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[1990-11-10-NWA-Pro] Arn Anderson vs Terry Taylor


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I LOVE the theme music Arn was using at this point. I don't think I've mentioned that before. Pretty stiff match with Arn gnawing away at Taylor's arm. The tone is established right away when Taylor slaps Arn after he gets a little talkative during a rope break. Taylor does a few things that bug me (why do a cool move like the jawbreaker twice?), but gives an inspired performance overall. This ends with a slugfest to set up a rematch. Very intense and hard-fought. The kind of 10-minute WCW TV title match I really miss.

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THis late into the year it seems weird seeing the NWA graphic pop up when they go to a break.


Very good action and a really fun tv match. It reminded me of the type of matches you get on the best WWE Main Event episodes. Arn stayed focused on the arm and Terry had some good counters. Wont make my top 100 but a real fun match to just sit down and watch some wrestling to.

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The show Tony referenced was on November 30. It was actually a singles match: Simmons with Reed in his corner vs. Flair. Arn was either a no-show or wasn't booked in the first place. Simmons won the match with what I'm assuming was a clean pinfall.


This match was a neat little lost gem. Taylor showed that he could still work after all that time as the Red Rooster, and he got the crowd behind him pretty loudly too, with nary a cock-a-doodle-doo in evidence. Arn showed that he could still be nasty as a single too with his relentless arm work, which was countered by Taylor's aggression. This felt like a 1985 TBS match, and I mean that as a compliment. This good match definitely deserves a rematch (or two), and the slugfest that was still going at the bell ensures that we'll get one.


Tony's still right on top of his history, acknowledging not only Terry's long ago reign as National champion (a title which most newer WCW fans probably never knew existed), but also his UWF tag team title reign with Chris Adams (although the UWF was never mentioned by name). We haven't gotten to hear a lot of Tony, since most of our WCW matches have come from either TBS or pay-per-view, but what's here has been terrific. He may have wanted to stay with Vince for financial reasons, but he's really best suited calling WCW product.


Can't wait for the rematches!

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I really liked the pace they cut here - a lot of the 10 minute TV title matches can be quite slow, giving away the time limit finish, but this was all action, and I wasn't thinking about the time limit until they started calling out times.


Also, the gourdbuster!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-11-10-NWA-Pro] Arn Anderson vs Terry Taylor

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