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[1994-11-16-WCW-Clash of the Champions XXIX] Hulk Hogan & Sting & Dave Sullivan vs Avalanche & Butcher & Kevin Sullivan


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Last couple minutes. Kevin Sullivan tries to hit Hogan with the megaphone but Mr. T stops him. I can’t tell for sure what happens to Sullivan but Hogan pins him. Where’s Dave Sullivan in all this? I hope somewhere with a stake in his heart. Avalance drop on Sting. Kevin Sullivan beating up Mr. T who really has been taking a beating in WCW. Usually celebrities go over at the expense of wrestlers but not Mr. T in WCW. Butcher has the sleeper on Hogan.

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All three babyfaces wear red and yellow Sting face paint. Hogan pins Sullivan, then the heels do a number on Sting, Hogan and Mr. T. The Armstrongs try making a save. Ha. Stars and Stripes also try. Once again, ha. Policemen come in (Policemen?) to try to break the vicious, horrible sleeper Beefcake has on Hogan.

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Sting must be thinking "Awww crap, I was the franchise and the face of WCW, now I'm barely Randy Savage in his best Hogan's bitch role, wearing stupid red and yellow". Wait, no he was probably thinking "Yeh, I have a new brother in paint because we lifted weights and went surfing together !"

The match itself is not too bad since Dave Sullivan is ejected early and Tenta carries the whole thing on his back (Sullivan works decently hard too). It's amazing how useless and inept Beefcake was, as the match totally dies each time he enters the ring. It's also amazing to consider they still went with him main eventing Starrcade when it was obvious nobody gave a shit about him. Why not go with Hogan vs Avalanche instead ? Tenta could work and knew out to heat heat. Anyway... Shitty undecipherable finish and it's funny how Stars & Stripes are just thrown to the lions one hour after they regain the World Tag Team Titles. Way to make them look like jobbers. Beefcake uses the lethal sleeper on Hogan and Heenan says it's dangerous as it could lead to brain damage for Hogan. Well, that would give us two Dave Sullivan then.

Not too bad of a match thanks to Tenta, horrible angle. Beefcake is one of the most useless worker ever.

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Sullivan and Avalanche are legitimately 2/3 of what *could* be a decent heel stable to feud with Hulk & friends, but Beefcake is a total millstone. Hell, even the heel beatdown post-match starts off good until Beefcake's sleeper just kills everything, despite Tony and Bobby's best efforts to sell it. It simply isn't 1975 anymore, nor was it 2005 and the peak of UFC, and the hold had been killed off.

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I agree with the idea that, on paper, this match looks like a worst Clash main event ever, but it isn't. Dave Sullivan is gone within the first two minutes (addition by subtraction) and the first half of the match is basically Hogan just getting destroyed before Sting comes in with a pretty good hot tag. Tenta is the MVP, Sullivan is spirited but looks almost ridiculous against Hogan, and The Butcher is just awful, but the crowd is engaged throughout and its not like there are a dozen and one rest holds - its not the best match of anyone's career, but, man, can you imagine how bad this could've been with Dave Sullivan actually involved? Or if they had tried to play up the Butcher/Hogan feud with staredowns and drama? It is to the viewers' benefit that the feud is talked up a great deal on commentary but is never manifested in the story of the match in the ring. By not being as terrible as it could be, this match sneaks into "decent" range.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-11-16-WCW-Clash of the Champions XXIX] Hulk Hogan & Sting & Dave Sullivan vs Avalanche & Butcher & Kevin Sullivan
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Hulk Hogan, Sting & Dave Sullivan vs The Butcher, Avalanche, & Kevin Sullivan - Clash of the Champions Nov 1994

Since I’ve gotten a girlfriend, I find these matches are a lot easier to watch than a 30 minute, need my full attention Japanese match Main event classics. I think this stuff is interesting because I’ve watched very little WCW from this era. Best friend turning on Hogan or Sting never gets old and it always works. Unfortunately, it is Brutus Beefcake and he sucks. Every time I see Beefcake he never looks like the same person. I know people love Earthquake/Avalanche but I’ve never been a big fan. Blackwell is much better than him for instance. I like Kevin Sullivan. The heel promo sucked besides Sullivan. I liked Hogan and Sting as a babyface team. I liked Sting adopting the Red & Yellow and Hogan adopting the war paint. 

The match was not bad which is pretty shocking. Dave Sullivan gets taken out by an Earthquke splash on the arm and carted to the back. Honestly Three Faces of Fear vs Hogan & Sting still feels fair. It is a double FIP structure. Hogan took the beginning pretty standard Hogan selling and hope spots. He got most offense in on the smaller Sullivan, took a bear hug from Earthquake. I don’t remember Beefer Doing much. Quake missed a big splash. Sting gets a quick hot tag. I liked the vaulting karate kick to Quake to start. Stinger Splashes on Avalanche. Sullivan gets involved and ends up In Avalanches arms and he squished him into Sting to restart heel control. Quake does get the Quake Splash on Sting but for two. Sting press slams Sullivan off the top. Hogan and Beefcake both tag in! Big Starrcade Main Event! Lol. Sullivan gets the megaphone but Mr. T who is the ref gets into a tussle with Sullivan and Sullivan gets dropped. Hogan pins him without dropping the leg and Sullivan is not legal. They use the megaphone to knock everyone out. Beefcake puts on a long sleeper on Hogan while Sullivan and Quake fend off the rescuers and keep Sting at bay. The heels needed heat going into Starrcade. Not a bad angle going into Starrcade but it is Beefcake so this is still heatless with me. It was fine but no hidden gem here. Hogan works harder and sells better than anyone ever gives him credit for. He was still the MVP of the match. Really only Beefcake sucked. 

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