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[1990-07-19-AJPW-Summer Action Series] Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Great Kabuki


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Put over Kabuki as Jumbo's new partner. The titles bounced around *all* the time back in that period:


1988: unification + 5 additional changes from 6/10 - 12/16

1989: 5 title changes

1990: 1 change already

1991: 4 title changes


It didn't calm down until 1992, where there were only 2. In 1990 there probably would have been another one before the Tag League and then another one with the Tag League winner for a total of 4.


Best example:


07/11/89 Hansen & Tenryu over Jumbo & Yatsu

07/22/89 Jumbo & Yatsu over Hansen & Tenryu


Hansen & Tenryu were the new super team, and they got 11 days with the belt.



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Yep. Some of that changes of plans / shit happening. Whatever the plans were for the belt at the start of 1990 went out the window when Tenryu left. Gordy's OD caused more issues. We finally got to stability when Jumbo won it in 1/91. We would have gotten another round of stability in 1993 when Jumbo took it off Misawa, and since Jumbo went out it was Misawa who kept it for the long run.


It might be seen as a shift in how Baba thought about the belts, but it was more of a return to how the belts were treated prior to the mid-80s / late 80s.



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Last five minutes or so of action, and an Oklahoma Stampede on Kabuki but Jumbo is in there to break up the pin. Gordy goes to work on him until he’s able to get in a shot of his own to drop ‘Bam Bam’ and make the tag to Tsuruta. A pair of jumping knees, followed by a clothesline to both, but the MVC fight back and get a two count after a double shoulder block. Gordy with a powerbomb on Jumbo, and this time its Kabuki who is in to break things up. Oklahoma Stampede attempt on Tsuruta, but Stan Hansen has come out to ringside and hooks Williams’ leg as Jumbo falls on top for a near fall. Doc is distracted by Hansen and a knee to the back followed by a backdrop driver for another two count. Jumbo then evades a football charge, a second backdrop driver on Williams and this time it’s enough to get the win and become the All Japan World Tag Team champions.


I’m not an All Japan fan, but it was clear that someone didn’t belong in this match!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-19-AJPW-Summer Action Series] Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Great Kabuki

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