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Ricky Morton versus Kevin Nash


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Really great article, and a more compelling setup for a match than just about anything in a long time. One point that seems to have been forgotten, maybe even by Morton himself, is that this started with Nash. (Nash may have even forgotten that he said what he said.) Morton was on ESPN's Outside The Lines back in '99 and said something about being broke. Nash wrote an article picking apart the entire ESPN special, and in that article on his web site, he said that it wasn't wrestling's fault Morton put all his earnings up his nose and down his throat. Morton was unaware of this until the guy doing the shoot mentioned that Nash had buried him.


At this point, it's obviously all angle, and none of that matters. It's just worth pointing out that Morton didn't just wake up one day and decide to hate Kevin Nash.


It is a little sad to me that Ricky Morton doesn't have a lot of money to his name. He doesn't really fit in with Vince's vision of wrestling, but he would have been a great Pat Patterson type in WCW laying out matches and coming up with finishes. He also could have been helpful in putting together a tag team division and teaching some of the smaller guys in the company how to sell/draw money.

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Maybe it's because of how personal the feud has gotten, maybe he's a born conservative

Everything I've heard about Nash's politics indicates the opposite is true.


Yeah a born conservative won't sell you on silver, believe in a 9/11 conspiracy, believe in a JFK conspiracy, and be fully supportive of the legalization of marijuana.


Minor tidbit aside, excellent article, Jonathan.

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Hasn't Kevin Nash done the exact same thing with Carl Oulette last year to promote some indy match, bringing up some shoot confrontation they had in WWF in 95 ?

Dave reported on WOL that it was just horrible, basically Nash beating up Ricky, then the two of them cutting promos, Ricky going to shake Nash's hand only to have Nash powerbomb him and leave, Ricky winning by countout. All of this booked by Nash. TNA needs to get him back and give him a writing job, he'd be right at home.

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Re: the child support thing, if I recall correctly that was Morton's fault as well. He very easily could have correctly reported his income to be the much lower post-WCW amount but if I recall correctly he thought his children deserved to be paid at that level even if he couldn't afford it so used it as some sort of "inspiration" to do what he could to earn up to that level. Not sure Morton would ever be accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer as even if they sold out everywhere they went in SMW the towns weren't big enough to support that level of money.

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Regarding Nash's political viewpoints, he sounds more like somebody who would be a Ron Paul supporter and Paul isn't what one would consider "conservative" in the strict sense of the word. And I do know Paul to be one of those who has backed people who believe 9/11 to be an inside job.


Regardless, Nash may not have seen all his investments go well, but he at least sounds like somebody who believed in the importance of saving money.


Morton, on the other hand, was not somebody who was smart with his money, so Nash does have a valid point in his criticism of Morton on that subject.

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