI rankings, but it isn't too far out of the realm of possibility that Apter kept Hogan toward the bottom of their top ten "out of respect for his contributions to the sport" or some such. He probably knew that Vince was bringing Hogan back soon, since we were already into September. It was just a question of how and when.


Wasn't Samples an official of some sort, which would explain why he came down in a suit (unless he was channeling Mr. Hughes)?

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